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Rhythmia gained at the end of each round in Theatrhythm.

Rhythmia (abbreviated as rm), Rhythm Points (リズポ, Rizupo?) in Japanese, is a concept in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call. It is obtained by clearing music scores, and accumulating it leads to various rewards for the player. Chaos is encountered immediately for a one-off Battle Music Sequence (BMS) upon reaching 10,000 Rhythmia in Theatrhythm and 20,000 in Curtain Call, after which the credits roll and the story is considered completed; Curtain Call additionally has a similar encounter with Feral Chaos at 40,000 Rhythmia. The 10,000 Rhythmia reward for Curtain Call is a special EMS.

In Theatrhythm, Rhythmia rewards are either new Music Stages to be played in Challenge Mode—every 5,000rm from 10,000 up to 25,000 unlocks a new Encore track, and every 2,500rm from 27,500 up to 45,000 unlocks a new Chaos track—shards for unlocking characters, the addition of movies and music to the Museum, or the addition of characters and byline phrases for the ProfiCard. If the player earns a Shard but already has the corresponding character unlocked, they will receive a consumable item instead.

Curtain Call has a mostly identical system, although movies are added to the Theatre after clearing the new EMS, as those are Rhythmia rewards instead, and the first shard reward for each color is a full set to allow a character to be unlocked immediately, after which shard rewards are single shards. Shard colors are earned in a repeating cycle, and any color for which all characters have been unlocked is simply skipped in the cycle order rather than being replaced by a consumable. Additionally, a new type of reward is sound effects that can be selected as the chimes played when hitting triggers.

Rhythmia is capped at 99,999 in Theatrhythm and capped at 999,999 in Curtain Call.

Rhythmia bonuses[]

When the player completes any music stage, they always earn a Clear Bonus, Chain Bonus, and Rank Bonus, depending on their clearing the stage, their highest Chain, and the rank grade they receive for their score. The player will also receive a Tactical Bonus, which is calculated based on the party's remaining HP, the percentage of Triggers the player hit a Critical on, what items the player used, and what abilities they activated.

The player can also receive the following optional bonuses by meeting various requirements:

  • Title Character Bonus – awarded when the party includes a character from the same original game as the song. This bonus stacks if the party has more than one such character.
  • All Male/Female Bonus – awarded when all four party members are male or female.
  • Daily/Weekly Player Bonus – awarded based on the consecutive number of days the player has played.
  • Critical Charter Bonus – awarded when the Critical Chart is completely filled.
  • First Clearing Bonus – awarded the first time the player clears a song.
  • Multi Play Bonus – awarded based on the number of people participating in Multi Play in the Chaos Shrine.

Curtain Call adds the Daily Special Bonus, which is awarded for clearing a daily special ("Today's Top Hit!") music stage, and equates to half of the Rhythmia earned from playing the score (including all other bonuses applied), rounded down. The Stoic Bonus from Theatrhythm (awarded for clearing a score with no abilities or items equipped) is now a Rhythmia bonus, worth 20rm. Clear Bonus is renamed to Clearing Bonus, and First Clearing Bonus is no longer awarded. All Male and All Female are renamed to Men Only and Women Only. Multi Play Bonus is also absent, due to the replacement of the Chaos Shrine mode with Quest Medleys.


An effective way to make a large amount of Rhythmia quickly in Theatrhythm is to make a party of Cecil, Rydia, Kain, and one other character, and use the following Reaction abilities (the player may use any Proactive abilities they wish):

  • Cecil: Fire, Thunder, Blizzard
  • Kain: Focus Lv1, Focus Lv2
  • Rydia: Thunder, Blizzard

The fourth party member can be any character that can equipped with Fire, Thunder and Blizzard at the same time. Vivi, Onion Knight, and Ashe all work for this purpose.

The player should enter Challenge mode and play any Final Fantasy IV BMS over and over. The Tactical bonus will grant the player 50 Rhythmia or more depending on their performance, the large amount of Reactive abilities equipped boosting the bonus greatly (Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder need fewer triggers to activate, allowing them to trigger more often). In tandem with a +90 Rhythmia bonus for having all three Final Fantasy IV characters in the party, the player can easily earn over 200 Rhythmia per attempt, possibly going as high as 300.

In Curtain Call, every main series title from Final Fantasy IV to Final Fantasy XIII has enough characters to allow a quadruple Title Character Bonus. In addition, the four Final Fantasy XI characters are all female, meaning the Women Only Bonus can also be earned at the same time. If one includes downloadable content characters, the Men Only Bonus is similarly achievable for Final Fantasy VII using Cloud, Barret, Sephiroth and Vincent, or Final Fantasy X using Tidus, Auron, Jecht and Auron #2. Playing music stages that have a Daily Special Bonus each day is also a useful source of Rhythmia, especially if the player optimizes the amount earned by triggering as many bonuses as possible (Critical Charter being especially valuable, but notably, only achievable once per score). The combination of the Wo/Men Only, Stoic and quadruple Title Character Bonuses guarantees a base Rhythmia reward of 150rm before adding any other bonuses.

Rhythmia Rewards[]

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy[]

rm Reward 100 "Prelude" I M (Track added to Music Player)
500 Movie added to Theater – Final Fantasy 1000 1st Dark Note
1500 Yellow Shard 2000 "Battle Theme 2" II M (Track added to Music Player)
2500 Scarlet Shard 3000 ProfiCard character – Princess Sarah
3500 Orange Shard 4000 "Elia, the Maiden of Water" III M (Track added to Music Player)
4500 Movie added to Theater – Final Fantasy XIII 5000 Yellow Shard
5500 Scarlet Shard 6000 "Main Theme of Final Fantasy IV" IV M (Track added to Music Player)
6500 Orange Shard 7000 ProfiCard character – Minwu
7500 Movie added to Theater – Final Fantasy II 8000 Yellow Shard
8500 Scarlet Shard 9000 "Ending Theme" V M (Track added to Music Player)
9500 Orange Shard 10000 "Dancing Mad" VI C (Track added to Challenge Mode (Encore))
10500 Movie added to Theater – Final Fantasy XII 11000 "Omen" VI M (Track added to Music Player)
11500 ProfiCard character – Shiva 12000 "One-Winged Angel" VII M (Track added to Music Player)
12500 Silver Shard 13000 Movie added to Theater – Final Fantasy III
13500 "Waltz for the Moon" VIII M (Track added to Music Player) 14000 Turquoise Shard
14500 ProfiCard character – Cid 15000 "Blinded by Light" XIII C (Track added to Challenge Mode (Encore))
15500 "Over the Hill" IX M (Track added to Music Player) 16000 Crimson Shard
16500 "SUTEKI DA NE Orchestra Version ("SUTEKI DA NE (Isn't It Wonderful?) Orchestra Version")" X M (Track added to Music Player) 17000 ProfiCard byline phrases
17500 ProfiCard character – Rydia 18000 Scarlet Shard
18500 "Vana'diel March" XI M (Track added to Music Player) 19000 ProfiCard byline phrases
19500 "Clash of Swords" XII M (Track added to Music Player) 20000 "Searching for Friends" VI C (Track added to Challenge Mode (Encore))
20500 "Defiers of Fate" XIII M (Track added to Music Player) 21000 Yellow Shard
21500 ProfiCard character – Ramuh 22000 "Main Theme" I M (Track added to Music Player)
22500 Indigo Shard 23000 "Finale" II M (Track added to Music Player)
23500 Movie added to Theater – Final Fantasy XI 24000 "Prelude" III M (Track added to Music Player)
24500 ProfiCard character – Faris 25000 "Let the Battles Begin!" VII C (Track added to Challenge Mode (Encore))
25500 Orange Shard 26000 "Battle with the Four Fiends" IV M (Track added to Music Player)
26500 ProfiCard byline phrases 27000 Green Shard
27500 "Mt. Gulg" I C (Track added to Challenge Mode (Chaos)) 28000 "Home, Sweet Home" V M (Track added to Music Player)
28500 ProfiCard character – Locke 29000 "Terra's Theme" VI M (Track added to Music Player)
29500 Orange Shard 30000 "Battle 1" IV C (Track added to Challenge Mode (Chaos))
30500 "Ending Credits" VII M (Track added to Music Player) 31000 ProfiCard character – Aerith
31500 "Overture" VIII M (Track added to Music Player) 32000 "Battle 1" IX M (Track added to Music Player)
32500 "Within the Giant" IV C (Track added to Challenge Mode (Chaos)) 33000 Scarlet Shard
33500 ProfiCard character – Ifrit 34000 "SUTEKI DA NE (Isn't It Wonderful?)" X M (Track added to Music Player)
34500 Movie added to Theater – Final Fantasy IV 35000 "Battle to the Death" VI C (Track added to Challenge Mode (Chaos))
35500 "Ronfaure" XI M (Track added to Music Player) 36000 Yellow Shard
36500 "Ending Movie" XII M (Track added to Music Player) 37000 Silver Shard
37500 "Mambo de Chocobo" V C (Track added to Challenge Mode (Chaos)) 38000 "FINAL FANTASY XIII - The Promise" XIII M (Track added to Music Player)
38500 ProfiCard byline phrases 39000 Rainbow Shard
39500 "Battle" I M (Track added to Music Player) 40000 "JENOVA" VII C (Track added to Challenge Mode (Chaos))
40500 ProfiCard character - Seifer 41000 Crimson Shard
41500 "The Rebel Army" II M (Track added to Music Player) 42000 Indigo Shard
42500 "Judgment Day" VII C (Track added to Challenge Mode (Encore)) 43000 "Eternal Wind" III M (Track added to Music Player)
43500 Green Shard 44000 "Epilogue" IV M (Track added to Music Player)
44500 "Main Theme of Final Fantasy V" V M (Track added to Music Player) 45000 "Something to Protect" IX C (Track added to Challenge Mode (Chaos))
45500 Movie added to Theater – Final Fantasy X 46000 "The Decisive Battle" VI M (Track added to Music Player)
46500 "Aerith's Theme" VII M (Track added to Music Player) 47000 Turquoise Shard
47500 "Blue Fields" VIII M (Track added to Music Player) 48000 ProfiCard character – Vivi
48500 "Melodies of Life ~ Final Fantasy" IX M (Track added to Music Player) 49000 Silver Shard
49500 "Zanarkand" X M (Track added to Music Player) 50000 ProfiCard byline phrases
50500 "Awakening" XI M (Track added to Music Player) 51000 ProfiCard character – Yuna
51500 "Theme of the Empire" XII M (Track added to Music Player) 52000 ProfiCard byline phrases
52500 "The Sunleth Waterscape" XIII M (Track added to Music Player) 53000 Red Shard
53500 "End Theme" I M (Track added to Music Player) 54000 ProfiCard byline phrases
54500 "Prelude" II M (Track added to Music Player) 55000 Movie added to Theater – Final Fantasy V
55500 Green Shard 56000 "Battle 2" III M (Track added to Music Player)
56500 ProfiCard byline phrases 57000 "Theme of Love" IV M (Track added to Music Player)
57500 ProfiCard character – Odin 58000 ProfiCard byline phrases
58500 "Four Hearts" V M (Track added to Music Player) 59000 Red Shard
59500 "Balance Is Restored" VI M (Track added to Music Player) 60000 ProfiCard byline phrases
60500 "The Prelude" VII M (Track added to Music Player) 61000 Gray Shard
61500 "The Man with the Machine Gun" VIII M (Track added to Music Player) 62000 ProfiCard character - Prishe
62500 "Behind the Door" IX M (Track added to Music Player) 63000 Turquoise Shard
63500 "Mi'ihen Highroad" X M (Track added to Music Player) 64000 ProfiCard byline phrases
64500 "Vana'diel March #2" XI M (Track added to Music Player) 65000 Movie added to Theater – Final Fantasy IX
65500 "FINAL FANTASY ~FFXII Version~" XII M (Track added to Music Player) 66000 ProfiCard byline phrases
66500 "Saber's Edge" XIII M (Track added to Music Player) 67000 Red Shard
67500 "Opening Theme" I M (Track added to Music Player) 68000 Indigo Shard
68500 "Main Theme" II M (Track added to Music Player) 69000 ProfiCard character - Ashe
69500 "The Everlasting World" III M (Track added to Music Player) 70000 ProfiCard byline phrases
70500 Crimson Shard 71000 "Prelude" IV M (Track added to Music Player)
71500 ProfiCard byline phrases 72000 White Shard
72500 "Battle at the Big Bridge" V M (Track added to Music Player) 73000 ProfiCard character - Snow
73500 ProfiCard byline phrases 74000 "Celes's Theme"VI M (Track added to Music Player)
74500 Turquoise Shard 75000 Movie added to Theater – Final Fantasy VI
75500 "Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII" VII M (Track added to Music Player) 76000 ProfiCard byline phrases
76500 ProfiCard Character - Bahamut 77000 "Ending Theme" VIII M (Track added to Music Player)
77500 ProfiCard byline phrases 78000 "A Place to Call Home" IX M (Track added to Music Player)
78500 Silver Shard 79000 "Fight With Seymour" X M (Track added to Music Player)
79500 ProfiCard byline phrases 80000 "FFXI Opening Theme" XI M (Track added to Music Player)
80500 Purple Shard 81000 "Giza Plains" XII M (Track added to Music Player)
81500 White Shard 82000 ProfiCard byline phrases
82500 "Ending Credits" XIII M (Track added to Music Player) 83000 ProfiCard byline phrases
83500 Gray Shard 84000 "Mt. Gulg" I M (Track added to Music Player)
84500 ProfiCard Character - Chocobo 85000 Movie added to Theater – Final Fantasy VIII
85500 ProfiCard byline phrases 86000 "Within the Giant" IV M (Track added to Music Player)
86500 Golden Shard 87000 "Battle 1" FFIV M (Track added to Music Player)
87500 ProfiCard character – Moogle 88000 ProfiCard byline phrases
88500 "Mambo de Chocobo" V M (Track added to Music Player) 89000 Rainbow Shard
89500 ProfiCard byline phrases 90000 "Battle to the Death" VI M (Track added to Music Player)
90500 ProfiCard character – Kain 91000 Crimson Shard
91500 "Judgment Day" VII M (Track added to Music Player) 92000 ProfiCard byline phrases
92500 Purple Shard 93000 "JENOVA" VII M (Track added to Music Player)
93500 ProfiCard byline phrases 94000 "Something to Protect" FFIX M (Track added to Music Player)
94500 ProfiCard character – Sephiroth 95000 Movie added to Theater – Final Fantasy VII
95500 "Dancing Mad" VI M (Track added to Music Player) 96000 ProfiCard byline phrases
96500 "Blinded By Light" XIII M (Track added to Music Player) 97000 ProfiCard byline phrases
97500 ProfiCard character – Cosmos 98000 "Searching for Friends" VI M (Track added to Music Player)
98500 ProfiCard byline phrases 99000 Golden Shard
99500 ProfiCard byline phrases 99999 "Let the Battles Begin!" VII M (Track added to Music Player)

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call[]

Userbox ff7-cloud.png
Cloud: I couldn't finish 'em. Looks like this's gonna get complicated.
The following tables are incomplete for one or more reasons. If you wish, please examine the table and add anything missing. Remove this notice upon completion.

Shard color order is presumed random per save file, but cycles through eleven colors in the same order within that file. The first four colors in the cycle are Red, Yellow, Green and Indigo, in some order. The remaining seven colors are Purple, Peach, Orange, Turquoise, White, Silver and Golden, in some order. Black Shards are not part of the cycle. When a shard color is completed (i.e. all characters unlocked for that color), it is removed from the cycle.

rm Reward 250 Shard x4
500 New chime 750 Music player – Final Fantasy tracks
1000 EMS – "Answers" FFXIV 1250 Shard x4
1500 EMS – "Savior of Souls" LR:FFXIII 1750 New chime
2000 EMS – "1000 Words" FFX-2 2250 Shard x4
2500 EMS – "Advent: One-Winged Angel" FFVII:AC 2750 Shard x4
3000 New chime 3250 New character art
3500 EMS – "Moonless Starry Night" FFCC 3750 New byline phrases
4000 Shard x6 4250 New character art
4500 EMS – "Warrior Goddess" FFXIII-2 4750 Shard x6
5000 New chime 5250 New character art
5500 EMS – "Opening" FFT 5750 Music player – Lightning Returns tracks
6000 New chime 6250 Shard x6
6500 EMS – "We Have Come" FFType-0 6750 Shard x6
7000 New byline phrases 7250 New character art
7500 EMS – "CRISIS CORE Theme - Dreams and Honor" CC-FFVII- 7750 Shard x6
8000 New chime 8250 Shard x6
8500 EMS – "Lux Concordiae" D012 8750 New byline phrases
9000 Shard x6 9250 New character art
9500 New chime 9750 Shard x1
10000 EMS – "THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY CURTAIN CALL Special Arrangement Medley" Series
10500 New byline phrases 11000 Shard x1
11500 Music Player – Final Fantasy II tracks 12000 New character art
12500 New chime 13000 Shard x1
13500 New character art 14000 New byline phrases
14500 Shard x1 15000 New chime
15500 New character art 16000 Shard x1
16500 Music Player – Final Fantasy XIV tracks 17000 New byline phrases
17500 New character art 18000 Shard x1
18500 New chime 19000 Shard x1
19500 New character art 20000 Chaos unlocked as playable character
20500 New byline phrases 21000 Shard x1
21500 Music Player – Final Fantasy III tracks 22000 BMS – "Dungeon Hero X's Theme" Fables:CD
22500 New chime 23000 New character art
23500 Shard x1 24000 New byline phrases
24500 Shard x1 25000 New character art
25500 New chime 26000 BMS – "Raffaello Battle" Fables:CD
26500 Music Player – Final Fantasy XIII-2 tracks 27000 New character art
27500 Shard x1 28000 New byline phrases
28500 Shard x1 29000 New character art
29500 New chime 30000 BMS – "Guardian of the Dark II" Fables:CD
30500 Shard x1 31000 New character art
31500 Music Player – Final Fantasy IV tracks 32000 New byline phrases
32500 Shard x1 33000 New character art
33500 New chime 34000 Shard x1
34500 New byline phrases 35000 New character art
35500 Shard x1 36000 New chime
36500 Music Player – Type-0 tracks 37000 New character art
37500 Shard x1 38000 New byline phrases
38500 Shard x1 39000 New character art
39500 New chime 40000 BMS – "The Chaos Shrine - TFFCC BMS Arrangement - From FF" Series
40500 Shard x1 41000 New character art
41500 Music Player – Final Fantasy V tracks 42000 New byline phrases
42500 Shard x1 43000 New character art
43500 New chime 44000 Shard x1
44500 New byline phrases 45000 New character art
45500 Shard x1 46000 New chime
46500 Music Player – Dissidia 012 tracks 47000 New character art
47500 Shard x1 48000 New byline phrases
48500 Shard x1 49000 New character art
49500 New chime 50000 Shard x1
50500 New byline phrases 51000 New character art
51500 Music Player – Final Fantasy VI tracks 52000 Shard x1
52500 New chime 53000 New character art
53500 Shard x1 54000 New byline phrases
54500 Shard x1 55000 New character art
55500 New chime 56000 Shard x1
56500 Music Player – Dissidia tracks 57000 New character art
57500 New byline phrases 58000 Shard x1
58500 New chime 59000 New character art
59500 Shard x1 60000 New byline phrases
60500 Shard x1 61000 New character art
61500 Music Player – Final Fantasy VII tracks 62000 New chime
62500 Shard x1 63000 New character art
63500 New byline phrases 64000 Shard x1
64500 New chime 65000 New character art
65500 Shard x1 66000 New byline phrases
66500 Music Player – Crisis Core tracks 67000 New character art
67500 Shard x1 68000 New chime
68500 Shard x1 69000 New character art
69500 New byline phrases 70000 Shard x1
70500 New chime 71000 New character art
71500 Music Player – Final Fantasy VIII tracks 72000 Shard x1
72500 New byline phrases 73000 New character art
73500 Shard x1 74000 New chime
74500 Shard x1 75000 New character art
75500 New byline phrases 76000 Shard x1
76500 Music Player – Advent Children tracks 77000 New character art
77500 New chime 78000 Shard x1
78500 New byline phrases 79000 New character art
79500 Shard x1 80000 New chime
80500 Shard x1 81000 New character art
81500 Music Player – Final Fantasy IX tracks 82000 New byline phrases
82500 Shard x1 83000 New character art
83500 New chime 84000 Shard x1
84500 New byline phrases 85000 New character art
85500 Shaed x1 86000 New chime
86500 Music Player – Crystal Chronicles tracks 87000 New character art
87500 Shard x1 88000 New byline phrases
88500 Shard x1 89000 New character art
89500 New chime 90000 Shard x1
90500 New byline phrases 91000 New character art
91500 Music Player – Final Fantasy X tracks 92000 Shard x1
92500 New chime 93000 New character art
93500 Shard x1 94000 New byline phrases
94500 Shard x1 95000 New character art
95500 New chime 96000 Shard x1
96500 Music Player – Final Fantasy X-2 tracks 97000 New character art
97500 New byline phrases 98000 Shard x1
98500 New chime 99000 New character art
99500 Shard x1 100000 New character art
101000 Music Player – Final Fantasy XI tracks 102000 New byline phrases
103000 Shard x1 104000 New byline phrases
105000 Shard x1 106000 Music Player – Final Fantasy Tactics tracks
107000 New chime 108000 Shard x1
109000 New byline phrases 110000 Music Player – Final Fantasy XII tracks
111000 Shard x1 112000 New byline phrases
113000 Shard x1 114000 New chime
115000 Shard x1 116000 Music Player – Final Fantasy Mystic Quest tracks
117000 New byline phrases 118000 Shard x1
119000 New byline phrases 120000 Shard x1
121000 Music Player – Final Fantasy XIII tracks 122000 New chime
123000 Shard x1 124000 New byline phrases
125000 Shard x1 126000 New byline phrases
127000 Shard x1 128000 New chime
129000 Shard x1 130000 New byline phrases
131000 Shard x1 132000 New byline phrases
133000 Shard x1 134000 New chime
135000 Shard x1 136000 New byline phrases
137000 138000
139000 140000 New chime
141000 142000
143000 144000
145000 146000 New chime
147000 148000
149000 150000 New character art – Knights of the Round
151000 152000
153000 New chime 154000
155000 156000
157000 158000
159000 New chime 160000
161000 162000
163000 164000
165000 New chime 166000
167000 168000
169000 170000
171000 New chime 172000
173000 174000
175000 176000
177000 New chime 178000
179000 180000
181000 182000
183000 New chime 184000
185000 186000
187000 188000
189000 New chime 190000
191000 192000
193000 194000
195000 196000
197000 198000
199000 200000 New character art – Sephiroth

Rewards between 200,000 and 300,000 rhythmia alternate between shards (on odd multiples of 1000) and byline phrases (on even multiples). The Chaos character art is unlocked at 300,000 rhythmia. The final byline phrase (number 198) is unlocked at 999,999 rhythmia.

Once there are no more shards to be obtained, the replacement item rewards are selected from the following:

Phoenix Pinion Miratete's Memoirs Knights' Magicite Scapegoat
Libra Scroll I Libra Scroll II Libra Scroll III First Class Ticket