Rhyos is an enemy in Final Fantasy X-2. It uses Chimera Brain's model from Final Fantasy X.

Stats[edit | edit source]



Battle[edit | edit source]

Rhyos is semi-powerful and should be dealt with before other enemies. Using strong attacks is preferred, as is setting up Protect and Shell to reduce the damage they can do.

Creature Creator[edit | edit source]

Fiend Tale[edit | edit source]

One notable Rhyos was created from the spirit of a Bevellian inventor who played a role in the development of Yevon's machina and the shoopuf saddle. The genius inventor was killed by one of his own creations and was reborn a fiend who now creates machina to solely benefit others.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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Etymology[edit | edit source]

Gorgimera is a chimera variant from Dungeons & Dragons, with the head and hindquarters of a gorgon instead of a goat. Its gorgon head can turn opponents to stone with its breath.

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