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Rhesh Polaali is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV. She plays a minor role in the Main Scenario of A Realm Reborn as a member of the Crystal Braves' 4th unit.


Soon after joining the Crystal Braves Rhesh Polaali was assigned to the 4th Unit of the Braves where, on her first mission, she had the ill fortune of being attacked and captured by the Garlean Empire. She was dragged to Castrum Centri for interrogation, but escaped certain death when the Warrior of Light and Alianne Vellegrance's forces came to her rescue. Nonetheless, the Rhesh Polaali's wounds were grave, and she was forced to take a leave of convalescence.[1][2]

Due to her injuries, Rhesh was not involved in Ilberd's treachery. Although she has not joined the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, she remained loyal to them and moved to Mor Dhona alongside her young daughter to do her job as a guard. Since the Braves' disbanding, Rhesh has used her skill with the sword to guard those who toil expanding Revenant's Toll, regarding it as her way of giving back to the Domans who provided her succor while she healed.[1][3]




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