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The Twins' Room

Need something, Lann?
During Chapter 1

Do you always have to dump your stuff all over the sofa?
During unknown chapter

During Chapter 20

So, uh, has this new form become the new normal for us?
After Postcript

Who's Who voice clips

World of Final Fantasy.
Voice 1

Hey, don't talk down to me. Listen, last time I checked, little bro, I've been around a few minutes longer than you.
Voice 2

So, um, if we do manage to find all the lost Mirages... does that mean we'll be able to remember the things we forgot?
Voice 3

Ugh... C'mon! Think about it! There's something...funny about Grymoire.
Voice 4

Hey! Get those corners turned up!
Voice 5


Reynn will utter her introductory battle quotes only if Lann is in the active party. Both twins will utter the same type of battle quote.



Let's make this good.

I guess we're doing this.

Here we gooo!

I won't hold back!

All righty, let's go!

Let's begin.

When enemy is weaker

Don't let your guard down just 'cause we're stronger.

I'm ready when you are.

No kid gloves for you.

Let's make this quick.

When enemy is stronger

I'll get us through this.

Oh... I don't know about this.

Hey. Are we up to this?

Watch it! This'll be a tough one!

Be careful!

Preemptive Strike

Opportunity knocks!

We got the advantage!

Ladies and dummies first.

Now! Go for it!


Huh? We've been ambushed!

Aaah! What?!

Hey! No fair, sneaking up on us!

Where did YOU come from?


Come on!

I've got this.



Nice knowing ya. ... You're done!
Channel Element

See how you like this. ... Here goes.
Channel Element

Using items



This will do.



Now don't move.



Well...I'm outta here.

Time for a strategic retreat.

Bye now!

So long!

Another time.

Failing to escape

What?! Can't we outrun them?

Uh, just kidding!

Tch. There's no way out of this...

No way!


All right!

Good job.



That wasn't so bad.

Aww, yeah!

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