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It's wonderful to see you again, Father, although I can't say I think much of the company you've been keeping.


Rex is a non-player character in the Sorrow of Werlyt questline in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. He serves as one of the pilots in the weapons project.


Early life[]

Rex when he was a child.

Rex was orphaned at a young age when an epidemic killed his parents, he was begging on street corners for food until he was later fostered by Gaius van Baelsar and raised alongside others in an imperial orphanage. Over time he became close to Alfonse, Allie, Ricon, and Milisandia and as children shared how they came to meet Gaius and all decided to thank him by joining the Garlean military. They wanted to do this in order to follow in his footsteps and have citizens look up to them as they do him.

Rex and his foster siblings were sent to fight in Eorzea, but before doing so they traveled to Werlyt to say goodbye to Avilina and hoped to see Gaius before leaving. Livia sas Junius forbade them from doing so, and in his stead Rhitahtyn sas Arvina went out to meet them.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

Following Ruby Weapon's defeat Allie runs out into the field to meet Gaius and the Warrior of Light, with Rex and Alfonse following suit. Allie wanted to confirm with her own eyes that it was Gaius, and Rex is happy to see Gaius but glares at the Warrior. As Allie tries to reveal the truth to Gaius, Alfonse stops her and an airship arrives to take them away. Before leaving Alfonse reveals to Gaius that Misilandia was piloting the Ruby Weapon and Rex promises revenge on the Warrior for Misilandia's death. Back at the Werlyt magitek installation, Rex tries to cheer up Alfonse by saying they can be a happy family after the subjugation of Eorzea and with him at the helm of the Sapphire Weapon Eorzea won't stand a chance.

As Gaius and the Warrior of Light are en route to Terncliff, Rex plans on piloting the unfinished Sapphire Weapon, with the intent on holding them off to buy the others enough time to escape. Ricon still in the installation makes himself known, and Rex angrily asks why he is still there, to which he replies by saying he will pilot the Sapphire Weapon while Rex can assist in relocating the other weapons. The two note that the weapon can only make basic maneuvers and Ricon says he's the least qualified pilot stating that Alfonse needs Rex more than him. Rex begrudgingly agrees saying he hopes to see him on the other side, before hurrying off to evacuate.

Rex evacuates with the Emerald Weapon where its taken to Castrum Marinum in order for it to be fully constructed. Here with Alfonse he reveals the true nature of Oversoul to Allie who is angry and saddened that they all hid the truth from her. Rex states that they hid it from Allie as she hasn't changed over the course of her time in the military and deserves happiness. They believe that they should be the ones to sacrifice their lives in order to see Werlyt freed and Alfonse asks Rex to take Allie to the holding cells in order for her to not interfere with Rex piloting the Emerald Weapon. He returns to Alfonse to go over their plans and he begs him not to use Oversoul as he can't lose him too. Rex states they need the combat data system in order to perfect the synthetic auracite system and that he doesn't do things by halves.

Rex activating Oversoul.

Rex awaits the Warrior of Light within the Emerald Weapon and once they arrive he fires up the mech and battles them. Rex puts up a tough fight but is unable to best the Warrior, and with a last ditch attempt he activates Oversoul officially ending his life by empowering the weapon. This is not enough however and the weapon is defeated.



Rex is a raen au ra with brownish skin, blue hair, and orange eyes. He wears a Late Allagan Coat of Healing dyed red, with Diamond Gloves of Healing, and Crystarium Boots of Casting. When piloting the weapons he wears Late Allagan Armor of Scouting dyed red.


Rex is known to be extroverted and outgoing, since he had a lack of restraint he was often the center of attention. He had an explosive temper, often confronting those he believed were threatening his foster siblings, with little regard for rank or social status.[1] Rex is willing to sacrifice himself in order to save Werlyt and believes it is his duty to protect the weak.


The Emerald Weapon.

Rex appears in the level 80 Trial Castrum Marinum Castrum Marinum where he pilots the Emerald Weapon and again as a superboss in its extreme version.



Rex is Latin for "king", specifically, the title of the kings of ancient Rome.


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