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Equips "Revive" magic


Single slot. Revive is a Magic Materia in Final Fantasy VII equipped to provide the user spells revive a character from KO. These spells are Life and Life2, while revive a character for partial or full HP respectively.


Revive can be purchased for 3000 gil from Costa del Sol (during part 1) and Junon.



Level AP required Effect
1 0 Life
2 45000 Life2
3 55000 MASTER


Magic MP Formula Power Effect
Life 34 Restoration 8/32 Revive a party member with a quarter health.
Life2 100 Restoration 32/32 Revive a party member with full health.


The Revive Materia grants the Life spell that revives a character from death at level 1. Upon receiving 45000 AP, it grants the spell Life2, which revives a character at full HP. Revive is an extremely useful Materia to have in the party in many situations, and is a good alternative to Phoenix Down as it does not rely on a limited supply of items.

Revive's spells are based on the max HP of the target character, and not the Magic stat of the character. However, Revive also has considerable stat changes. These changes are +5% to max MP, +2 Magic, and +1 Magic def, but -5% HP, -2 Strength -2, and -1 Vitality. It is better to give Revive to characters who are better built towards spellcasting with higher MP and Magic stats, such as Aeris, Red XIII, Yuffie, Cait Sith, and Vincent. Cloud can be a good choice as he can be built towards either magical or physical damage.

Though Life2 revives characters at full HP, it also has a much higher MP cost. The cost of using Life2 at 100 MP, however, is only two MP higher than using Life (34) and a follow-up Cure3 (64) while only taking up one turn, meaning it becomes more efficient overall. It is significantly higher cost than either using Life with a lower-level restorative spell, or simply using a healing item. This means that in most cases, Life2 is better saved for situations when reviving allies in fights against enemies whose attacks deal more damage than a quarter of the health of the ally.

Life2, and mastering Revive, requires a large amount of AP. This means it is a good idea to use weapons and armor with Double AP or Triple AP abilities.

Life spells can also be used to instantly kill undead enemies.

If paired with Final Attack, the character will revive themselves when killed. However, linking Final Attack with Phoenix is the superior method as it revives all party members while simultaneously attacking the enemy.