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Restore a KO'd ally to fighting form.


Revive is a Chemist command ability in Final Fantasy V. It revives all currently KO'd allies at 6.25% of their HP (despite its description saying it restores only one), unless they are wearing the Bone Mail. The revived come back to life with full MP. As it can revive the party with no MP cost, Revive is a potent ability.


Revive is not innate to Chemist, and must be learned. It is unlocked at level 5, for a total of 630 AP (405 AP from level 3).


Angel sprite.

Revive's ability to revive all KO'd party members at once and at full MP for free can be useful. The main drawbacks are that it only revives them for very low HP, meaning that MP will likely still need to be consumed to heal them with White Magic spells, and that Revive takes up an entire ability slot for one ability whereas equipping White Magic on that slot grants access to many. Another alternative to revival method is Phoenix, which is costly in MP but more turn-efficient for what it does.