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Revive in Final Fantasy II.

White magic of the highest order. Bestows well being upon all.


Revive (リバイヴ, Ribaivu?) is a recurring ability in the series.


Final Fantasy IIEdit

Revive is a spell in the PlayStation Portable and mobile versions, obtained by giving the Light of Hope to Deumion. It restores all party members and enemies to full HP and MP.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit




Revive is an Ultra Soul Break usable by Minwu. It has an instant cast time, and heals the party for a large amount of HP. In addition, 2000 HP Stock is added for each party member, and a barrier that negates damage equal to 30% of their max HP is created. It costs one Soul Break gauge to activate, and can be learned from the Staff of Light (II). Upon mastering it, Minwu's Mind is increased by 10.


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