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Revenant's Toll in version 2.3.

Revenant's Toll is a settlement in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, located in Mor Dhona. Founded after the Calamity near the ruined Camp Revenant's Toll, it has become a major town under management of the Adventurer's Guild.

Since the launch of A Realm Reborn, the settlement has progressively been built up over the various version updates from a fledgling hamlet to a fortified town set in a mountain pass connecting Coerthas to Mor Dhona. Its importance has increasingly waxed in the storyline as it remains a major hub for endgame players.


The original Camp Revenant's Toll was founded as an Aetheryte Camp in remembrance of a village that was destroyed by debris from the Battle of Silvertear Skies. When the Calamity struck, the original Aetheryte crystal became engulfed in a corrupted crystal formation that forced Camp Revenant's Toll to be abandoned. This led to the decision of building a new Revenant's Toll slightly to the east in a mountain pass that divides Fogfens from the Silvertear shoreline. The remains of the original camp can still be seen outside the town, but it has largely been overrun by gigantoads.

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The settlement's position makes it a prominent destination late in the Main Scenario quest, as the player must seek the help of locals in order to rescue Minfilia and the other Scions from Castrum Centri. It becomes the primary source of endgame sidequests after completing "The Ultimate Weapon," and later becomes the location of the new headquarters for the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. Garlond Ironworks have also opened a worskhop in the town square.

Due to the events of Patch 2.2 Through the Maelstrom, Revenant's Toll received an influx of refugees from the fallen city-state of Doma as frontier hands. This accelerated the growth of the settlement, though the Domans admit they are unsure if Mor Dhona's rocky terrain is suitable for their agricultural techniques.

Later patches have revealed that while Revenant's Toll is officially independent of any city-state, it has been greatly aided by Ishgard in the north. Not only does the business mogul Rowena have a benefactor among Ishgard's nobility, but the Holy See has been sending caravans of supplies to the settlement. Ser Aymeric de Borel of the Temple Knights has admitted that Ishgard benefits from the town's presence, as it presents a buffer to cut off the Dravanian Horde from a southern front.

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Landmarks and Services[]

The Seventh Heaven[]

The only tavern in the settlement, the Seventh Heaven caters to all travelers in Mor Dhona. The Wandering Minstrel is known to frequent this establishment. It eventually contains the entrance to The Rising Stones.

The Rising Stones[]

The new headquarters established for the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, after pressure from the Syndicate prompts them to leave the Waking Sands. A number of Domans reside here along with the Scions. The Crystal Braves operated from there prior to their betrayal and eventual disbandment.

Rowena's House of Splendors[]

Due to her business promoting the growth of the settlement, Rowena was awarded her own office building in the northern edge of the city, built into the canyon wall. As of Patch 2.4, it is still partially under construction, but some services are available.

The Market[]

Situated in the northwest section of the town is the market. While it does not have Market Board access, players may summon their retainers and have a few specialty merchants with services of interest to Disciplines of the Hand and Land, as well as a trader specializing in glamours.


Musical themes[]

"Frontiers Within" plays in Revenant's Toll during the day while "Reflections" plays during the night. "The Waking Sands" plays in the Rising Stones.


  • An easter egg added in later patches features a wandering carbuncle appearing throughout Revenant's Toll. Every so often, a Miqo'te arcanist can be seen searching for it in the markets.