Template:MQ Character Reuben is one of Benjamin's four allies from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. He hails from the town of Fireburg and wields a Morning Star. He is devoted to his father and hometown, but is unsure of how to save them.

Benjamin meets Reuben in Fireburg, where Reuben tells Benjamin his father knows the location of the Fire Crystal. However, his father is trapped in a blocked off mountain pass, so Reuben accompanies Benjamin through an abandoned mine to reach the cliff and blow up the boulder blocking the path. The two continue on to the Volcano, where they slay the Dualhead Hydra and restore the Fire Crystal.

After the two continue on to the Windia region, but Reuben is attacked by a monster on the Rope Bridge and knocked off onto a ledge. Hurt but alive, he tells Benjamin to continue on while he finds a path back to land. What Reuben discovers is a hidden entrance to the Focus Tower, leading into Doom Castle. He returns when Benjamin defeats Pazuzu and helps him rescue Captain Mac. However, the fighting causes his injuries to act up, so he remains bed-ridden for the rest of the game while Phoebe accompanies Benjamin to Doom Castle.



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