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The Returners is a faction in the world of Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia led by Edgar. Though described as a "resistance," their real purpose is to seek answers independently of Materia, Spiritus, and Mog. Edgar named the group in in tribute to the Returners of his homeworld.


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Edgar founds the Returners soon after he arrives in the world created by the two gods, though the details of when exactly he arrived or met his followers is unknown. He recruits his old comrade Locke early on, and tasks him with secretly following the party and reporting on their activities. Edgar also recruits Lightning, Shadow, and Layle. He hires Squall in his capacity as a mercenary as well. At some point, one of them meets Firion, who agrees to join because he was a member of a resistance faction in his homeworld.

When the party meets Squall investigating a Torsion in a series of caverns, he alludes to his "client" but does not reveal the client's name or goals. He nevertheless begins traveling with the party because they share the same present goal. The party led by Mog first learns of the Returners when they meet Firion in the Palace of Malitia region, independently closing Torsions and marking each one with a wild rose as a message to his allies. Like Squall, Firion joins them because the party's goal of closing Torsions is the mission he was given himself. However, he has little information to share about the factions other than that they are a resistance aligned with neither god.

Shadow encounters the group later while they are in the region. He warns them not to trust Mog, but remains tight-lipped about the group and its leader even after he joins them. Finally, Layle reveals that Edgar is leading the Returners. He too warns the party that Mog is not to be trusted and explains that the group is made up of various individuals who don't accept the gods' words at face value and wish to find their own answers about the truth of this world. Lightning meets the group at the Capta Est Tower as she battles Garland and joins after her fight with him creates a supercharged Torsion. She retains the mistrust of gods she gained in Cocoon.

Edgar finally reveals himself to the party when their airship is disabled at Utopia Niveus. He introduces himself and explains his motives, but hangs behind to repair the ship while the party traverses the region to deal with the Emperor. After the battle is over and the airship is repaired, Edgar explains that he found it necessary to found his own group to answer his questions about the world and the distortions in it. Since the party has decided to confront Materia directly, Edgar joins them as a permanent member so he can ask questions of his own.

Although the Returners are never formally disbanded, they cease operating independently after Edgar joins the party; instead, numerous non-Returner characters are convinced to pursue the same goals. Edgar releases Locke from his assignment, and Locke wanders independently in search of Phoenix until the party finds him napping in the wilderness, whereupon he too joins.

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