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Return to the Slums, To Wedge's Place, Remaining Payment, and Slum Wisdom are quests in Chapter 4, "Mad Dash" in Final Fantasy VII Remake. They take place first in Sector 7 and then in the Sector 7 Slums. After Jessie Rasberry infiltrates a Shinra Electric Power Company warehouse, she returns to the slums in the lower plate with Cloud Strife, Biggs, and Wedge.


Follow Jessie first on the side of the van, and then through the streets. She will head to an alley out into the Sector 7 Plate Edge, and then onto a walkway. A cutscene will commence, following which Cloud will arrive in Scrap Boulevard in the Sector 7 Slums. Here, follow Wedge to Biggs's place, then to Jessie's, and finally to his own home.

After a cutscene, follow the marker to a small house where Jessie is found. In the following dialogue, Jessie will give Cloud a Barrier Materia Barrier Materia, a spell that can be used to defend against attacks. When Jessie asks Cloud to come over the following night, the player can select "No promises." or "Not happening.", either of which will move the cutscene forward.

Tifa comes to Cloud's room.

Once the scene ends, return Cloud to Stargazer Heights, and select "Sleep until tomorrow" to commence a scene. Tifa Lockhart will enter the room, commencing a scene. When the prompt appears, the player can hold Square to use the menu and change equipment for an encounter following day. Cloud should ensure Magic Materia Magic Materia is equipped for the following mission, "Sudden Attack".

Behind the scenes[]

Compared to the original Final Fantasy VII, the developers could depict more nuance via facial expression and voice acting, to add to the characters' depth and realness. One bit that sticks to Co-director Motomu Toriyama is the scene where Tifa visits Cloud at night in the Sector 7 slums, noting how the scene is full of emotion, the old Cloud comes out and treats Tifa more kindly, and their feelings are conveyed better. [1]


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