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Return to the Halloween Castle is a Global Exclusive Event in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius it is a remake and a continuation of the past Halloween event Halloween - Night of the Pumpkin.


While celebrating Halloween, the gang heard a familiar voice... "Don't you worry, I know how to handle strong women." Doesn't that sound like something Rain would say? Willing to do anything to get Rain back, and convinced he might be trapped in the vortex, the gang storm the castle in search of him. However, it ended up being an elaborate trap set up by the Pumpking Reaper to get his revenge for last year's Halloween...and this time he's brought along a new friend, the Skeleton King!

With the Halloween castle locked up tight, Lasswell and the gang must find a way forward if they've any hopes of rescuing Rain...


The event differs significantly from the last year version, for one King Mog is not the host of the event. The event features several banners which are related to each other.

First is the Halloween Dungeon where players are meant to go in order to farm Skeleton Keys upon completion. These keys are used to "unlock" the levels of the other banners. Castle Keep where the player beats monsters for rewards (Gil Snappers, Cactuars, Crysts), and the Inner Chamber featuring the Bosses.

The Inner Chamber opens gradually, that is at specific days of the event's debut, a new difficulty level will be available. Both the Castle Keep and the Inner Chamber feature rewards previously to be purchased from Mog King as Mission rewards, so the player is encouraged to meet the criteria to acquire or reacquire the items.


The event also features an entirely new Summon Banner with Halloween versions of Sakura, Nichol and Jake, called Grim Lord Sakura, Illusionist Nichol and Pirate Jake along a newly enhanced form of Lid's Black Cat Lid version, all of them with new and powerful abilities that differ from their originals. These units will be available for the first week, whereas the other Halloween units, Demon Rain, Dracu Lasswell and White Witch Fina will appear on the second week. White Witch Fina has had her sprite and her Trust Master Reward modified.

The featured units can be used as Guest characters for the event, with a pre-determined set of equipment and all of them at the highest level, although the player does not own any of them.