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The Return to Ivalice is a series of 24-player Alliance Raid Alliance Raids in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, in the style of the Crystal Tower and the Shadow of Mhach raid series. It sees players travel to a destroyed region said to be the remnants of the legendary land of Ivalice, with Ivalice creator Yasumi Matsuno serving as a guest creator on the series, and Keita Amemiya the creater of the GARO series as the lead monster designer.


This morning, residents of Kugane woke to find above their city an airship unlike any ever seen. Yet while of Garlean design, the vessel distinctly lacked the bleak outfitting common in the Empire's warmachina. No, this was the Prima Vista, private stage for the Majestic Imperial Theater Company—a troupe having won acclaim across Garlemald for their timeless work, "The Zodiac Brave Story." Which begets the question...why are they here? The answer to that question and more lies in the selfsame legend of which they sing. The legend of Ivalice.



The decimated capital city of Dalmasca, here the party travels through the ruined city in search of Jenomis cen Lexentale. Along the way players come across Lucavi demons and bandits that are attempting to ransack homes.

Prima Vista[]

The airship and home of the Majestic Theater Company, this is the hub of the raid series, where players can learn about the Zodiac Brave Story, or the history of Dalmasca and its regions.

Ridorana Lighthouse[]

An abandoned lighthouse located near the Ridorana Cataract, here the party chases down B'gamnan to gather the auracite he stole.

Orbonne Monastery[]

A monastery overtaken by the Golmore Jungle, it is here where the party must enter the forgotten and confront Ultima, the High Seraph.




A number of characters and story plot points from XII and Tactics are remixed in "Return to Ivalice".

  • Ashelia and Rasler B'nargin are twin scions to the Dalmascan Royal Family.
  • "Noah van Gabranth" is the Garlean Legatus of the IVth Legion who conquers Dalmasca.
  • Ba'Gamnan and his crew were members of Rasler's honor guard, having turned to a life of crime after allowing Ashe to perish during the Garlean invasion.
  • Ramza and Alma bas Lexentale are the children of a playwright named Jenomis, whose pen name is Arazlam Durai. He named them after the original Ramza and Alma Beoulve.
  • Duma and Rofocale appear as Lucavi demons.

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