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Return to Darkness (あんこくかいき, Ankokukaiki?, lit. Dark Recurrence), also known as Vanish and Dark Returns, is a recurring enemy ability in the Final Fantasy series.


Final Fantasy IV[]

Vanish is used by Zeromus. Since there is no final attack system, this enemy ability is used to self-destroy, without displaying anything during battle.

Final Fantasy V[]

Vanish, known as Dark Returns in the older translations, is used by an Objet d'Art on itself when hit by a Gold Needle, and also used by Alchymia after she casts Ribbit on her frog. This ability inflicts Instant Death upon its user.

Final Fantasy Dimensions[]

Return to Darkness turns the user invisible, dodging all attacks. Also, deals damage and can inflict Poison, Attack Down, Defense Down, and Magic Defense Down. This ability is used by Asmodai

Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

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Darkness, as the polar opposite to brightness, is understood to be an absence of visible light. It is also the appearance of black in a colored space.