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Return of the Bull is a solo Quest Battle in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. It was released in patch 4.1 as the final quest and duty within the patch.


The meeting in the Gyr Abanian Palace is thrown into disarray when one of the Qalyana summons Lakshmi in the middle of the meeting threatening to enthrall all within. Arenvald assists the Warrior of Light in defending the diplomats from being enthralled with the Echo.


  • Use Deflect to Dissipate the aether spheres!
  • Defeat Lakshmi!


During the first phase of the fight the player has to use the duty action deflect to stop the spheres from reaching the diplomats. If one sphere reaches one, then the duty ends in failure. After a while Lakshmi will spawn a large amount of spheres that will keep on being replaced before a cutscene starts, interrupting the fight.

After the cutscene Fordola joins the fight to protect the diplomats as well as fight Lakshmi. Her and Arenvald hold Lakshmi down so she doesn't temper any diplomats, letting them escape. Lyse and Rauhbahn join them as allies in defeating Lakshmi.

  • Aether Sphere: Lakshmi will use this ability that tethers to the diplomats, they can only be defeated by the duty action Deflect.
  • Blissful Hammer: Petal like AoE's that drop on the player and the two allies.
  • The Pall of Light: Stack AoE.
  • Hand of Grace: Lakshmi summons two cross pattern AoE's
  • Tight Embrace: Knocks back player and allies, fettering them. This is a Active Time Maneuver where the player breaks free and deflects the aether spheres.
  • Divine Denial: A knockback ability that deals damage, can be defended with Fordola's shield.
  • Path of Light: Large conal AoE in one direction.
  • Chancala: Powered up state for Lakshmi.

Near the end of the fight Fordola will protect the part from repeated Divine Denials, and the party must defeat Lakshmi before the gauge runs out. Lyse will also use Final Heaven to assist in defeating Lakshmi.


  • Lakshmi
    • Aether Spheres
  • Dreaming Fighter
  • Dreaming Kshatriya


  • Arenvald
  • Fordola
  • Raubahn
  • Lyse
  • Alphinaud
    • Moonstone Carbuncle
  • M'rahz Nunh
  • Sarisha
  • Stark Woad
  • Watt
  • Raganfrid
  • Qiqrin Representative
  • Berliana
  • Tibost
  • J'dyalani