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The Retail Network acts as the shops in the world of Final Fantasy XIII. Players make purchases through the online shops by accessing the Save Stations scattered around the map.


When you wish to purchase new items or sell items in your party inventory, you will first need to access a Save Station. Approach any Save Station and press X/A when the word ACCESS appears to open the Save Station menu. Select Shop from this menu, and then choose the retailer whose network you would like to access.

Your selection will be limited at first, but as you obtain e-passes for new Retail Networks, you will gain access to a wider variety of vendors and merchandise.

You can obtain the gil needed to make new purchases from treasure spheres, or by selling items that you no longer need.

Shops frequently expand their stocks, offering you the chance to acquire new items. Whenever new merchandise becomes available through a retailer to which you have access, a notice will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. An icon will also appear next to the name of any shop with updated offerings when you choose Shop from the Save Station menu.

List of Retail Network shopsEdit

Unicorn MartEdit

Reliable service from a name you can trust. At Unicorn Mart, your health is our business! Our expert pharmacists are standing by, day and night, to send you whatever you need, wherever you need it.

Unicorn Mart sells items that are used during battle. It is available from the start of the game.

Name Cost Available From
Potion 50 gil Hanging Edge
Antidote 100 gil Gapra Whitewood
Painkiller 100 gil The Palamecia
Mallet 100 gil The Palamecia
Holy Water 100 gil Palumpolum
Wax 100 gil Vallis Media
Foul Liquid 100 gil Fifth Ark
Phoenix Down 1,000 gil Hanging Edge

Eden PharmaceuticalsEdit

A Sanctum-affiliated institution in the public sector conducting both academic and industry-sponsored research. Let Cocoon's own sciences empower you as you help to fulfill her destiny!

Eden Pharmaceuticals sells rare and expensive items and shrouds. This network is obtained after defeating the second encounter of the Proudclad in Eden.

Name Cost
Librascope 10,000 gil
Fortisol 12,000 gil
Aegisol 12,000 gil
Deceptisol 30,000 gil

Up In ArmsEdit

If history has taught us anything, it's that everyone dies eventually—but at Up In Arms, we help you to ensure your enemies do so as soon as possible. From classic pieces to cutting-edge upgrades, we've got all! Edged weapons and Up In Firearms gun selections fully Sanctum-approved.

Up In Arms sells weapons with no additional special effects. This network is obtained after defeating the Garuda Interceptor in Lake Bresha. All weapons are at Lv.1 in the shop.

Name Cost Available From
Blazefire Saber 2,000 gil Vile Peaks
Edged Carbine 4,600 gil Sunleth Waterscape
Gladius 7,100 gil Mah'habara Subterra
Vega 42s 2,000 gil Vile Peaks
Deneb Duelers 3,900 gil Sunleth Waterscape
Wild Bear 1,800 gil Vile Peaks
Power Circle 4,500 gil Sunleth Waterscape
Hawkeye 4,400 gil Sunleth Waterscape
Ninurta 2,800 gil Vile Peaks
Binding Rod 2,500 gil Vile Peaks
Pearlwing Staff 2,300 gil Sunleth Waterscape
Rod of Thorns 3,000 gil Mah'habara Subterra
Bladed Lance 4,500 gil Mah'habara Subterra
Partisan 6,600 gil Mah'habara Subterra

Plautus's WorkshopEdit

Brute force may win the easy battles, but readiness wins them all. Our master craftsmen produce only the finest in specialized weaponry, granting you the edge that separates the best from the rest (in peace). Discerning customers agree: if you want quality, you want Plautus.

Plautus's Workshop sells weapons that grant special effects for the user, but have less Strength and Magic Power than weapons bought elsewhere. This network is obtained after defeating the Havoc Skytank in Palumpolum. All weapons are at Lv.1 in the shop.

Name Cost Available From
Axis Blade 15,000 gil Nautilus
Lifesaber 20,000 gil Fifth Ark
Lionheart 28,000 gil Eden
Spica Defenders 14,500 gil Mah'habara Subterra
Antares Deluxes 22,000 gil Eden
Procyons 30,000 gil Nautilus
Paladin 20,000 gil Nautilus
Rebel Heart 11,000 gil Eden
Umbra 32,600 gil Fifth Ark
Airwing 10,000 gil Nautilus
Otshirvani 28,200 gil Eden
Vidofnir 16,900 gil Mah'habara Subterra
Healer's Staff 19,800 gil Fifth Ark
Mistilteinn 11,000 gil Eden
Belladonna Wand 31,200 gil Nautilus
Punisher 31,000 gil Eden
Pandoran Spear 16,200 gil Mah'habara Subterra
Gae Bolg 13,100 gil Nautilus

Gilgamesh, Inc.Edit

No information on this corporation is available to the public.

Gilgamesh, Inc. sells weapons that boast the highest Strength or Magic upgrades, but have a detrimental side-effect when used in battle. This network is obtained after completing Mission 46. All weapons are at Lv.1 in the shop.

Name Cost
Organyx 280,000 gil
Hauteclaire 20,000 gil
Rigels 19,000 gil
Aldebarans 263,000 gil
Pleiades Hi-Powers 22,000 gil
Feymark 25,000 gil
Sacrificial Circle 210,000 gil
Unsetting Sun 21,000 gil
Simurgh 21,200 gil
Malphas 198,000 gil
Alicanto 18,000 gil
Tigerclaw 300,000 gil
Heavenly Axis 24,000 gil
Dragoon Lance 230,000 gil
Shamanic Spear 23,000 gil
Taming Pole 27,000 gil

B&W OutfittersEdit

City life getting you down? Answer the call of the wild! With B&W gear to protect you, a trek through the lowlands is a walk in the park. Why not leave the hustle and bustle behind, and return to nature. It could be just the vacation your soul needs.

B&W Outfitters sells accessories that either boost the wearer's stats or increase their resistance against status ailments. This network is obtained by defeating the Pantheron in the first battle of the Pulse Vestige. All accessories are at Lv.1 in the shop.

Name Cost Available From
Iron Bangle 500 gil Pulse Vestige
Silver Bangle 800 gil Vile Peaks
Tungsten Bangle 1,500 gil Gapra Whitewood
Titanium Bangle 3,600 gil The Palamecia
Gold Bangle 9,000 gil Fifth Ark
Mythril Bangle 15,000 gil Vallis Media
Power Wristband 1,000 gil Lake Bresha
Brawler's Wristband 3,000 gil The Palamecia
Warrior's Wristband 10,000 gil Mah'habara Subterra
Magician's Mark 1,000 gil Lake Bresha
Shaman's Mark 3,000 gil The Palamecia
Sorcerer's Mark 10,000 gil Mah'habara Subterra
Black Belt 4,500 gil Vile Peaks
General's Belt 12,000 gil Fifth Ark
Rune Bracelet 4,500 gil Vile Peaks
Witch's Bracelet 12,000 gil Fifth Ark
Giant's Glove 3,000 gil Vallis Media
Glass Buckle 3,000 gil Eden
Metal Armband 3,000 gil Gapra Whitewood
Serenity Sachet 3,000 gil Gapra Whitewood
Glass Orb 3,000 gil
Star Pendant 3,000 gil Palumpolum
Pearl Necklace 3,000 gil Vallis Media
Warding Talisman 3,000 gil Vallis Media
Pain Dampener 3,000 gil Fifth Ark
White Cape 3,000 gil Fifth Ark
Rainbow Anklet 3,000 gil Vallis Media
Cherub's Crown 3,000 gil Mah'habara Subterra

Magical MomentsEdit

'An enchanting charm, to protect that special someone...' Heirloom-quality luxuries, steeped in the powers of antiquity. All accessories legally crafted and certified free of l'Cie magics.

Magical Moments sells accessories that bestow status enhancements on the wearer at the start of battle or when their HP is low. This network is obtained after defeating a Feral Behemoth in the Gapra Whitewood. All accessories are at Lv.1 in the shop.

Name Cost Available From
Guardian Amulet 5,000 gil Nautilus
Auric Amulet 5,000 gil Gapra Whitewood
Watchman's Amulet 5,000 gil Sunleth Waterscape
Hero's Amulet 5,000 gil Fifth Ark
Saint's Amulet 5,000 gil Fifth Ark
Zealot's Amulet 5,000 gil Vallis Media
Flamebane Brooch 3,000 gil Vallis Media
Frostbane Brooch 3,000 gil Vallis Media
Sparkbane Brooch 3,000 gil Vallis Media
Aquabane Brooch 3,000 gil Vallis Media


Greetings, Kupoteers! At Moogleworks, you'll find accessories the likes of which you've never imagined. What you do with them-well, that's something your imagination can help you with, kupo!

Moogleworks sells accessories that grant special effects at the start or at the end of battle. This network is obtained after defeating Cid Raines in the Fifth Ark. All accessories are at Lv.1 in the shop.

Name Cost Available From
Whistlewind Scarf 1,000 gil Fifth Ark
Nimbletoe Boots 6,000 gil Vallis Media
Collector Catalog 100,000 gil Fifth Ark
Speed Sash 10,000 gil Vallis Media

Sanctum LabsEdit

A Sanctum prototyping laboratory dedicated to the production of next-generation combat gear. Your visit to this site will not be detected by the military, l'Cie. Your access trail has been concealed by the fal'Cie from the very start.

Sanctum Labs sells powerful and expensive accessories. This network is obtained after defeating the Anavatapta Warmech in Eden. All accessories are at Lv.1 in the shop.

Name Cost
Platinum Bangle 48,000 gil
Royal Armlet 200,000 gil
Entite Ring 120,000 gil

Creature ComfortsEdit

If it bleeds, you can kill it. If you can kill it, we most likely carry it! Freshly harvested scientific specimens, bushmeat, and organic materials. When you can't wait for nature to take its course, set course for Creature Comforts.

Creature Comforts sells organic components which are used to boost the EXP bonus of weapons and accessories but don't award much EXP themselves. This network is obtained by defeating the Aster Protoflorian in the Gapra Whitewood.

Name Cost Available From
Wicked Fang 80 gil Sunleth Waterscape
Thickened Hide 80 gil Sunleth Waterscape
Enigmatic Fluid 80 gil Sunleth Waterscape
Sturdy Bone 80 gil Sunleth Waterscape
Scaled Wing 80 gil Sunleth Waterscape
Fragrant Oil 80 gil Nautilus
Barbed Tail 80 gil Nautilus
Bestial Claw 80 gil Nautilus
Vibrant Ooze 80 gil Nautilus
Iron Shell 80 gil Nautilus
Monstrous Fang 150 gil Fifth Ark
Smooth Hide 150 gil Fifth Ark
Mysterious Fluid 150 gil Fifth Ark
Otherworldly Bone 150 gil Fifth Ark
Abominable Wing 150 gil Fifth Ark
Medicinal Oil 150 gil Vallis Media
Diabolic Tail 150 gil Vallis Media
Gargantuan Claw 150 gil Vallis Media
Transparent Ooze 150 gil Vallis Media
Armored Shell 150 gil Vallis Media

The MotherlodeEdit

Celebrating 120 years of mineralogical excellence, made possible by the faithful patronage of our distinguished customers. When it comes to stones and metallurgy, Motherlode knows best.

The Motherlode sells transformational catalysts, which are used to transform a weapon or accessory into a more powerful form. This network is obtained after defeating the Midlight Reaper in Nautilus Park.

Name Cost Available From
Millerite 3,000 gil The Palamecia
Rhodochrosite 8,000 gil The Palamecia
Cobaltite 17,000 gil The Palamecia
Perovskite 30,000 gil The Palamecia
Uraninite 45,000 gil Palamecia
Mnar Stone 60,000 gil Fifth Ark
Scarletite 100,000 gil Vallis Media

Lenora's GarageEdit

Scrap parts- you name 'em, we've got 'em! *n00b manuals not included* With bargains like these, shops IRL are no match for Lenora's.

Lenora's Garage sells mechanical components which are used to significantly increase the EXP value of a weapon or accessory but also reduces its EXP bonus. This network is obtained after defeating the Dreadnought in the Vile Peaks.

Name Cost Available From
Polymer Emulsion 200 gil Vile Peaks
Ferroelectric Film 460 gil Vile Peaks
Insulated Cabling 280 gil Vile Peaks
Ceramic Armor 660 gil Palumpolum
Passive Detector 840 gil Palumpolum
Liquid Crystal Lens 320 gil The Palamecia
Epicyclic Gear 320 gil The Palamecia
Radial Bearing 320 gil Mah'habara Subterra
Superconductor 840 gil Mah'habara Subterra
Bomb Fragment 430 gil Palumpolum
Fiber-optic Cable 840 gil Mah'habara Subterra
Ring Joint 840 gil The Palamecia
Crankshaft 840 gil The Palamecia
Perfect Conductor 1,600 gil Mah'habara Subterra
Piezoelectric Element 840 gil Mah'habara Subterra
Turbojet 840 gil Palumpolum
Paraffin Oil 320 gil Vile Peaks
Amplifier 520 gil Mah'habara Subterra
Silicone Oil 660 gil Mah'habara Subterra

R&D DepotEdit

An experimental military research facility specializing in arms manufacture and bioweapons development. Seize the means to fulfill your focus, l'Cie. Fal'Cie power will see it delivered unto you.

The R&D Depot sells powerful and expensive components and transformational catalysts. This network is available after completing Mission 07.

Name Cost
Green Needle 7,000 gil
Particle Accelerator 10,000 gil
Ultracompact Reactor 50,000 gil
Adamantite 220,000 gil
Dark Matter 840,000 gil
Trapezohedron 2,000,000 gil



  • The Retail Network is the only place in the game that features the Final Fantasy XIII version of moogles or mentions the recurring characters Biggs and Wedge along with Gilgamesh.
  • The three Sanctum-operated networks all display hidden messages from an unspecified fal'Cie, possibly Barthandelus, to the party. In one such message, the fal'Cie explains that their 'network trail', akin to an IP address, has been concealed. This would explain the curiosity of Pulse l'Cie purchasing battle-related products from Cocoon shops.
  • In Final Fantasy XIII-2, it is revealed that Maqui operated Lenora's Garage during Final Fantasy XIII.
  • One of the business signs in Insomnia in Final Fantasy XV, "Lenora", alludes to Lenora's Garage.
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