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Restores HP automatically when Near Death.


Restore HP is a support ability in Final Fantasy IX for physical attackers. It restores health when the character survives an enemy's attack while in Near Death for the cost of 4 Magic Stones.


Restore HP is learned from numerous equipment pieces for variable amounts of AP; Amarant learns it the fastest at 75 AP, while Steiner learns it the slowest at 100 AP. Equipping multiple equipment pieces that all teach Restore HP at once, masters the ability faster.

The only equipment piece that all characters who can learn Restore HP can wear is the Promist Ring, first available in the Treno Auction House after getting the Blue Narciss, but it is only sold if player has no Promist Rings in their inventory. The player can also find it in the Desert Palace entrance FFIX Desert Palace Lobby. The other equipment pieces that teach it—Platinum Helm, Minerva's Plate, Brave Suit, Grand Armor—are endgame equipment.


If the user has 1/6 of their max HP or less remaining (Near Death status), and they take damage from an enemy attack and survive, they recover half of their max HP. Taking damage on a higher HP threshold that reduces the character to Near Death status does not activate the ability, nor does passive damage from Poison.


With Restore HP, the character will gain HP when they survive an attack while in Near Death. The downside is that Restore HP is vastly inferior to Auto-Regen, which becomes available around the same time and costs only 3 Magic Stones more, there not being much benefit to wearing both at the same time. There is a window where the player can have Restore HP from an early Promist Ring, but not have Auto-Regen yet, especially for Steiner who can learn Auto-Regen the latest.

Restore HP can be good used with Cover or Protect Girls, which activate even when the protector is in Near Death themselves; if they survive, they also gain health. Though most of the time it is best to heal a character who is in Near Death, Restore HP can serve as a "back up" if the character gets hit when in critical health, anyway. It is better to not rely on Restore HP, however, as characters are in danger of being KO'd when hit while in Near Death.