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Resolve is the first quest in Chapter 14, "In Search of Hope", in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart, and Barret Wallace return to Elmyra Gainsborough's house in Sector 5, and Cloud is awoken by the sound of footsteps.


At the beginning, a scene plays out differently depending on the player's choices. Cloud either has a dream in which he sees Aerith, or leaves her house to spot Tifa or Barret, depending on the player's choices throughout the game which alter affection mechanics, determining which scene is played.

If all sidequests in Chapter 3, "Home Sweet Slum", were completed, and either the player woke Tifa first in "Escape to the Surface" or did not complete the Chapter 8 "Budding Bodyguard", the player will see Tifa. If all sidequests in "Budding Bodyguard" were completed and either the player did not complete the "Home Sweet Slum" sidequests or woke Aerith first in "Escape to the Surface", a dream sequence commences with Aerith. If sidequests were not completed in either chapter, Barret is seen outside.

To see different scenes upon replaying this chapter when chapter selection is unlocked, simply return to an earlier chapter, save after completing it, and then return to "In Search of Hope" later.

Regardless of the chosen scene, the next quest, "Intel Gathering", takes place.