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Resist Slow is a recurring ability in the series.


Final Fantasy XI[]

Resist Slow is a job trait inherent to several job classes. It increases resistance against the Slow status effect, reducing the duration that the player is afflicted by it. Each level of the trait will reduce the duration further.

Resist Slow I is learned by the Puppetmaster (level 10), Beastmaster (level 15), and Dancer (level 20), and Summoner (level 20). Resist Slow II is learned by the Beastmaster (level 35), Puppetmaster (level 40), and Summoner (level 40). Resist Slow III is learned by the Puppetmaster (level 70), Summoner (level 55), and Beastmaster (level 55). Resist Slow IV is learned by the Beastmaster (level 75) and Summoner (level 75).

World of Final Fantasy[]

Resist Slow is a passive ability that raises a character's Blindness Resistance stat to 100. It can be unlocked on a Mirage Board, or applied with a Mirajewel or Ability Seed.