FFXI wiki iconWoFF wiki icon Resist Sleep is a recurring ability in the series.


Final Fantasy XIEdit

Resist Sleep is a job trait that increases the player's resistance to the Sleep status effect, with the potency depending on the level of the trait. Resist Sleep I is obtained by Paladins at level 20, and by Blue Mages by equipping one of the following spells: Pollen, Wild Carrot, Magic Fruit, Yawn, or Exuviation, which can be done as early as level 30. Resist Sleep II and III can only be obtained by Paladins, at levels 40 and 60, respectively.

World of Final FantasyEdit

Resist Sleep is a passive ability that raises a character's Sleep Resistance stat to 100. It can be unlocked on a Mirage Board, or applied with a Mirajewel or Ability Seed.

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