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Makes you resistant to transformation


Resist is a restore magic spell in Final Fantasy VII. It is granted by the Heal Materia at level three, and applies the Resist status effect. This status locks the current status effects of the target in place, preventing them from being afflicted by any other status, including Instant Death.


Magic Materia Heal, Master Magic
Effect Grants Resist status effect
Compatible Support Materia Added Cut
Final Attack
HP Absorb
Magic Counter
MP Absorb
MP Turbo
Quadra Magic
Sneak Attack
Steal as well


Resist applies the Resist status effect. This status locks in status effects for the target, making them immune to all incoming status effects including Instant Death, and also keeping up any positive or negative status effect currently applied. However, it does not protect against statuses granted during the Battle Square as handicaps, meaning that when applied, it is more detrimental than helpful. Additionally, applying Resist means that a target can no long receive help from positive statuses such as Regen or Haste.

Resist has an extremely high MP cost, meaning that there are few instances where Resist should be used. In most cases, equipping a Ribbon is sufficient to provide permanent resistance, and if neither a Ribbon nor an accessory that resists against negative statuses is applied, using Esuna against most statuses is enough.

Resist can be paired with the All Materia to apply the status effect to multiple allies at once. Due to how rare it is that it will be used, however, All is often put to better use elsewhere.