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Research Camp (調査隊キャンプ, Chōsatai Kyanpu?, lit. Investigation Team Camp) is a Wildlands camp in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. It was set up by Academia to research the effects of Chaos, which first burst forth into the world in the Wildlands.



The Old Man and the Field[]

Quest Begins
An old man's tantal greens or the gysahl greens of Canopus Farms—which are better? Lightning should collect some gysahl greens from Sarala in Canopus Farms and help the old man settle this burning question. If she does, he promises, he will let Lightning use his field as she pleases.
Quest Complete
Lightning hands over the gysahl greens to the old man, who needs but a single bite to pass judgment. He declares that Sarala's produce is superior to his own, and therefore the best in all Wildlands. The old man seems strangely happy to have lost the contest. Could he have some connection to Sarala and her father, Cole?
Requirements: Available after completing A Father's Request, planting and harvesting Gysahl Greens from Canopus Farms and planting and harvesting Tantal Greens from the Research Camp field
First Time Rewards: 500 gil, Yellow-rimmed Glasses, Max HP +40, Strength +6
Subsequent Rewards: 750 gil, Max HP +20, Strength +4

After completing A Father's Request and harvesting Gysahl Greens at the Canopus Farms, talking to the old man in the Research Camp lets Lightning plant some Vegetable Seeds to the patches in the camp. After twelve hours the Tantal Greens are ripe for plucking and the client wants to taste a Gysahl Green from Canopus Farms. Giving him one completes the quest.

Dog, Doctor and Assistant[]

Quest Begins
Dr. Gysahl's assistant Thirteen has prescribed medicine for a sickly dog. A doctor called Tilda is looking after the dog over in the Research Camp, but she's missing key ingredients to make the cure. Specifically, she needs four dayring blossoms, two moonsoul blooms, and five clumps of goopy goo. Goopy goo can be harvested from Triffids.
Entry 1
Tilda brews a batch of animal potion according to Thirteen's instructions, and the dog makes a complete recovery. Lightning should head to Canopus Farms and tell Thirteen that the medicine she prescribed worked like a charm.
Quest Complete
Thirteen and Seven have served Dr. Gysahl faithfully for many years, but during all this time, he has steadfastly refused to remember their names. Thirteen could not help but think it was because she was so poor at her job, and deserved no better. However, the real reason was that the doctor feared getting too close to anyone as he had lost so many friends and loved ones over the centuries. When the doctor suddenly calls his assistant by her real name, Claudia is thrilled. Finally, she has the confidence to be the veterinarian that she dreams of becoming.
Requirements: Available after completing main quest 3-2 Healing an Angel
First Time Rewards: 500 gil, Orange Newsboy Cap, Max HP +40, Strength +2, Magic +4
Subsequent Rewards: 750 gil, Max HP +20, Magic +4

At the Research Camp Lightning meets Thirteen, Dr. Gysahl's assistant with a white-and-orange hat. Thirteen and Tilda are tending to an injured dog and need Lightning to gather ingredients for a medicine. To get the four Dayring Blossoms, Lightning must find them growing around the plains between 6 AM and 6 PM. To get the two Moonsoul Blooms, Lightning must look for glowing flowers growing around the plains between 6 PM and 6 AM. The five Goopy Goos can be obtained from Triffids.

After gathering the ingredients and giving them to Tilda, the woman with yellow bow in her hair, Lightning receives an Animal Potion. Tilda now becomes the client for the quest Matchmaker. Tilda can continue making Animal Potions if Lightning brings her the required ingredients. Talking to Thirteen back at Canopus Farms between 7 AM and 8 PM completes the quest.


Quest Begins
Tilda, the doctor based at the Research Camp, wants to give Dr. Sheep some ingredients as a present—but she cannot find them herself. She needs four moonsoul blooms, two rocky crag moles, and five strips of green leather. Green leather can be collected from Goblins.
Entry 1
Ingredients in hand, Tilda heads straight to Dr. Sheep. Lightning did not really think he was the type to attract such devotion. But then again, it didn't seem that Tilda was looking for love, exactly. Maybe Lightning should go to Aryas and see for herself how the meeting goes.
Quest Complete
It turns out that Dr. Sheep is none other than Tilda's long-lost brother, Deatt. Lightning thought she was serving as matchmaker for a smitten young woman—but in fact, she has helped bring together a brother and sister who have been separated for centuries, ever since the Chaos first poured into the world.
Difficulty: ★★
Requirements: Available after completing quests Dog, Doctor and Assistant, and Round 'Em Up
First Time Rewards: 1600 gil, Yellow Ribbon, Max HP +80, Strength +8, Magic +6
Subsequent Rewards: 2400 gil, Max HP +40, Strength +6, Magic +3

Tilda at the Research Camp needs Moonsoul Bloom x4 (found all over Wildlands between 6 PM and 6AM), Rocky Crag Mole x2 (found at six spots in Rocky Crag; gliding chocobo needed), and Green Leather x5 from Goblins. After giving her the items, Tilda heads to Aryas Village to talk to Dr. Sheep, and to complete the quest, Lightning must follow and speak with the doctor in the sheep pen.

Meeting Cornelia[]

After helping Cornelia out in Aryas Village to find out how Fuzzy Sheep procreate in the quest "The Secret Lives of Sheep", she will appear at the Research Camp. Lightning can have an extra conversation with her about the sheep and the looming end of the world.


New Worlds Lab and Forge[]

Item Type Price Availability
Liberator Weapon 4,900 gil Day 1 to Day 9
Salvation Weapon 72,000 gil Day 1 to Day 9
Brass Falcon Weapon 6,800 gil From Day 6
Callais Hawk Weapon 65,000 gil From Day 6
Vulture Weapon 12,6000 gil From Day 10
Double Saber Weapon 6,800 gil From Day 6
Black Gantry Weapon 65,000 gil From Day 6
Godly Gambrel Weapon 126,000 gil From Day 10
Juno Sospita Shield 2,600 gil From Day 1 to Day 5
Hesperides Shield 36,000 gil From Day 1 to Day 5
Ghostly Bloom Shield 4,000 gil From Day 6
Il Nome Della Rosa Shield 42,000 gil From Day 6
Noblesse Veronique Shield 180,000 gil From Day 10
Nightingale Weapon 295,000 gil Hard Mode
Vedfolnir Weapon 540,000 gil Hard Mode
Tower Blade Weapon 295,000 gil Hard Mode
Heaven's Bridge Weapon 540,000 gil Hard Mode
Gilded Lily Shield 250,000 gil Hard Mode
Les Fleurs du Mal Shield 500,000 gil Hard Mode

Plain Essentials[]

The Plain Essentials shop is at the Canopus Farms during the day and at the Research Camp during the night.

Item Type Price
Miniflan Notes Monster Notes 120 gil
Triffid Notes Monster Notes 180 gil
Reaver Notes Monster Notes 360 gil
Chocobo Eater Notes Monster Notes 360 gil
Vegetable Seed Item 40 gil


  • Blizzara Lv. 2 (South of Research Camp. Gliding is required)

Musical themes[]

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