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Parting Ways, Rescue Tifa, and Aerith's Plan are quests in Chapter 9, "The Town That Never Sleeps", in Final Fantasy VII Remake, taking place in Wall Market. As Cloud Strife and Aerith Gainsborough search for a way to enter Don Corneo's mansion and find Tifa Lockhart, they get Madam M to agree to make a dress for Aerith.


Depending on the questline, Madam M will request Cloud perform some tasks (in "The Price of Thievery", leading to "Shears' Counterattack") or Cloud will perform tasks for Chocobo Sam (in "The Party Never Stops", followed by "A Dynamite Body"). "Burning Thighs" is available either way. These quests affect dress mechanics for Cloud; they can be skipped for one dress type, or completed for another.

Once all are completed, return to Madam M's parlor and check in on Aerith. After doing so, Johnny will appear and ask Cloud to come with him to help. Follow Johnny to Corneo's mansion, and talk to him. After this, head inside the mansion and talk to Leslie Kyle. After the conversation, leave the mansion, and a cutscene commences after walking across the bridge. After this, Aerith joins the party; follow her to the Honeybee Inn in the northwestern end of Wall Market. Outside, dialogue begins with Aerith.

Aerith has a positive reaction to the player's performance if they don't miss too many button prompts.

Following this, head inside the Honeybee Inn and talk to the receptionist to be allowed in. Head through to the main room and talk to the honeygirls to be allowed through to the stage at the back. Before doing this, you can peek through the keyholes into the VIP lounges. The girls will take Cloud to practice his dance moves commencing a minigame where the player must press the corresponding button that appears onscreen as the reticule homes in on the orb. A perfect score earns Music discLet the Battles Begin! REMAKE. If a good score is achieved, select "No" to practicing again and continue. A cutscene will commence, after which the same minigame repeats, though it is longer and more challenging. A perfect score is not necessary, but doing well earns Andrea's Earrings for Cloud's costume, and Aerith's reactions to Cloud's routine depend on how well the button presses are timed.

Following the minigame, a cutscene commences, after which Aerith is made the party leader. Wait for Cloud to leave and follow him, then interact with him a few times. After Cloud finally responds, the player controls Cloud again, leading to the next quest, "The Audition". The player can enter Honeybee Inn again to get anything they may have missed; the room left from the entrance finds a sedative Sedative in the Honeybee Inn from FFVII Remake.