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Rescue command from FFXV

Noctis rescues Ignis.

When a comrade is in danger. approach them and press Square to help them recover.

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Rescue is a command ability in Final Fantasy XV. When a party member runs out of HP, they enter Danger status and are near to being knocked out. When in Danger status max HP continually depletes. The player can approach 0 HP party members and the Rescue command becomes available. Rescuing a party member restores their health, but max HP can only be restored by resting or by items.

Rescue can be improved with various Ascension nodes. Savior's Force makes Rescue also grant Tenacious (Strength +200) for 30 seconds. Savior's Fortitude grants Stalwart (Vitality +200) for 30 seconds. Savior's Vengeance makes Rescue also grant Critical for 30 seconds.

When character-swapping, the player can use the other characters to rescue party members in Danger and Noctis will do it as per the AI. An AI-controlled Noctis is also rather vigilant in rescuing his team mates, and thus could be used for that role deliberately.

Guest party members cannot go into Danger state, but can save the player characters from Danger state. Sarah can rescue Noctis in Close Encounter of the Terra Kind. In the first battle, before the two are "in sync", she rescues Noctis either by leap-frogging over him, which makes Noctis topple over, or by running into him head first and the two fall down. After Sarah has gained her Technique, Salvation, she rescues Noctis by simply touching him with her hand, like the party does in the main game.

In Chapter 13 Noctis finds what he thinks is Prompto in Zegnautus Keep. The Rescue command comes up but it is revealed it was only a magitek trooper, another of Ardyn Izunia's illusions.


Gladiolus: No point in going on without you.
Noctis: You think I don't know that?
Gladiolus rescues Noctis
Prompto: Thanks, but maybe next time you could jump in a little sooner?
Gladiolus: Next time!?
Prompto: Oh, right...there won't be a next time.
Gladiolus rescues Prompto
Noctis: You can’t die. You got hungry mouths to feed.
Ignis: Yours, namely?
Noctis: Yeah, for one.
Noctis rescues Ignis
Noctis: Move out, soldier. Ten-hut!
Ignis: So, you’re a captain?
Noctis: That’s insubordination.
Noctis rescues Ignis
Noctis: Thanks, Ignis.
Ignis: You know, I won't always be around.
Ignis rescues Noctis
Ignis: We've no one to protect the king with his shield out of commission.
Gladiolus: And since when is there a king worthy of my protection?
Noctis: You say something?
Ignis rescues Gladiolus
Prompto: So this is what it feels like being saved by a prince!
Noctis: Go back to sleep, beauty.
Noctis rescues Prompto
Prompto: Man, what would I do without you?
Noctis: Drop dead probably.
Noctis rescues Prompto
Ignis: Don’t think I forgot about you.
Prompto: Glad you were there.
Ignis rescues Prompto
Prompto: Ran over here as fast as I could.
Noctis: Why? I never asked you to.
Prompto: Don’t be like that!
Prompto rescues Noctis
Noctis: Thanks. Spaced out a second.
Prompto: Don't sweat it. Happens to the best of us.
Prompto rescues Noctis
Prompto: You okay?
Noctis: Heh, all thanks to you, buddy.
Prompto rescues Noctis
Prompto: We need you out there, big guy!
Gladiolus: Heh, don't I know it.
Prompto: 'Thanks' would be nice.
Prompto rescues Gladiolus
Prompto: Up, Gladio! Up!
Gladiolus: Look at this tough guy.
Prompto rescues Gladiolus in Chapter 14
Prompto: Hang in there, Igster!
Ignis: Haven’t heard that one before.
Prompto: Brand-new, just for you.
Prompto rescues Ignis
Cor: On your feet, Highness.
Noctis: Yeah, I got it.
Cor rescues Noctis
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