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FFX Auto-Life Status

Tidus under Auto-Life in Final Fantasy X.

Reraise (リレイズ, Rireizu?), also known as Auto-Life and Life 3, is a recurring beneficial status effect in the series, usually bestowed by the spell of the same name.

When a character with the Reraise status falls to 0 HP they will automatically revive (without expending items or MP) with Critical health. Reraise originates in Final Fantasy VI, and has since appeared in many other titles.

Appearances Edit

Final Fantasy VI Edit

The Reraise status can be granted by the spell Reraise (Life 3 in the SNES and PS translation). It will automatically revive a fallen party member with barely any HP. There is no indication of a character having Reraise, as there is no visual changes to them. The status boosts the attacker's hit rate on the affected target by 25%, apart from the versions affected by the Evade bug.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Edit

Phoenix Down places a feather over Zack's head that revives him when he is knocked out. The status can also be obtained from a Shinra employee in the Shinra Headquarters lobby at any time, by drinking the Potion, and from the Phoenix summon.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII- Edit

Phoenix Downs act as Reraise when used and will revive Vincent if he is knocked out.

Final Fantasy IX Edit

FFIX Auto-Life Symbol

Auto-Life is a status effect that revives the user on 1 HP, which makes it useful when paired with Quina's Limit Glove.

The Auto-Life support ability grants one instance of Auto-Life at the beginning of each battle, and it costs 12 magic stones to equip. Auto-Life is learned for 130 Ability Points from the Rebirth Ring, which can be synthesized with a Diamond and Anklet and 7,000 gil at Daguerreo, won from the Treno Tetra Master tournament, dug from the Chocograph 24, Forgotten Island, and stolen from Trance Kuja.

Quina can cast the Blue Magic spell Auto-Life, and Amarant has the Flair ability, Aura, which grants Regen and Auto-Life to the target; when in Trance he can bestow the status to all of the party at once.

There is no visual change to the character who has Auto-Life; a player can check if a character has the status through the use of a White Magic spell when all positive statuses should appear in the battle menu. Curiously, the Reraise support ability will revive Zombie characters, whereas every other revival method will fail.

Final Fantasy X Edit

Auto-Life is granted via the spell Auto-Life or through the Mix ability Hyper Mighty G. The affected party member will automatically revive once KO'd with 25% of their max HP. A character with Auto-Life has a halo above their head, and triggering of the ability has the same animation as Life.

The HP recovered from Auto-Life starts at 25% max HP, and can be boosted by equipping the cast with a weapon with the ability Magic Booster. The Magic Plus % abilities on the recipient's weapon can further increase the HP recovery.

In the best case, the recipient has max HP of 99,999, equipped weapon with Break Damage Limit, Magic +5%, Magic +10% and Magic +20%, the resultant HP recovery by Auto-Life will be:

$ 99999\times25\%\times150\%\times\left(100\%+5\%+10\%+20\%\right) $
$ =99999\times25\%\times150\%\times135\% $
$ =99999\times50.625\% $
$ =50624.49375 $

The actual amount will be 50,622 because the game rounds off decimal each time the max HP figure multiplied by the percentage. With Auto-Shell and Auto-Protect on the armor, it is possible to survive Penance's Tera-Graviton (reduce 75% of max HP) by the Left Arm, and attack by Right Arm after revived from Judgment Day.

Several bosses can remove Auto-Life status from a character: Th'uban, an optional boss in the Monster Arena, most of the Dark Aeons, and the Left Arm of Penance.

Generally the reviving animation is the same as Life.

In the final battle the party has a permanent Auto-Life status, and its effects are animated differently: it begins with a little mermaid-like sprite descending to the fallen character.

Game Element Type Effect
Auto-Life Wht Magic Casts Auto-Life on the target.
Hyper Mighty G Overdrive Casts Auto-Life, Protect, Shell, Haste, and Regen on all targets.
Aerospark Enemy Ability Damages the target and removes Auto-Life and other spells from it when used by Dark Ixion.
Delta Attack Enemy Ability Damages all targets and removes Auto-Life from it when used by Dark Cindy.
Condemn Enemy Ability Damages all targets, inflicts strong Delay, and removes Auto-Life and other spells from them.
Razzia Enemy Ability Damages the target and removes Auto-Life from it when used by Dark Sandy.
Zanmato Enemy Ability Damages all targets and removes Auto-Life from it when used by Dark Yojimbo.

Final Fantasy X-2 Edit

FFX-2 Auto-Life Icon

Auto-Life can be granted via the spell of the same name, though the spell itself can only be used once the player goes through all colored gates on the Salvation Promised Garment Grid or the green node on Supreme Light. Auto-Life is also available from the Lady Luck's Magic Reels, in which rolling three Staves will cast Auto-Life on a random ally.

Final Fantasy XI Edit

FFXI Reraise Status

Reraise gives the caster the option to Raise themselves, should they be KO'd. It cannot be dispelled, but will be canceled by changing jobs. It takes effect after 10 seconds of being KO'd and lasts for 1 hour.

The strength of the effect varies depending on the grade of Reraise; Reraise I restores 50% of lost Experience Points. Reraise II restores 75% of lost Experience Points. If target player is level 50 or below, Reraise II is no different than Reraise I. Reraise III restores 90% of lost Experience Points. If target player is level 50 or below, Reraise III is no different than Reraise I.

Status can be granted by

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Edit

FFXIII-2 Reraise Icon

Reraise is a status bestowed on the party by Cactuarama's Uplift Feral Link. Upon the party member's defeat, they will be restored to full health, and lose Reraise status. Its image is a pair of angel wings with a halo above it.

Caius bestows himself with Reraise with his Heart of Chaos during his boss fights. Unless the Paradox Scope is active, triggering the Reraise effect will end every fight, save for the last. In the Requiem of the Goddess, if Caius uses the Heart of Chaos, he will revive after being defeated.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Edit

Reraise allows the player to automatically revive from KO. It is granted by the Reraise Potion.

Final Fantasy XIV Edit

While not technically a status effect, the pomander effect of Pomander of Raising in the Palace of the Dead will automatically raise the next party member KO'd.

Final Fantasy Tactics Edit

FFT Reraise Status Symbol

Reraise status will automatically revive a fallen unit after their CT count reaches 100% during the dying status, rendering the unit active right after their revival. This is the first instance of not instantly reviving after being KO'd. The unit will revive with 1/10 of their maximum HP. If the recipient is Doomed, the Doom and Reraise statuses will nullify each other when the Doom counter reaches zero.

This status can be used via the White Magick spell of the same name or the reaction ability Dragonheart of the Dragoon class, triggered by any kind of damage.

The Angel's Ring accessory grants the wearer Reraise status once per battle and the Chantage (which is only equippable by female human class) will offer unlimited Reraise status, rendering the wearer never to be crystallized or turned into a treasure box.

If an undead character has Reraise (this can only be accomplished with Auto-Reraise), Reraise will have no effect other than to prevent the player from seeing the Dead counter, and to block the 50% chance of auto-revival normally associated with Undead status.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Edit

FFTA Auto-Life Status Symbol

Once KO'd, the character will be revived automatically, as though they had the Life spell used on them. The Titania's Angel Whisper, which can be learned as Blue Magic, also grants Auto-Life while also healing HP, and the Defender's Aura will grant this as well as Regen. The Dragoon's Dragonheart reaction ability also grants them Auto-Life when they suffer a weapon attack.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift Edit

The White Magick Reraise, the Blue Magick Angel Whisper, the Aura ability of Defenders, and randomly from the ability Nameless Song that Hurdy uses. Even if the Judge has left due to the law being broken, Reraise will still revive a party member.

Final Fantasy Type-0 Edit

Reraise is granted by Phoenix Pinions, Anima Lanterns, and the Reraise spell. The Reraise status gives the character a golden hue and revives them when they die. During missions this still counts as a casualty.

A temporary Reraise is granted by Rem's Undying Wish ability and the Vermilion Bird spell.

Bravely Default Edit

Reraise is a level 6 Time Magic spell which grants Reraise status. It costs 80 MP.

Using the Salve-Maker's Compounding ability to combine a Hi-Potion and an X-Potion causes the Font of Life effect, which grants Reraise status.

Rise from Dead is a support ability learned by Vampires at job level 14 (max). It grants the character a 50% chance of recovering from K.O. at the end of the turn. The character's HP will also recover by 25%.

Dissidia Final Fantasy (2008) Edit

The Second Chance ability of the Phoenix Pinion accessory converts a fighter's Bravery into HP when the fighter loses all of their HP. However, this is not a perfect Auto-Life, as it does not work if the fighter has no Bravery, nor if the opponent has the "No Chance" ability blocking Second Chance.

DFF - Reraise Icon

Reraise is a status granted by the Phoenix summonstone. The user becomes immune to BRV Break for the duration of the summon. If the user's Bravery is reduced to zero (or below), it simply resets back to their base Bravery and the other fighter does not take the Stage Bravery pool.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy Edit

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

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Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances Edit

Chrono Trigger Edit

Chrono Trigger Reraise Status

Reraise status can be granted in two ways, by using the triple tech Lifeline through (Crono, Marle, and Robo) or through the Green Dream accessory. When the character is KO'd, he/she is automatically revived.

Gallery Edit


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