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Automatically revives the target the next time he or she is KO'd.


Reraise, also known as Life 3,[1][2] is a Healing spell in Final Fantasy VI. It is a proactive revival spell that provides the Reraise status effect, which revives an ally as soon as they are KO'd. This can protect the party from being wiped by powerful attacks as the party members will be revived straight after, and also ensures a KO'd character is not down for too long. The spell is learned through magicite.

Reraise is also an enemy ability cast by Level 80 Magic, Level 90 Magic, Cherry, Magic, and Destroyer. As such, Gau (and Gogo) can use Rage to select Destroyer and use the ability.


Reraise is taught by Phoenix at a x2 rate.


Reraise applies a status effect. When active, this effect revives a KO'd party member at 1/8th HP (calculated as 2/16ths).


Reraise is a very useful proactive ability. Due to its high MP cost, it should typically be reserved for boss fights or difficult encounters where the enemies are likely to wipe the entire party. Though costly, it makes fights much safer, making it a very valuable use of MP. Party members revived with Reraise still need to be instantly healed using Cura or Curaga.

Reraise is less MP-efficient than Raise, but much more turn-efficient due to being proactive. It is also less efficient as a heal than Arise, which cures a party member fully. However, Reraise still leaves a party much less vulnerable to attacks that could wipe the entire party, and gives them more time to recover without taking up a turn from another party member to do so.

Reraise is best when used with Soul of Thamasa to use Dualcast to apply the effect to all party members at once. With Quick, this can be done in one turn. Using this with Celestriad is even better, as MP will be no object, meaning this can be applied at the start of a battle. If Celestriad is not available, Gold Hairpin is still helpful to halve MP costs.

Because Reraise is unaffected by the caster's Magic stat, the spell should be taught to every party member. If the party does not have a member with Soul of Thamasa, Celestriad, or Gold Hairpin, the spell should be used primarily be party members who are not spellcasters, as they have much more MP to spare than spellcasters who need to use their MP on spells affected by their Magic stat, such as curative or offensive spells.

A party member revived by Reraise will be able to use Desperation Attacks if they are not healed after returning. This is a very risky strategy as they will also be vulnerable to being KO'd again, unless Reraise is instantly reapplied. If Reraise is instantly reapplied, this can be a viable strategy to use multiple Desperation Attacks against opponents.