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FF Dimensions Dire Dirge

Dire Dirge in Final Fantasy Dimensions.

Requiem (破滅の歌, hametsunouta?) is a recurring ability in the series.


Final Fantasy IIIEdit

Requiem is an ability of the Sing command, accessible only by the Bard while equipped with the Lamia Harp.

It inflicts damage to an enemy equal to a percentage of their HP, which uses the following formula:

$ Damage Inflicted = Enemy's Current HP \times (10 + JobLv / 11)% $

Final Fantasy VEdit

Requiem is an ability of the Sing command, accessible only by the Bard. Requiem is learned In Quelb by talking to the chanting wolves in the top right corner.

Requiem inflicts damage to undead creatures.

Final Fantasy DimensionsEdit

Dire Dirge is a level 20 ability for the Bard for 490 AP, which deals damage equal to each target's Max HP minus their current HP.

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

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A Requiem is a liturgical service of the Roman Catholic Church celebrated by the priest presider for the repose of the soul of a particular deceased person or persons.

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