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The Republic of Landis is long since gone. My allegiance lies wholly with the Empire.

Judge Gabranth

The Republic of Landis was a republic in Final Fantasy XII, located on the continent of Valendia.

Little is known about this small region, as it has since been invaded and occupied by the Archadian Empire. Basch and his brother Noah fon Ronsenburg hail from Landis, but while Basch fled to Dalmasca and continued to fight against the Archadian rule, his brother accepted the occupation of his homeland and rose in power to become an Archadian Judge Magister.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy XIV[]

An alternate version of Landis exists on the world of Hydaelyn. It was the homeland of Basch van Gabranth and his son Noah van Gabranth, but was conquered by the Garlean Empire. A knight of Landis, Basch bent the knee to the empire rather than face an honorable death. Lyon rem Helsos is also from Landis.

Known settlements in Landis are:

  • Arnsbeirgs
  • Mons Falconis
  • Abdella is an industrial city that, in the years since Garlemald conquered Landis, has since returned to a happy normalcy.
  • Mannatheihwo was once home to a company of mage-knights. Once Garlemald conquered Landis they quashed the mage-knights and sent them fleeing for their lives, scattering across Landis in hiding. 30 years ago Basch found and enlisted them for the empire's march on Dalmasca to counter Dalmasca's sorcerers.