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Reptile Run

Reptile Run.

Reptile Run is an Attraction that can be played in the Calm Lands in Final Fantasy X-2. The aim is go from the start to finish without getting killed by fiends that are guarding the path. If the player is discovered, they will be attacked by one of the fiends.


Rules: Maneuver a lizard through the course, avoiding any fiends that get in the way. The faster you finish the course, the more credits you can win!

Basic Rules
  • Navigate the sphere points to make your way past eight rows of potential reptile ruin.
  • The time remaining when you cross the finish line determines your payout rate.
  • You can only move forward and diagonally forward.
  • If a fiend attacks you, it's game over!
Fiend Attack Range
  • Helms attack the sphere point directly in front of them.
  • Bombs slowly rotate, attacking the point in front of them.
  • Drakes attack any point in their line of sight.
Winning & Losing
  • After crossing the finish line, you can leave the game or press your luck and try to increase your payout.
  • However, failing to complete the course will cost you all the credits you earned, so it's all or nothing.

Choose you level you want to participate.


To begin the player must choose a class as well as how many tickets they wish to bet. The cost depends on the class chosen.

Class Credits per ticket
1 1
2 5
3 10
4 25
5 100

When the game begins, the player will control a reptile at the bottom of the screen. They can move the reptile one line at a time towards the finish line some two screens away. Players can choose to move left, right, or straight ahead, but not backwards.

Each line has dots on them. If it is red, then that way is sealed. If it is yellow, then the player must exercise caution. If it is green, then the player can move. There is a time limit displayed at the top left hand corner. This will determine the final payout rate. The more time the player takes to finish the game, the less payout they receive.

Musical themesEdit

"Yuna's Theme" plays during the minigame.

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