Dinonix from Final Fantasy X.

Reptiles are a type of enemy in the Final Fantasy series.

Appareance[edit | edit source]

Final Fantasy X series[edit | edit source]

Reptiles are lizard-like fiends that generally have low HP, high Evasion and Speed, and the ability to inflict status effects on the party. In Final Fantasy X-2, it takes 18 kills to Oversoul a Reptile.

Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy X-2

Sphere Break[edit | edit source]

Reptile Coin
Silver Reptile Coin
Gold Reptile Coin
Coin No. 5 Coin Value 3
Trait -
Location Win from the Practice Core Sphere or the Easy Core Sphere players in the Luca Stadium.
Given x5 when entering the Sphere Break Tournament.

Final Fantasy Legend II[edit | edit source]

Reptile type enemies consist of the Toad, Snake, and Tortoise monster family. The Dragon will deal more damage to them.

There are 3 families of reptiles:

Toad Snake Tortoise
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