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Reprisal is a recurring ability in the Final Fantasy series. While it is always a defensive ability, its effects vary between strengthening the user's defenses or weakening opponents' offenses.


Final Fantasy XI[]

MP 24
Effect Increases chance of blocking with a shield and reflects damage.
Duration 1 minute
Casting Time 1/2 second
Recast Time 3 minutes
Magic Type Enhancing Magic
Element Light
Jobs Paladin 61

Reprisal is a spell available exclusively to Paladins. While in effect, it gives a special status effect with the same name, Reprisal, and greatly increase the chance that the Paladin will block with their shield. In addition, one third of the damage they take from a successful shield block, since shields only reduce damage by a certain percentage, will be reflected back onto the attacker.

Final Fantasy XIV[]

Reprisal icon.

Reprisal is a level 32 role action for tanks that reduces damage dealt by all enemies around the user. Prior to Stormblood, it was a Dark Knight-exclusive ability that dealt damage in addition to its current effect, but could only be used against a single target, and only after parrying an attack.


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