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If HP is above a certain threshold, retain 1 HP when an attack would otherwise KO you.

Final Fantasy XIII description.

Reprieve (ラストリーヴ, Rasutorīvu?, lit. Last Live) is a recurring auto-ability originally from the Lightning Saga. When the affected character's HP is not in the critical status, the damage that would otherwise kill the character will reduce their HP to 1.


Final Fantasy VII Remake[]

Reprieve is a weapon passive learned by a wide variety of weapons in the game, mostly at Weapon Core 6.

Reprieve is learned by Cloud's Iron Blade Iron Blade, Nail Bat Nail Bat, and Twin Stinger Twin Stinger; Barret's Light Machine Gun Light Machine Gun, Wrecking Ball Wrecking Ball, and EKG Cannon EKG Cannon; Tifa's Mythril Claws Mythril Claws and Purple Pain Purple Pain; and Aerith's Guard Stick Guard Stick, Silver Staff Silver Staff, Arcane Scepter Arcane Scepter, and Reinforced Staff Reinforced Staff.

Final Fantasy XIII[]

Reprieve is a Sentinel auto-ability that triggers whenever the Sentinel's HP is above 30% (critical) and they receive an attack that would have reduced the Sentinel's HP to zero. When activated, "SAFE" will be displayed and they will remain alive with one HP.

Reprieve is learned by Lightning (Crystarium Stage 10), Snow (Stage 8), Vanille (Stage 7), Hope (Stage 9), and Fang (Stage 9).

Final Fantasy XIII-2[]

If HP is above a certain threshold, retain 1 HP when an attack would otherwise KO out.


Reprieve returns as Sentinel auto-ability that is learned by Serah (role level 50) and Noel (role level 40). Sentinel Paradigm Pack allies can learn Reprieve when the total sum of Medic Paradigm Pack allies infused into them is 99 or higher.