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Geophysical Survey of Atmospheric Conditions.

Reports is a section of the Datalog in the Windows and Royal Editions of Final Fantasy XV that chronicles the reports on Starscourge and daemons the player has found. The entries are missable if the player does not read them when they are available in Chapters 13 and 14. Most reports are scattered about Zegnautus Keep, while two are found in Chapter 14 before leaving Hammerhead.


Mass Disappearance ReportEdit

Mass Disappearance Report location from FFXV

Zegnautus Keep, after collecting the letters from Ravus, the player will come to nine rooms arranged in a grid where they need to flick switches off and on to progress. The report is in the middle-lower room on a black desk.

Nine days on from the mysterious disappearances, and nary a lead. It beggars belief that 812 people—an entire village—could simply vanish into thin air. In more tangible developments, of the daemons that emerged in West Gralea at the same juncture, 60% are confirmed escaped from military facilities. Details of the remaining 40%, however, remain inconclusive.

West Gralea Quarantine ReportEdit

West Gralea Quarantine Report location from FFXV

Same location as "Mass Disappearance Report", on the counter next to a till.

Including cases around the village, the number of missing now stands at 1,657. Early reports from the MRF attribute the disappearance to an infectious disease, and investigations continue as regards a potential connection to the daemon outbreak. At the time of writing, the quarantining of West Gralea is complete, and other sections remain infection free.

North Gralea Quarantine ReportEdit

North Gralea Quarantine Report location in FFXV

Zegnautus Keep, in the next room after the nine-room grid that has a vending machine, on the desk.

The infection has since manifested in five adjacent sectors, and threatens to reach epidemic proportions. Its spread is invariably accompanied by the appearance of daemons, and the likelihood cannot be ignored that the pathogens are daemon borne. Quarantine has been expanded to encompass all areas in which the creatures are found.

Magitek Research Facility Damage ReportEdit

Magitek Research Facility Damage Report location from FFXV

Same location as "North Gralea Quarantine Report", counter opposite the vending machine.

Following their outbreak in the north and west, daemons have swept through the MRF, causing extensive damage to equipment. Control was subsequently lost over unprogrammed MTs, and strategies are being deliberated on the collection of rogue units. 125 patients undergoing testing at the facility have vanished in a manner reminiscent of the first disappearances.


16th-V report location from FFXV

Zegnautus Keep, following the path from where "North Gralea Quarantine Report" and "Magitek Research Facility Damage Report" were found, the player will pass a room with a rest spot. Following the path to a room with a step ladder, the report is on top of a filing cabinet next to it.

The infected aren't disappearing—they're turning into daemons. That we failed to see this defies belief. Yet dwelling on it avails us naught in the face of the daemon threat. Though of human origin, they're unlike the specimens bred for MTs. They cannot be controlled.

28th - VIEdit

28th - VI report location from FFXV

Same location as "Researcher's Writing: 16th-V", on top of another filing cabinet.

More than half the keep's inhabitants are now daemons. There's no hope of neutralizing them, not with control lost over the MTs. Outside, the city swarms with yet more daemons—former citizens. There's no escape.

Military Applications of Mutative PlasmodiaEdit

Military Applications of Mutative Plasmodia report location in FFXV

Zegnautus Keep, in the nine-room grid where the player must flip switches to open and close doors to progress, this report is in the middle-left room on a shelf.

In light of the large sample size, the test results can be considered conclusive: commonly occurring parasitic protozoa are the agents of daemonification. These findings pave the way for the weaponization of daemons, and the first step involves finding a way to control mutated organisms. This report recommends Minister of Research Verstael Besithia submit a detailed budget request for the Deathless Project.

Photosensitivity in Magitek TroopersEdit

Photosensitivity in MTs report location in FFXV

Zegnautus Keep, in the nine-room grid where the player must flip switches to open and close doors to progress, this report is in the middle-top room on a filing cabinet.

Plasmodia-based biological weapons exhibit an acute aversion to light, their cellular structure breaking down within moments of exposure. As the cells are converted to benign molecules, there is no inherent danger even should such a reaction occur. Lightproof armor presents a simple yet effective solution to the problem.

National Defense PolicyEdit

National Defense Policy report location in FFXV

Zegnautus Keep, in the nine-room grid where the player must flip switches to open and close doors to progress, this report is in the top-right room on top of a filing cabinet next to stairs.

With the mass production of magitek troopers having commenced in earnest, the Imperial Defense Council approves the following reforms:
  • The replacement of human infantry with magitek units.
  • The augmenting of biological materials through cloning.

Wallbreaker Wave Test Report 1Edit

Wallbreaker Wave Report 1 location from FFXV

Zegnautus Keep, after the elevator battle, the player will find a safe room. The report is in the room full of consols after the safe room on a table.

The wave produced exceptional results in real-world conditions, effectively inhibiting the Kingsglaive's warping and spellcasting abilities—powers that operate on the selfsame principle as the Wall of Lucis.

Wallbreaker Wave Test Report 2Edit

Wallbreaker Wave Report 2 location from FFXV

Same location as the other Wallbreaker Wave Test Report, on a filing cabinet.

The report concludes that the wave can neutralize not only the Wall, but all magical phenomena exhibited by Lucian royalty. Moreover, based on the data acquired from the encounter with Shiva, an enfeebling effect on the Six can also be anticipated.

Geophysical Survey of Atmospheric ConditionsEdit

Geophysical Survey of Atmospheric Conditions report location from FFXV

Takka's Pit Stop in Chapter 14, on a crate by the counter.

The presence of soot-like photophilic particles was confirmed in samples of ar taken at varying elevations, with notably higher concentration at higher altitudes. Photophilic particles have begun to subsume the ozone layer, and the observed reduction of daylight on Eos can be attributed primarily to their light-absorbing properties.

Study on the Nature of Photophilic ParticlesEdit

Study on the Nature of Photophilic Particles report location from FFXV

Takka's Pit Stop in Chapter 14, on a shelf.

On examining multiple correlations between the photophilic particles responsible for the blight and the mutant stand of plasmodium associated with the daemons, we have discovered a clear causal relationship. Furthermore, given the mass dispersal or photophilic particles upon death, the daemon presence is likely accountable for the violent ecological shifts as of late.
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