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The Renzokuken Trigger bar.

Renzokuken (連続剣, Renzokuken?, lit. Continuous Sword), also known as Blade Flurry, is Squall Leonhart's Limit Break in Final Fantasy VIII. It was called C. Sword in the PlayStation demo.


For videos of the various Renzokuken, please go to Limit Break (Final Fantasy VIII)/Videos#Squall.

Jumbo Cactuar has a unique Renzokuken sequence.

Squall rushes forward, and a gauge appears on the screen. Four to eight bars of light sweep through the gauge, and pressing R1 when the bars move into the trigger box on the left results in a critical hit. It is possible to set the trigger to automatic from the config menu, but it will sometimes miss triggers.

The Crisis Level affects the number of hits in Squall's Renzokuken and the chance to perform a finishing blow.[1]

Crisis Level Hits
1 4
2 5
3 6
4 7

There is a 50% chance to perform an additional Renzokuken hit at the end, making the maximum possible hits eight, a likely allusion to the title's number.

Certain bosses have special Renzokuken sequences that are unaffected by the Crisis Level. During a special Renzokuken sequence, the triggers' timing differs from the regular Renzokuken sequence.

Executing Renzokuken on a charged Blitz inflicts Thunder damage onto Squall. With the correct junctions, he can absorb the damage and heal himself while executing Renzokuken. The same applies with his finishing blows.

Finishing moves[]

After the Renzokuken sequence, there is a chance to perform a finishing blow:


There is a (Crisis Level * ~23.6%) chance to perform a finishing blow. Which finishing blow is used is unaffected by the Crisis Level, but has a fixed chance of occurring depending on which weapon Squall has equipped. Finishing blows are physical attacks and can do critical damage.[1]

Weapon Finishing Blow
  • 100% Rough Divide
Shear Trigger
Cutting Trigger
  • 25% Rough Divide
  • 75% Fated Circle
Flame Saber
Twin Lance
  • 25% Rough Divide
  • 25% Fated Circle
  • 50% Blasting Zone
Lion Heart
  • 25% Rough Divide
  • 25% Fated Circle
  • 25% Blasting Zone
  • 25% Lion Heart
Move Attack Power
Renzokuken 22
Rough Divide 48
Fated Circle 40
Blasting Zone 44
Lion Heart 100

Rough Divide[]

Rough Divide.

Rough Divide (ラフディバイド, Rafu Dibaido?) is Squall's initial finishing move, as well as the weakest. He charges forward and slices an enemy with a diagonal upwards cut, causing an explosion. Squall uses a backhanded slash similar to this in the game's opening when he scars Seifer.

Fated Circle[]

Fated Circle.

Fated Circle (フェイテッドサークル, Feiteddo Sākuru?) is Squall's second finishing move. He jumps up into the air while charging energy into his gunblade. At the peak of his jump he spins in a circle, releasing a shockwave that damages all enemies.

Blasting Zone[]

Blasting Zone.

Blasting Zone (プラスティングゾーン, Burasutingu Zōn?) is Squall's third finishing move. He raises his gunblade overhead, charges up and extends a pillar of energy to the outer atmosphere, then slams the gunblade into the ground to hit all enemies with the pillar.

Lion Heart[]

Lion Heart.

Lion Heart (エンドオブハート, Endo obu Hāto?, lit. End of Heart) is Squall's ultimate finishing move available with his ultimate weapon (also called the Lion Heart). It strikes a single opponent 17 times, causing massive damage.

After Zell's Duel, Lion Heart is the strongest Limit Break accounting for the additional damage of Renzokuken's four to eight hits. During optimal conditions, a total of 249,975 points of damage is possible in one attack round. Lion Heart can easily deal 9999 damage per hit even with average strength and no Vit 0, making it ideal for low level runs where its damage will not be hindered by the damage cap.



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