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For videos of the various Renzokuken, please go to Limit Break (Final Fantasy VIII)/Videos#Squall.

The Renzokuken Trigger bar.

Renzokuken (連続剣, Renzokuken?, lit. Continuous Sword), also known as Blade Flurry, is Squall Leonhart's Limit Break in Final Fantasy VIII. It was called C. Sword in the PlayStation demo.


Jumbocactuar renzokuken3

Jumbo Cactuar has a unique Renzokuken sequence.

When Squall begins the Renzokuken, he rushes forward, and a gauge appears on the screen. Four to eight bars of light sweep through the gauge, and pressing R1 when the bars move into the trigger box on the left results in a critical hit. It is possible to set the trigger on automatic from the config menu, but it will sometimes miss triggers.

The Crisis Level affects the number of hits in Squall's Renzokuken and the chance to perform a finishing blow.[1]

Crisis Level Hits
1 4
2 5
3 6
4 7

There is a 50% chance to perform an additional Renzokuken hit at the end, making the maximum possible hits eight, a likely allusion to the title's number.

Certain bosses have special Renzokuken sequences that are unaffected by Crisis Level. During a special Renzokuken sequence the triggers' timing is different from the regular Renzokuken sequence.

Finishing movesEdit

After the Renzokuken sequence there's a chance to perform a finishing blow:

$ Chance = (CL * 60 + 1) / 256 * 100\% $[1]

There's a (Crisis Level * ~23.6%) chance to perform a finishing blow. Which finishing blow is used is not affected by Crisis Level, but has a fixed chance of occurring depending on which weapon Squall has equipped. Finishing blows are physical attacks and can do critical damage.[1]

Weapon Finishing Blow
  • 100% Rough Divide
Shear Trigger
Cutting Trigger
  • 25% Rough Divide
  • 75% Fated Circle
Flame Saber
Twin Lance
  • 25% Rough Divide
  • 25% Fated Circle
  • 50% Blasting Zone
  • 25% Rough Divide
  • 25% Fated Circle
  • 25% Blasting Zone
  • 25% Lion Heart
Move Attack Power
Renzokuken 22
Rough Divide 48
Fated Circle 40
Blasting Zone 44
Lion Heart 100

Rough DivideEdit


Rough Divide.

Rough Divide (ラフディバイド, Rafu Dibaido?) is Squall's initial finishing move, as well as the weakest. He charges forward and slices an enemy with a diagonal upwards cut, causing an explosion. Squall uses a backhanded slash similar to this in the game's opening when he scars Seifer.

Fated CircleEdit

Squall fatedcircle

Fated Circle.

Fated Circle (フェイテッドサークル, Feiteddo Sākuru?) is Squall's second finishing move. He jumps up into the air while charging energy into his gunblade. At the peak of his jump he spins in a circle, releasing a shockwave that damages all enemies.

Blasting ZoneEdit


Blasting Zone.

Blasting Zone (プラスティングゾーン, Burasutingu Zōn?) is Squall's third finishing move. He raises his gunblade overhead, charges up and extends a pillar of energy to the outer atmosphere, then slams the gunblade into the ground to hit all enemies with the pillar.

Lion HeartEdit

Renzokuken Lionheart

Lion Heart.

Lion Heart (エンドオブハート, Endo obu Hāto?, lit. End of Heart) is Squall's ultimate finishing move available with his ultimate weapon (also called the Lion Heart). It strikes a single opponent 17 times, causing massive damage.

After Zell's Duel, Lion Heart is the strongest Limit Break accounting for the plus damage of the Renzokuken's four to eight hits. During optimal conditions, a total of 249,975 points of damage is possible in one attack round. Lion Heart can easily do 9999 damage per hit even with average strength and no Vit 0, making it ideal for low level runs where its damage will not be hindered by the damage cap.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy VIII demoEdit

In the PlayStation demo version, Squall only got four hits, the execution was without the indicator, and he had just one finisher, Fated Circle. Squall could use his Limit Break even when not in critical health, although the chance was slim.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

Continuation is a Lv. 70 skill learned by Gunbreakers after completing the job quest Steel Against Steel. After spending a cartridge to use Gnashing Fang, the Continuation skill activates, with additional combo skills Jugular Rip, Abdomen Tear and the finisher Eye Gouge unlocking with each use of the Gnashing Fang combo, allowing the user to pull off a rapid barrage of melee weaponskills in quick succession. While Gnashing Fang requires a Cartridge, Continuation spends none.

Dissidia Final Fantasy (2008)Edit

Dissidia Final Fantasy - Squall's EX Burst

Dissidia Final Fantasy - Squall's EX Burst


This is the end!

Squall Leonhart, using Revolver Drive

Squall's EX Burst is the Renzokuken, requiring him to time presses of Right shoulder button to land a potential eight hits. He finishes with a variation of Lion Heart; rather than attack enemies with several rapid attacks, it is downplayed to a single attack reminiscent of the final blow seen in the original where Squall charges energy into the Lion Heart and dashes past the opponent to strike them once, releasing a shockwave on impact.

Rough Divide, Fated Circle, Blasting Zone, and Revolver Drive are Squall's HP attacks but function differently compared to the original attacks: Rough Divide is a charge attack, and Fated Circle and Blasting Zone have much smaller ranges of impact. Squall has an alternate version of Fated Circle called Aerial Circle, which has a vertical area of effect as opposed to the horizontal.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

A flurry of attacks ending in one shattering blow.

Menu description of Squall's EX Burst

Squall retains his HP attacks and Renzokuken is normally the weakest EX Burst; Cloud and Tidus may have a weaker EX Burst depending on their HP due to their EX Mode abilities, Tifa may have a weaker EX Burst depending on her remaining EX Force, and Gilgamesh may have the weakest EX Burst when he's picking the Excalipoor. Squall gains an alternate version of Rough Divide called Revolver Drive where he charges to his opponent while steering for a brief period.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NTEdit

Squall can use his finisher moves.

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Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera OmniaEdit

DFFOO Renzokuken

Renzokuken is an HP attack for Squall. It consists of a 3-hit melee attack and an HP attack. The BRV attack gains 3 extra hits when BRV drops below 250% initial BRV. The ability was originally named "Blade Flurry" before it was corrected in a subsequent update.

Theatrhythm Final FantasyEdit

Lion Heart is Squall's exclusive skill, learned at level 40 and costing 18 CP to equip. During Battle Music Sequences, whenever a boss-type enemy enters Lion Heart activates automatically to inflict damage based on Squall's Strength, Agility and Luck.

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

Squall appears as a Legend where he can use his Renzokuken techniques. In addition, players can obtain some of his Renzokuken techniques as abilities to use in battle.

Ability Cards
Legend Cards

Final Fantasy ArtniksEdit

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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

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Final Fantasy ExplorersEdit

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Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

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World of Final FantasyEdit

Lion Heart is Squall's Champion summon ability. It inflicts neutral physical damage to one enemy, ignoring defense. It also grants Accuracy+ to all allies. It is unlocked after completing chapter 14 and costs 1★ gauge to use. When used "Don't Be Afraid" from Final Fantasy VIII plays.

Rough Divide is an active physical ability that inflicts neutral physical damage on a single target for 7 AP. It has high critical chance and low topple strength. It can be used by Lann (Squall's Champion Jewel).

Mobius Final FantasyEdit

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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

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Non-Final Fantasy guest appearancesEdit

Kingdom Hearts seriesEdit

KH Rough Divide

Leon uses Rough Divide.

Leon uses Continuous Sword as an ability in Kingdom Hearts II when he joins as a guest ally and when fought as an enemy. The attack involves Leon swinging his gunblade several times and then finishing with a downward strike.

In addition, Leon can charge his gunblade with energy with a technique similar to Blasting Zone where he raises his gunblade into the air and it takes on a glowing blue and gold aura. Leon's attacks increase in power and range. Leon can use an attack similar to Rough Divide where he charges forward and leaps into the air while slashing diagonally, then descends and slams his gunblade into the ground. He uses a spinning attack reminiscent of Fated Circle, but to a smaller scale and without explosions.

In Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, Sora has an attack called "Zone of Ruin" as a finish command where he summons a large glowing gold aura over his Keyblade and swings to hit enemies over a wide area. The Japanese name of the attack is "Blasting Zone".



  • Ultimecia's EX Burst in the Dissidia Final Fantasy series is a variation of the Renzokuken called Time Compression. It also requires the player to press Circle repeatedly to time up to twelve potential strikes. She ends the EX Burst with Sorceress Heart (エンドオブメモリーズ, Endo obu Memorīzu?, lit. End of Memories) where she consumes the opponent in an explosion. The name parallels the name of Squall's finishing blow, Lion Heart (エンドオブハート, Endo obu Hāto?, lit. End of Heart).
  • If Renzokuken is executed on the enemy Blitz while it's in charged mode, Squall receives Thunder-elemental damage. With the correct junctions, he can absorb the damage and heal himself while executing Renzokuken. Same applies with his finishing blows.
  • When Squall and Seifer "train" in the opening scene of Final Fantasy VIII, the maneuver Squall performs to scar Seifer's face resembles the Rough Divide.


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