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A member of the Turks—a special task force within Shinra's General Affairs Division. His fiery-red hair and sardonic grin have become trademarks of this cavalier man. Using lightning-quick movements, he toys with his opponent as he bludgeons them with his specially outfitted truncheon.

Reno is a recurring character in the Final Fantasy VII series. He is an antagonist in Final Fantasy VII, with an expanded role in Final Fantasy VII Remake and a minor role in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. He is also a playable protagonist in Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII- and appears in numerous entries of its extended universe as a supporting character, including Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.

Reno is a veteran member of the Shinra Electric Power Company's special task force, the Turks, led by Tseng. He often teams up on missions with his contrasting partner and best friend, Rude. Reno has a cynical and casual approach to his duties, but is self-confident, proud, and professional. Despite his outward enthusiasm, Reno has unresolved feelings about the heartless nature of his work.

Reno is the nimblest and most agile member of the Turks. He wields a specially outfitted rod, playfully engaging his opponents and unleashing a myriad of speedy attacks. Reno is a recurring boss throughout the series, fought in Final Fantasy VII, the training mode in Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-, and Final Fantasy VII Remake.


Original continuity[]

Avalanche Insurgency and Genesis War[]


Reno and the Turks.

Reno prevented Avalanche's bombing of Mako Reactor 8 in "Those That Lurk in the Night" of Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-. He met a rookie Turk and was defeated by Avalanche's commander Shears, discovering their plan to assassinate President Shinra in Junon.[3] Reno and the rookie were dispatched and protected the president from Avalanche in "In the White Light of Day, the Assassin Smiles". Reno fought Avalanche's leader Fuhito and forced his retreat.[4] Under Verdot's orders, Reno assisted in reclaiming the seized Sister Ray in "Swords Clashing in the Evening Shadows", securing the streets.[5]

Reno in Sector 8 from Crisis Core Reunion

Reno defends Sector 8.

Reno and Rude recruited SOLDIER candidates globally in "Proof of a Scar Filled Existence", finding and detaining some in Costa del Sol, including Azul, until Avalanche and Shears freed them. After recapturing them, Reno and Rude defeated Shears, who praised their teamwork.[6] Reno and Rude later investigated Hollander's theft of Shinra research documents tied to mass SOLDIER desertions in "Special Episode: Reno". Genesis Rhapsodos's army attacked Midgar, prompting Reno, Rude, and Cissnei to defend Sector 8.[7]. In chapter 3 of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, Reno encountered Zack Fair, refused to be outdone by SOLDIER, asserted the Turks' authority, acknowledged the city's dangers, and continued after Hollander with Rude.[8] They were hindered by Genesis copies and Hollander escaped.[7]

Reno became wary of Rude's rejections to go out, suspecting him of meeting with an Avalanche spy named Chelsea in "This Night in an Untainted World" of Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-. Upon receiving confirmation, Reno intervened, but was assigned a monster-slaying job. A worried Reno completed the job, saved Chelsea from Avalanche, and advised Rude against further contact.[9] A few months later, in "One Step Further Toward Uncertainty", the Turks awaited news about their new director after Verdot's demotion. Under Heidegger's command, they were sent to Junon to monitor for Avalanche. Reno was overwhelmed by Avalanche's forces and frustrated by Heidegger's directions, but had his hope renewed when Verdot gave orders.[10]

Reno and Rude search for Zack and Cloud from Crisis Core Reunion

Reno and Rude search for Zack and Cloud.

In "The Scar that Sunders the Calm", Reno and Rude were assigned by Tseng to rescue survivors after Sephiroth razed Nibelheim.[11] In "The Muddy Course of Inexorable Fate", the Turks responded to Avalanche's return and aimed to reclaim the Corel reactor. Reno, Rude, and Tseng encountered Rufus unexpectedly. Verdot exposed and arrested Rufus for controlling Avalanche, and the Turks urged Verdot to save his daughter Elfe, but were surrounded. They protected and escorted Rufus to safety, and rescued an injured colleague from the bombed reactor.[12] Reno later assisted in the search for escaped fugitives Zack and Cloud Strife in Last Order -Final Fantasy VII-.[13] A year later, in chapter 10 of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, Reno and Rude scouted the Midgar Wasteland by helicopter, hoping to locate Zack and Cloud before the Shinra army. Reno had doubts, likened their job to couriers, and reported they found nothing to Cissnei before relocating. Despite their efforts, Zack was killed.[14]

Three years later, Hojo assigned Reno and another Turk to capture Deneh from Cosmo Canyon in "The Howl That Shook Heaven and Earth". Reno briefed his colleague on their target and the upcoming rite festival, later discovering Avalanche's resurgence. They consulted Geisel Bugenhagen and learned of Verdot's goal to save Elfe. They defeated Ravens and eventually found Deneh, but Nanaki ambushed them, who agreed to accompany them back to the Shinra Building after completing the rite.[15]

Tseng informed the Turks of their decision to defy orders and help Verdot and Elfe in "The Consequences of Our Choices".[16] Reno, Rude, and Tseng planned to rescue Verdot, receiving his location from Rufus for a price in "The Threat that Pierces the Heavens". They navigated the Midgar dump, barely persevered against strong mechs, and ultimately rescued Verdot.[17] The three reunited Verdot with Elfe in "Veering Wildly Towards an Unstoppable End", but were cornered by Shinra troops. They proudly fought until Tseng apparently assassinated Verdot and Elfe, devastating Reno and Rude.[18] Tseng drove off, leaving Reno and Rude to grieve in "The Concerto: Played Out to its Straining Point". They helplessly watched their companions defeat Zirconiade and pondered their fates. A few months later, Scarlet proposed disbanding and executing the Turks, but Rufus opposed, recognizing their loyalty. Afterward, the Turks responded to an emergency at Mako Reactor 1, resuming their duties with gratitude and pride.[19]

Midgar operations and pursuit of Sephiroth[]

Reno went to the Sector 5 slums church to capture Aerith Gainsborough for Shinra in "The Woman at the Church". He noticed Cloud Strife's mako eyes, cautioned his troops about the flowers, and was defeated by Cloud in a battle after surrounding them.[20] Reno participated in the Sector 7 operation in "Prevent the Fall of the Plate", activating the plate separation code and attempting to stop Cloud's party from interfering, but sustained injuries in the ensuing battle. He was then transported back to the Shinra Building for recovery and the rookie Elena temporarily filled his position.[21]

After the president's death, the Turks were ordered by Rufus Shinra to track Sephiroth and find Jenova in "Going After Sephiroth". Reno later joined the mission after recovering. In "The Stowaway Strategy", during Rufus's inauguration ceremony in Junon, Reno and his companions relaxed at a Shinra bar in Upper Junon, confident in their safeguarding of the president.[22] While in Gongaga during "Gongaga, the Village of Sadness", Reno gossiped with Rude about who they liked and faced Cloud's party, desiring payback for Sector 7.[23]

Reno vacationed in Wutai with Rude and Elena under orders to locate Don Corneo in "Homecoming of a Miserable Daughter". He drank with Rude, neglecting Cloud's party and Shinra soldiers' pleas, and Elena left. Reno and Rude later cooperated with Cloud's party to save a captured Elena and Yuffie Kisaragi from Corneo. Reno gave him a riddle, stunned him, criticized Elena for showing weakness, and dismissed a call from Tseng to locate Cloud as they were off-duty.[24] At some point in "Secret Date", the Turks were stranded at the Gold Saucer due to a ropeway malfunction. Reno indulged in the free attractions but was disappointed by the lack of alcohol.[25]

Reno supervised the loading of the Huge Materia into a submarine at the Junon Underwater Reactor and sent the Carry Armor to attack Cloud's party in "Clash in the Deep Sea".[26] During Meteorfall in "Mako Cannon Rampage", Reno and his companions returned to Midgar and were determined to stop Cloud's party, confronting them in the Corkscrew Tunnel as they headed for the Sister Ray.[27] Sometime later, in "Feelings from the Heart of Every Place", Reno and Rude recovered weapons and materia from the Relnikha to use against Sephiroth and battled Cloud's party.[28]

In Final Fantasy VII: On the Way to a Smile, Reno and Rude reflected on their Turk days and worried about a missing Rufus, but were relieved by Tseng's survival. They rescued Rufus from the ruined president's office and coordinated a rescue team before Reno quickly left upon seeing Yuffie. After relocating to Kalm, Tseng directed his subordinates to evacuate Midgar. Reno led evacuations in Sector 4 and regrouped with the other Turks in Sector 5, continuing their efforts in the epilogue of Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-. Amidst Meteor and Holy's clash, Reno and Rude retrieved a toolbox from the Shinra Building and found shelter in a restroom, bantering and reflecting on their partnership before venturing outside, captivated by the lifestream storm.[29]


The day after Meteor's destruction, in "Episode: Shinra" of Final Fantasy VII: On the Way to a Smile, Rufus convened with the Turks about their future, Reno wished to continue their duties, and his colleagues agreed. Rufus ordered them to assess Midgar's situation and sent Reno and Rude to gather allies. Reno and Rude went to the Shinra Building, Reno found irony at civilians outside an "evil" company, posted evacuation directions, and closed Shinra. They returned to Kalm on foot to conserve fuel, planning to secure vehicles and weapons in Sector 5 the next day, and Reno was concerned for Midgar's discontent and ailing populace. Back in Kalm, they found refugees in their home and Rufus missing, sparking a frantic but fruitless search.[29]

The Turks moved to Sector 5, where Reno reported the Junon army's control. He and Rude investigated warehouses, found civilians repurposing Shinra tools and machinery to build a new city under Mütten Kylegate, and they changed passkeys for security before resting. The next morning, Verdot detailed Kylegate's actions, including Rufus's capture in Kalm. Before leaving, Reno asked about the other Turks, learned they were gathering information around the world and living their own lives, frustrating Reno. The Turks then hurried to the rescue but found Kylegate's mansion ablaze upon their return, with no sign of Rufus. Tseng directed them to gather information, and Reno suggested they do it the "Turks way," assuring civilians remained unharmed, but found no leads and returned to Midgar.[29]

Rude and Reno encountered Kilmister at the Shinra Building, who presented a note allegedly from Rufus requesting stimulants. They reported their suspicions to Tseng, who confirmed the note's authenticity. Reno followed Kilmister to Kalm and discovered he was a doctor treating the sick, fearing himself ill. For three months, the Turks complied with Kilmister's demands for stimulants and facilitated a clinic for him at Cliff Resort as he had information on Rufus. Kilmister eventually led them to Rufus by vehicle. Despite losing sight in the rain, Reno insisted his senses guided them to the flooded cave where they rescued Rufus and Judd. He apologized for the delay and returned them to the resort.[29]

The Turks continued serving Rufus, with Reno tasked to build a monument commemorating Meteor's destruction in the central plaza of the newly constructed city, Edge. He managed construction and dealt with anti-Shinra protestors characteristically. A troubled Reno confided in Rude about Tseng's kindness toward Kilmister and the disease's impact, and they bantered before engaging in sparring practice. The Turks eventually learned the origins of the disease now called Geostigma, its link to Jenova, how symptoms worsen when those afflicted lose hope, and uncovered the truth about Kilmister's death. Reno and Rude repainted the resort's sign to "Healen Lodge", questioned the change, and Rufus explained it symbolized healing the world.[29]

New Shinra era[]

LBT - Reno and Rude

Reno and Rude continue working as partners after Shinra's fall.

Reno spent two years at the Healen Lodge with his companions and Rufus in Final Fantasy VII The Kids Are Alright: A Turks Side Story. He dedicated most of his time to the monument project in Edge. Reno and Rude were later tasked to track down Fabio Braun, who stole medicine from the lodge. They mistakenly raided Evan Townshend's home in Sector 6, thought he was Fabio and assaulted him, but relented upon Reno realizing his innocence. Reno pitifully apologized, wanting Shinra to be loved in the new world and asked if Evan recognized them at Turks, punching him after receiving affirmation. Reno asked about Evan's parents, learned they died, and advised him to take care before leaving with Rude. Later, Reno called Evan "Fabio" and invited him to join them at the monument, but was called away.[30]

After their confrontation with Rude, Reno drove Evan and Kyrie Canaan to Healen Lodge, addressing Kyrie's attitude, apologizing to Evan for mistaking him for Fabio, and evading questions about the Turks' numbers. He inquired about Evan's mother, woke a napping Rude to relay information to Rufus, and warned Kyrie against pretending to read the lifestream. Reno shared details about Aerith's Ancient heritage and death, sparking a discussion on the lifestream and memories of Aerith. When Kyrie mentioned Sector 7's collapse and the Turks' negative impact on Aerith, Reno changed subjects. Evan and Kyrie showed Reno and Rude a photo of the missing SOLDIER Goulde Aarde, recognized by the Turks. Reno directed them to the main lodge, allowed Evan to keep his knife as a sign of trust, and excitedly introduced him to Rufus. After the lodge was bombed by Fabio, Doyle, and Keough in an attempt to rescue Thropp, a gunfight ensued and Evan and Kyrie negotiated their friends' release, leading to the Turks' compliance and Rufus instructing Reno and Rude to assess the lab's condition.[30]

Sometime later, Reno and Rude trailed Evan and Kyrie's group back to Edge, hoping to enlist Evan's assistance in constructing the monument. Reno conveyed a message to Evan through Doyle, reminding him of his past betrayal against the Turks. Observing Evan's departure, Reno and Rude reflected on their roles as Turks, feeling like outcasts. A frustrated Reno wrestled with repairing a section of the monument while discussing Evan and Kyrie with Rude, foreseeing trouble. Kyrie suddenly threatened to crash Evan's car into the monument. Doyle offered to assist with building the monument with Keough and Thropp, which Reno accepted after asking about their skills. Reno defended Evan when Doyle questioned his actions and later decided to join Rude in heading to Midgar to repair a helicopter. Learning that the Turks would search for Jenova after completing the monument, Reno was ecstatic. He sensed eavesdropping, but dashed off to complete the monument and, seeing Doyle directing volunteers. Despite his focus on Jenova, Reno expressed determination for Shinra's recovery. He cautioned Doyle not to disclose anything on Rufus, received a joking response about the Turks' job security, but was interrupted by a call from Rude, reporting the deaths of Keough and Fabio.[30]

Reno and Rude headed for Junon by helicopter, discussing recent events in Edge as they followed Evan's helicopter, discovered his burnt-out car near a machine gun in the wasteland, and updated Tseng. They found Evan, showed concern for his safety, and informed him of Fabio's theft of the helicopter before notifying Tseng and continuing to Junon. Upon arrival, Evan and Kyrie flee, Elena shot Evan's shoulder, Reno chastised her and carried him to the clinic. Overhearing the two inside, Reno proposed taking Evan to Nibelheim to search for his mother, Tseng approved and volunteered, instructing Reno and Rude to assume him and Elena's duties. Reno and Rude were bored waiting to hear from their other colleagues and doubted Tseng's sources on Jenova. After Doyle and Leslie Kyle arrived, they agreed to head to Nibelheim. They encountered Goulde and Reno attacked him, but was restrained by Rude. Afterward, the pair unsuccessfully contacted Tseng and Elena.[30]

Reno and Rude rushed to aid their companions at the blazing Icicle Inn, preparing the helicopter's weapons to attack Kadaj. Leslie ridiculed Reno's loyalty towards Tseng's orders, causing Reno to refuse his superior's command to fire, unwilling to harm Evan. Reno asked Rude's feelings, who expressed his dislike for Evan and not Kyrie. Rude ejected Doyle and Leslie out of the helicopter as Kadaj struck the windshield, and Reno and Rude jumped out before Tseng fired a missile. A disinterested Reno questioned their next orders from Tseng as a snowstorm intensified. Following Kadaj's defeat, he teased Evan and Kyrie's romance and complained about the cold. Rude later flew everyone back to Under Junon, including Reno. Reno and Rude eventually returned to Edge, bade farewell to Evan and Kyrie, observed the finished monument, and thanked the volunteers.[30]

Geostigma crisis[]

FF7AC Rude & Reno

Reno and Rude fight against the Remnants of Sephiroth together.

In Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Reno and Rude piloted a helicopter over the Northern Crater as Tseng and Elena searched for Jenova's head. They secured the head, but were ambushed by Kadaj, Yazoo, and Loz, and forced to withdraw. They brought the head to Rufus at Healen Lodge and Reno engaged Cloud upon his arrival. Kadaj soon attacked the lodge and easily defeated Reno and Rude. Reno and Rude returned to Midgar and transported an unconscious Tifa and Cloud from the Sector 5 slums church to 7th Heaven after a battle with Loz. The pair informed Cloud of the missing children when he woke.[31]

As Kadaj's gang attacked Edge and summoned Bahamut SIN, Reno and Rude attempted to contain the situation near the monument, rescuing unconscious children under Jenova's influence before being knocked down by Bahamut SIN's projectiles. They fought Loz and Yazoo despite their disadvantage, but survived. During the pursuit of Kadaj's gang, the Turks provided air support for Cloud. Reno planted a bomb at the tunnel's exit, detonated it as Cloud passed by, and survived the explosion. After the Remnants of Sephiroth were defeated, Reno witnessed Rufus healing from Geostigma.[31] In the aftermath of the crisis, Reno helped rebuild Icicle Inn and was later invited by Kyrie to Evan's belated birthday party.[30]

Remake continuity[]

Midgar operations[]

Cloud and Reno fight in FFVII Remake

Reno duels Cloud.

Reno leisurely traveled to the Sector 5 slums church to capture Aerith for Shinra during "Budding Bodyguard" in Final Fantasy VII Remake. He belittled Cloud after Aerith introduced him as her SOLDIER bodyguard, which he scoffed at. After losing a duel against Cloud, the Whispers intervened before Cloud could kill him, and the injured Reno ordered his troops to pursue Aerith without harming her. When unsuccessful in catching her, Reno dismissed Cloud's victory as "beginner's luck" and sent Rude after her instead, only for both to be called up for a job related to Sector 7.[32]

Showdown from FFVII Remake
Reno and Rude atop the Sector 7 pillar from FFVII Remake

Reno and Rude team up against Cloud's party.

Reno and Rude received orders from Tseng to drop the Sector 7 plate and eliminate Avalanche during "Haunted". Reno disagreed with Shinra's logic, but Rude reminded him of their duty. They later engaged the local militia at the Sector 7 pillar after receiving the separation code from Tseng. Tseng sent reinforcements and Reno considered himself and Rude's expendability.[33] In "Fight for Survival", Reno taunted and fired at Cloud, continuing as Tifa Lockhart joined, until hindered by Rude. Reno fought Cloud's party atop the pillar, backed by Rude's air support until he was downed. Reno dejectedly retrieved his partner's broken sunglasses but was relieved when Rude soon joined him. They were defeated and Reno fell unconscious. The Whispers intervened, enabling Rude to enter the separation code, grab Reno, and retreat aboard a medical helicopter.[34]

Reno in Shinra Office from Final Fantasy VII Remake

An injured Reno in the Turks' office.

A recovering Reno and Rude were in the Turks' office with Tseng during "The Belly of the Beast". Tseng suggested Reno could benefit from "R&R", but he declined. Reno and Rude felt guilty about Sector 7's collapse and Tseng attempted to coldly justify their actions, but they responded poorly. Their discussion was interrupted when Rufus summoned them.[35] In "Deliverance from Chaos", Reno and Rude piloted a helicopter, downing an Avalanche HQ helicopter meant to extract Cloud's party, and flew Rufus to safety after his battle with Cloud.[36] Tseng later informed Rufus that Reno and Rude were on standby awaiting orders in "Destiny's Crossroads", and Rufus had them brought in.[37]

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Reno is a young man with a lean build, fair skin, turquoise eyes, two scar-shaped face tattoos, and unkempt spiky hair dyed a fiery red.[note 1] He originally kept his hair short, but grew it out and tied it in a long ponytail as he aged.[38] Reno wears the standard Turks uniform consisting of a dark blue or black suit ensemble. He wears his suit in a casual style, leaving his jacket unbuttoned and his shirt untucked, reflecting his attitude.[25] He wears goggles on his forehead, a silver earring on his left ear, black fingerless leather gloves, and black monk shoes.


No, I'm not bad. But like it or not... I sometimes have to do bad things. Don't take it personal.

Reno is eccentric, strong-willed, self-confident, and cynical.[39] He is witty and condescending, often making sarcastic remarks with a sardonic grin, a cavalier attitude, and toying with his opponents in combat.[40] He also likes thrills.[29] Reno has a casual and carefree work ethic, often coming across as flippant or irresponsible, and valuing his time off.[41][25] However, his pride as a Turk and loyalty to Shinra is unrivaled.[25][42][29] He strives for Shinra to make a strong comeback even after its fall,[43] hoping to continue enjoying life with his longtime companions.[31] Reno is resolute and considers himself a "consummate professional", always getting the job done with skill and enthusiasm, and rarely letting his emotions interfere.[39][38] Despite his outward determination and willingness to do inhumane acts,[38][42] he has unresolved feelings about his sinister work and a guilty conscience.[35][44][note 2]


CG render of Reno, Rude, and Rufus from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

Reno is best friends and a longtime companion of Rude.[38][42] Despite their contrasting personalities, Reno and Rude get along well, usually act as partners on missions, and do good teamwork.[7][38] Reno enjoys spending time with Rude and they are always idly chatting, gossiping,[39] bantering, or training together.[29][43] Reno rarely expresses his true feelings, but shares these emotions with Rude,[44] and the pair confide in each other.[29][43] Reno and Rude care deeply for each other, as seen when a dismayed Reno picked up Rude's broken sunglasses after his chopper was downed in Sector 7 and Rude later saved Reno before the plate collapsed.[34] During Meteorfall, they sheltered together, reflected on their partnership, and continue working together afterward.[29][31][43] They also mumble each other's names when asleep.[44]

Reno values his relationship with others, especially with his Turk colleagues and Rufus.[43] Despite his peculiar work philosophy, Reno respects Tseng as his boss, who can somehow manage him.[39] When Tseng returned after his reported death, Reno was overjoyed and continued following his command despite occasional disagreements.[29][43] Reno and Elena clash due to their opposite work ethics. Elena dislikes him and Rude's casual approach to their job and Reno sometimes chastises her for being reckless or weak, but they value each other.[43][24] Reno cares little for the Shinra executives, but is extremely loyal to Rufus. Him and Rude act like faithful retainers to Rufus, respecting his presidency, always following his orders, and safeguarding him.[31] Reno later becomes fond of Evan and Kyrie, looking after them from afar.[30]


Reno is a high-ranking agent in the Turks,[7] expertly wielding his rod and executing a variety of missions with proficiency.[39][41] He is considered the nimblest and most agile of the Turks, skilled with a variety of weapons, including EM mines.[44] Reno is also a competent pilot.[42]


Final Fantasy VII[]

Reno enemyFFVII

Battle render.

Reno can be fought four times, but only two to three of these fights are set. The fight in Sunken Gelnika is optional. The fight at Midgar's Sector 8 can be optional if the player finished the first section of "Homecoming of a Miserable Daughter".

Final Fantasy VII Remake[]

Reno is fought twice: once in the church at the Sector 5 Slums right after Cloud meets Aerith again, and again at the Sector 7 Slums tower, alongside Rude. He is fast and uses lightning attacks. In the second encounter, he may trap the player's party inside pyramids and team up with Rude for a joint attack that is especially powerful.

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-[]


Reno is fought in the Training Mode.

Other entries[]

Reno is not a boss or interactable non-player character in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, but appears in a few of Tseng and Cissnei's Digital Mind Wave flashbacks.

Musical themes[]

Reno does not have a unique theme in the original Final Fantasy VII. In Final Fantasy VII Remake, a track called "The Turks: Reno" plays during a fight between Reno and Cloud. The track borrows elements from the main "Turks' Theme".

Other appearances[]

Reno has made appearances in the following canon works:

He has made appearances in the following series games:

Behind the scenes[]

During production of Advent Children, the film's staff were constantly tweaking Reno's movements and clothing to properly convey his attitude and personality, as he is a more energetic and excitable character compared to the rest of the cast. Director Tetsuya Nomura had a clear vision of how Reno should sound, and when he explained it to voice director Yoji Shimizu, Shimizu contacted Keiji Fujiwara, who had precisely the voice Nomura wanted. As Fujiwara recorded his lines, his mouth was video taped and superimposed on footage of Reno to make him feel closer to the character. Fujiwara and the film staff both noted there was a lot of pressure to make Reno look and sound good due to his popularity from the original game.[citation needed]


Reno is voiced by the late Keiji Fujiwara in Japanese. He shares his Japanese voice actor with Izana Kunagiri from Final Fantasy Type-0 as well as Ardyn Izunia from Final Fantasy XV, Ciggma Khint from Bravely Default and Axel/Lea from the Kingdom Hearts series. Fujiwara passed away at the age of 55 on April 12, 2020, two days after the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake, due to cancer.[46] Due to his death, Reno's appearance in the Japanese version of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion reuses Fujiwara's voice lines from the original game, while archived lines will also be used in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, as according to Tetsuya Nomura, Fujiwara's death occurred shortly before recording sessions for Rebirth, and he felt like it would not be right to immediately replace him. Reno's role is consequently smaller in Rebirth as a result of using archived voice clips.[47]

Reno is voiced by Quinton Flynn in the English version of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, who also voiced Isaaru from Final Fantasy X and Axel/Lea from the Kingdom Hearts series. Reno shares many similarities with the character Axel/Lea; they both have spiky red hair, black outfits, facial markings near the eyes, similar personalities and the same voice actors in the English, French, Spanish, German, and Japanese versions of their games.

Reno is voiced by Arnie Pantoja in the Final Fantasy VII remake project.


Reno was released as a Play Arts and mini polygon figure.


  1. Reno's eyebrows suggest his natural hair color is brown.Reno from FFVII Remake
  2. In Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-, Reno disagreed with Shinra's orders to eliminate Verdot and was heartbroken watching Tseng "assassinate" him.[45] Before and during Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Reno wants to atone for his past actions and hopes Shinra will be loved in the new world.[31][43] In Final Fantasy VII Remake, Reno questions Shinra's reasons for the Sector 7 plate drop operation, sighs about belatedly growing a conscience, and later feels guilty for their actions, responding poorly to Tseng's attempts at justification.[35]


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