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The Renewing Morion is a top tier light armor headgear in Final Fantasy XII that boosts the wearer's magickal defense by 52 (Zodiac) or 44 (original), and HP by 370. The wearer has permanent Regen, essentially immunizing them to the effects of Sap.



In the original PlayStation 2 versions, the Renewing Morion is sold for 16,000 gil in Lowtown after obtaining the Treaty-Blade. It is found as a treasure in the Henne Mines' Special Charter Shaft (55% chance to appear, 60% chance for gil, the item treasure is either the Renewing Morion or the Ribbon without the Diamond Armlet equipped Map 15 Henne Mines), and Great Crystal's Sirhru Jilaam Pratii'vaa (always appears, 80% chance for gil, 10% chance the item treasure is the Renewing Morion with the Diamond Armlet equipped Map 46 The Great Crystal).

The morion rarely drops from the Nightwalker, and it is potentially obtained through the Hunt Club by giving Blok 16 or more Rare Game trophies; after all 30 trophies have been distributed, the Renewing Morion can then be obtained from the Shifty-Eyed Merchant nearby.


In the updated Zodiac versions, the Renewing Morion is not sold in shops, but sells for 8,000 gil. It is found in a treasure in Lhusu Mines' Site 11 (always appears), and Cerobi Steppe's Crossfield (20% chance to appear, 80% chance for gil, 5% chance the item treasure is the Renewing Morion with the Diamond Armlet equipped).

It still rarely drops from the Nightwalker, and is now also the uncommon steal from the Pylraster in Trial Mode Stage 85. It is no longer available through the Hunt Club.


The Renewing Morion is a top tier light armor hat, giving 52 or 44 magick resist depending on version, and 370 HP. Though this is less HP than the preceding Crown of Laurels, the Renewing Morion bestows a constant Regen status to its wearer, making it preferable unless the player wants to stay in low health to activate augments and maximize combos. However, such character is likely wearing heavy armor helms, anyway. Auto-Regen gradually tops the afflicted's HP, meaning it will cancel out Sap, and thus could be good in the original version for equipping the Ensanguine Shield. It would also be good for any support cast, such as a ranged character who is also in charge of buffing the party and using items, as such character would not need high offensive stats, but would benefit from the Auto-Regen.

In a New Game Minus playthrough in the Zodiac versions, Regen restores minimal HP as it scales off the afflicted's level, but the Renewing Morion could still be used to immunize against Sap and give an HP boost, although other light armor hats give better HP bonuses.

Alternatives to the Auto-Regen from Renewing Morion would be equipping the Ring of Renewal accessory, as well as Ribbon in the Zodiac versions, and Self:Regen gambits.

In the original version everyone can wear any equipment piece, and thus the heavy armor helms and the mystic hats may be preferable to light armor hats, as the HP boost from light armor is not usually worth prioritizing over heavy armor that boosts Strength for physical attackers, or mystic armor that boosts Magick Power for spellcasters. In the Zodiac versions, Machinist, Monk, Archer, and Shikari can equip the Renewing Morion, and so it is only useful to look for if the player has chosen these License Boards for their party. In The Zodiac Age, after fighting Belias, the player can choose two License Boards per party member, and so more party members can choose from the potentially more useful heavy and mystic armor sets.

The Renewing Morion is one of the better light armor pieces to use, even when other kinds are available, for its Regen effect. In the Zodiac versions, the party can venture into the deep parts of Lhusu Mines as early as when they can access Phon Coast; at this point, Renewing Morion is an excellent headgear and allows the player to skip many light armor hats in favor of it. Lhusu Mines also hold many other great treasures. However, the enemies there will be tough. To avoid multiple trips, the player may want to wait until the hunts there are available and make do with gear found elsewhere until then.


A morion is a type of open helmet originally from the Kingdom of Castile (Spain), used from the beginning 16th to early 17th centuries.