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FFT Multiplayer Mode

A battle in a Rendezvous.

Rendezvous? Well, sometimes people look to hire two groups of adventures for a job. That's how you meet up with t'other one.

Tavern Patron

Rendezvous (共同戦線, Kyōdō Sensen?, lit. Joint Front) are a series of optional multiplayer co-op battles in Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions for the PSP. It is unlocked in Chapter 1 after the events at Eagrose Castle, a cutscene will automatically play once the player reaches Magick City of Gariland while heading to Siedge Weald. Each player selects between one and four units, and then controls them during the battle. Together they fight a battle against powerful computer-controlled enemies.

Rendezvous enemies will sometimes have equipment that their jobs aren't able to equip normally, making them more powerful than their main story counterparts. Such example is Delita being equipped with the Chaos Blade and Ribbon, two items his Holy Knight job cannot equipped under normal circumstances.

Since the multiplayer element was removed in the iOS and Android version, Rendezvous is not available in the said iteration of the game.


Beginning midway through Chapter 1, new Rendezvous missions will continue to become available as the player progress through the main story. Missions that the player can unlock as they play through the main story are appropriate for units at that stage of the game. So, the missions unlocked in Chapter 2 can be tackled while the player is still in Chapter 2, and so on. The exception is the last four Rendezvous missions, unlocked by completing the main story. The enemies will always be at higher levels, regardless of their own levels.

A mission may be selected as long at least one of the two players has unlocked it, though both players must have at least progressed through the first few battles of the game to make the Rendezvous option appear in a Tavern.

To start a Rendezvous mission, have each player go to the Tavern and choose Rendezvous Mode and "Start a Mission." The hosting player (Player 1) should choose to host a mission and the other player should choose to join. Rendezvous can only be played over a local (ad hoc) connection. Each mission can be played an unlimited number of times, regardless of whether they win or lose. Rendezvous missions do not cost gil.

The experience level of the enemies they face in Rendezvous scales with their own unit's levels. So, simply leveling up won't really help them win the battles. Of course, learning new abilities, gaining equipment, and using the Degenerator traps described here will help.

The specific victory and loss conditions for each battle are different. For details on each mission, see the list of missions below.

If one player has all of their characters eliminated, the other player can keep playing. Both players will still be awarded items at the end of the mission.

The player can give up on a mission partway through by clicking on a blank tile and choosing the "Quit" option. If either player chooses to do this, the mission is forfeited and both players are returned to the Tavern.

A mission also ends if either PSP goes to sleep or if the connection is broken. If one player has all of their unit's KO'd, that player should keep their system running so the other player can continue trying to complete the mission.


Rendezvous differs from the main story combat:

  • The player cannot permanently lose items or characters in this mode. Stolen and broken items, and items consumed using Throw, Iaido, and the Items commands, are restored to the player at the end of battle. Units cannot die permanently because they simply teleport out of the battle when their KO counter reaches zero. Since they're not permanent deaths, these do not count as Casualties on the Chronicle screen. Anyone turned into a Malboro by Malboro Spores ability is turned back into a human. This makes some abilities more useful in Rendezvous since the player no longer has to worry about losing their rare items. Elixirs can be used for restoring HP and MP, the Masamune and Chirijiraden for Iaidos can be used freely and other rare and powerful weapons like the Chaos Blade can be thrown without losing them permanently.
  • The player will keep items that they obtain from chests, stealing, and catching them from enemies using Sticky Fingers. They cannot keep weapons caught when their units throws them. They must win the battle in order to keep the gained items; they are lost if they fail the mission.
  • The Arithmeticks command is completely off-limits in Rendezvous and cannot be used.
  • Only JP is earned. In addition to earning JP, the player can also learn and keep abilities from crystals. Magick that can be learned from being hit with it can also be learned and kept. The player will have to win the battle to keep their abilities or they are lost if they fail the mission. Since the player cannot gain levels, the Wild Boar's Bequeath Bacon is ineffective in Rendezvous.
  • Bravery and Faith can be changed for the duration of a battle, but there are no permanent changes.
  • Monsters cannot be poached for items. Poaching a monster will still remove it from the map, but no items will be added to the Poachers' Den.
  • While the Traitor status gained from Entice or Tame can still be used to recruit enemies onto their side for the duration of the battle, they cannot join the player's team permanently afterwards.
  • Similarly, the Greater Malboro's ability, Malboro Spores still turns a unit into a Malboro for the duration of the battle, but this does not affect that unit permanently.
  • There are no traps and no items that can be found using the Treasure Hunter ability, even on tiles where there are traps/items in the main story.
  • The player cannot be put their units under AI control.
  • The game cannot be paused. However, when one player is moving, the other player can scroll around the map and look at unit's status.
  • Although Bonus Coin is earned after a battle, gil cannot be gained or lost within a battle from Gil Snapper, Steal/Plunder Gil, Glitterlust, Beg, or from treasure chests.
  • Enemies killed during Rendezvous are not added to the player's Kills tally on the Chronicle screen and aren't counted towards unlocking Dark Knight.

Two of the Rendezvous missions; specifically "The Knights Templar" and "Brave Story" involve a sequence of battles. In these missions, the player move immediately from one battle to the next. They will not be able to change their units or equipment between battles.

Most gameplay elements carry over between each battle in the sequence:

  • HP/MP are not restored.
  • KO'd units are not revived.
  • Consumed or thrown items are not restored in the player's inventory until the end of the mission.
  • Broken equipment remains broken until the end of the mission.

However, there are a few things that are restored between battles:

  • Status conditions other than KO are removed between battles.
  • Changes in stats which includes Bravery and Faith are restored to their original value between battles.
  • The counter over KO'd characters is set back at 3.
  • Equipment that starts the player off with beneficial status effects like Invisible or Reraise has this effect at the start of each battle.

Treasure chests

FFT Multiplayer Mode Treasure

Choosing a treasure chest.

After winning a Rendezvous battle, each player will be presented with a ring of treasure chests, and can open one to five of them based on their performance during battle. No treasure chests are awarded if they fail the mission. Since these battles are a cooperative effort, both players will always earn the same number of treasure chests, even if one player had their party completely wiped out.

The number of treasure chests the player can open is determined by how well they fought. They can open more treasure chests when they:

  • Deploy fewer units. Typically, each player can deploy up to a total of 3 units.
  • KO more enemies. Some missions don't require them to KO every enemy, but KOing more of them will earn them more treasure chests.
  • Do not have any of their own units be KO'd at the end of battle. If the units are KO'd during battle but later revived, this does not penalize the player.

The contents of the treasure chests are determined by different factors:

  • The average level of their units.
  • Most missions have a cap on item quality. The tougher the mission, the better the items the player can get.

Note that the quality and quantity of items the player receive are determined by completely different factors. Even a poor performance on the later missions will earn them a chance at rare items; they just won't get as many of them. On the other hand, blowing through early missions will not get them unique items, no matter how efficiently they fight or how high their level is. Different items are placed in the treasure chests for each player.

Titles and star rating

In addition to treasures, the player will also be awarded a "title" for clearing each mission. For example, completing the Chocobo Defense mission earns the player the "Defender of the Wild" title. These titles are just for show.

Each title comes with a star rating, on a scale from 1 to 5. The star rating is simply equal to the number of chests the player were awarded at the end of the mission. In the Tavern, the game tracks the player's highest star ratings for each mission, so they can challenge themselves to try and earn a 5 stars on every mission.

List of missions

Chocobo Defense

Fovoham's chocobos face poaching on a scale never before seen. If naught is done, their population will fall to levels from which they cannot hope to recover. Please, save the birds from these soulless poachers before the sound of warking is forever lost to the windflats!

Society for the Protection of Endangered Wildfowl

Chocobo Defense is immediately available once Multiplayer Mode is unlocked. The objective is to protect the two guest chocobos. The player has to defeat all enemies to win, but if either of the guest chocobos are KO'd, the player loses.

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Chicken Race

We are conducting a test of courage in the form of a fenland race. Should you wish to prove your mettle, join us at your own peril.

Lionheart Adventurers

Chicken Race becomes available in Chapter 2. The objective is to defeat all enemies to win, but if the party is KO'd, the player loses. All enemies are Undead opponents, so the player should use that to their advantage. The area is filled with a poisonous swamp which hinders movement, as any character who stops within it will be inflicted with the Poison status effect.

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Treasure Hunt

An item of no small importance appears to have fallen from its wagon sometime during out last journey. Any man, woman, or child who returns it to us before brigands claim it as their own will be handsomely rewarded.

Gallionne Caravans

Treasure Hunt becomes available in Chapter 2. The objective is to either get the treasure chest that is on the opposite side of the map or defeat all enemies. The player will lose when the enemy takes the treasure chest or the player's party is KO'd.

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Every hunter has heard tell of Teioh, the fastest black chocobo alive. Many a hunter has tried his hand at capturing the elusive bird, but as of yet, none have prevailed. We seek the ones who can.

Fraternal Order of Huntsmen

Teioh becomes available after completing Castled City of Zaland battle. The objective is to KO the black chocobo called Teioh.

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Lost Heirloom

Foulest fortune! My most prized family heirloom, Saint Ajora's Tear, was stolen by cowardly rouges. Would that some honorable knights might retrieve it for me! Failing that, dishonorable sellswords would do.

Count Thanes

Lost Heirloom becomes available after completing Goug Lowtown battle. The objective is to defeat all enemies.

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The Fete

You are cordially invited to attend our evening fete. Enjoy such hospitality as you have never seen! There will be a rousing performance, with an exhilarating climax just for you. We do so hope you will come.

Swirling Silks Dance Troupe

The Fete becomes available in Chapter 3. The objective is to defeat all enemies.

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Desert Minefield

I've a need to cross the desert, but with the abundance of those blasted bombs, I would not dare set foot there alone. I seek a learned guide to escort me on my way.


Desert Minefield becomes available right after the First Floor of the Monastery Vaults has been completed. The objective is to have Govis reach the other side of the battlefield or eliminates all enemies.

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I am plagued at every hour of the day. Some damnable fools persist in lobbing dangerous items into my courtyard from the overlooking rooftops. Would there were a peaceful solution to the problem, but I fear enlisting the aid of warriors is my only choice.

Count Hattori

Littering becomes available right after the player completes Walled City of Yardrow. The player must defeat all enemies.

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Shades of the Past

I am an exorcist attempting to banish spirits with a particularly strong attachment to this world. My every attempt to exorcise them has met with failure, and there is little more I can do. I await men or women capable of dealing with ghosts in a less...sophisticated manner.

Master Sampson

Shades of the Past becomes available in Chapter 4.

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The Knights Templar

We seek the strong and pious to serve the gods' will as sworn members of the Knights Templar. Prove your martial prowess by crossing swords with our ranks, and you may well find yourself among them.

Mullonde Church of Glabados

The Knights Templar becomes available after the player completes the Fort Besselat Sluice battle. It is a string of four consecutive battles, with no chance to heal, change equipment or abilities in between the battles.

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All-Star Melee

A group of ne'er-do-wells has been terrorizing the city, but such is their strength and cunning that we have yet been unable to quell them. Rich reward awaits those who bring these blackguards to justice.

Gariland City Guard

All-Star Melee becomes available after the player completes the Mullonde Cathedral Sanctuary battle.

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The Guarded Temple

There is a temple said to house an artefact of unparalleled value, but the temple's fearsome guardians have foiled all previous attempts to retrieve it. We are in search of stalwart steel to defeat the guardians and claim the holy treasure.

League of Treasure Hunters

The Guarded Temple becomes available after the player beats the game, and saves when the prompted. When the player loads the file back up, this mission will be available in the tavern. Another requirement is the completion of the Nelveska Temple side quest.

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I have scary dreams every time I go to sleep. I make water in my beddings and Mother scolds me each morn. Please, make them go away!

Little Jack

Nightmares becomes available after the player beats the game, and saves when the prompted. When the player loads the file back up, this mission will be available in tavern.

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Brave Story

The end to this story is not yet written. There are others with roles to play, and their tales, too, can now be told. Come, that I might enlighten you with the truth.

Edell, Orbonne Monastery Gardener

Brave Story becomes available after the player beats the game, and saves when prompted. When the player loads the file back up, this mission will be available in tavern. It is series of ten individual battles. The player does not have the ability to heal in between the battles, or reorganize their battle party. They will automatically be taken to the next battle when the current battle is cleared.

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An Ill Wind

An unearthly wind howls through the ruins of Ziekden Fortress, chilling grown men to their marrow. Mayhap it's naught more than superstitious fear, but we offer a reward to any who would investigate nonetheless.

Eagrose Castle Guard

An Ill Wind becomes available after the player beats the game, and saves when prompted. When the player loads the file back up, this mission will be available in tavern.

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The items below are found in Rendezvous, but there are also some different multiplayer-only items that are only available in Melee. If the player is playing the iOS version, they will be able to buy the PSP exclusive items by completing the main story once and then visiting a Poachers' Den.

List of items:


Rendezvous is a French word that means to visit or to meet.

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