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Renda-Rae, also known as J'rhoomale, Andreia, and The Ranger of Darkness, is a character from Final Fantasy XIV. She is a member of the the Warriors of Darkness.


Early life[]

Renda-Rae was a hunter of legendary repute, slaying many powerful marks alongside her companions. As the group's status grew, so too did their ambition and lust for glory, coming to accept only notorious marks. One day, they came across the scourge of Norvrandt known as Balam-Quitz. In their arrogance, Renda's allies charged the monster, knowing nothing of its power or weaknesses. The monster let out a deafening roar that disoriented them all, and due to Renda's ultra-sensitive hearing, she nearly passed out. Unable to back up her friends, she could only watch as Balam-Quitz struck them down. Furious at the loss of her friends, Renda tried to stare down the beast alone. Seeing her as no threat the monster simply left. Her pride wounded and her friends killed, Renda vowed to get stronger and never depend on others until she could get her revenge.

Renda-Rae awakens as a Warrior of the Light.

Some time later, Renda joined an adventurer named Ardbert and his friends, but kept distant from them, not wanting to grow too attached. Through their exploits, she came to respect them and see them as friends. When Balam-Quitz reappeared, Renda did not want to get her new allies involved, and stormed off on her own toward Rak-tika Greatwoods to confront the monster, packed with specialized arrows that would disrupt its roar. Though she fared well, the monster immobilized her with a blast of lightning. Ardbert and his friends showed up to help her, and with their combined efforts, Renda felled the beast, avenging her fallen friends. Ardbert scolded her for running off alone, reminding her that she had friends to depend on who cared for her. A Crystal of Light appeared to Renda, making her a Warrior of Light. From that point on, Renda came to see the party as her new family, though never forgetting those she had lost along the way.

Renda and the others traveled across the realm vanquishing evil, eventually coming to blows with one of their own, Cylva, who revealed herself as the Shadowkeeper and ally to the Ascians. Ardbert spared her life, unable to kill someone he could call a close friend. They turned their weapons against the Ascians, Mitron and Loghrif. With their deaths a Flood of Light came crashing down on their world, eradicating all life in its wake. The Ascian Elidibus offered the warriors a chance to save their world by journeying to the Source, telling them that by causing a Calamity there they could halt the Flood on the First. Doing so would require them to sacrifice their corporeal forms, leaving them as souls that would nonetheless have a physical and tangible presence.

Before departing, Renda shared her final thoughts with her Crystal, wanting to be able to help others, hoping that no matter how pointless the effort may be in the long run, it would amount to something, and vowed to never close her heart off to others.

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward[]

The Warriors of Darkness.

With Elidibus's help, the warriors arrived on the moon of the Source world where Zodiark laid dormant. To save their world, a shard of the Source world known as the First, the Ascian told the warriors they must sow chaos by slaying primals and, should they come across them, the Source's Warrior of Light. To that end, each of Renda's group became a Warrior of Darkness. To blend in with the unfamiliar world, each took up a pseudonym, Renda-Rae calling herself "J'rhoomale".

Their first primal encounter was against Ravana. They encountered the Warrior of Light and their companions, and introduced themselves by fighting them. Thanks to the timely intervention of a skilled Rogue, the group retreated, but not before revealing who they were.

During one of their meetings with Elidibus, J'rhoomale's hearing picked up the footsteps of a young Elezen female spying on them. She shot a poison arrow at her, but failed to capture her thanks to the Rogue accompanying her. Sometime later, the Warriors of Darkness were told of the summoning of a primal at the top of Xephatol with a new masked mage at their side. They were too late as the Warrior of Light had slain the priest who attempted the summoning, accompanied by a familiar-looking youth. J'rhoomale noticed the Elezen she had shot previously before her ears picked up his more masculine voice, identifying him as the earlier Elezen's twin brother before promising to shoot him as well. Their new companion requested her to stay her bow, while Ardbert explained their situation though the pair doubted the news. Tired of their talk, Ardbert and the others left.

A final confrontation at the Bowl of Embers revealed to the Warrior of Light of the Source and their companions in the Scions of the Seventh Dawn that the Warriors of Darkness had offered up their lives in their own world to travel here. When they began to use their crystals of light, the Warrior of Light drew upon their own and transported them all to the realm of Goddess Hydaelyn. Here Ardbert attempted to strike down Minfilia when she offered to save the First, but was stopped, and promised to return to the First with her. Before he left, he told the Warrior of Light to take a different path than the one they had chosen.

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers[]

Back in the First, Minfilia used the souls of the Warriors of Darkness to stop the Flood of Light, except for Ardbert's. Renda-Rae's body became a powerful sin eater known as the Cardinal Virtue Andreia, who was now trying to recreate her old party from the corpses of her victims.

Renda-Rae as the sin eater Andreia.

Once the Warrior of Light traveled to Norvrandt, they assisted Lue-Reeq on his journey to hunt Andreia. During the journey, the Warrior of Light learned about Renda-Rae's past through the Echo. After Cardinal Virtue Andreia transformed Lanbyrd and others into sin eaters, the Warrior and Lue-Reeq defeated her and spotted an apparition of Renda-Rae's spirit, who said her last words to Lue-Reeq.

After the Ascian Emet-Selch's defeat, the spirits of Renda-Rae and the other Warriors of Darkness appeared in Crystarium to be reunited with the spirit of Ardbert.



Renda-Rae is identical in appearance to the female Miqo'te from the original version's cutscenes CGArtwork RealmReborn5 and A Realm Reborn promotional material, though her attire is blacked.

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Upon becoming the Cardinal Virtue Andreia, her appearance remains the same, though she has black and red eyes, plaster-like white skin, and her body is surrounded by a ghastly white glow.

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Renda served as a proud hunter for much of her life, lusting for glory and seeking to prove herself through ever increasing feats of hunting dangerous monsters. She has a compassionate side for those close to her, and was crestfallen by the deaths of her companions, swearing to become stronger alone to avenge them. She fears attachment due to losing her former compatriots and keeps her new allies at a distance until she is certain she can trust in their strength.


During Patch 3.4 "Soul Surrender", Renda-Rae is fought as the Ranger of Darkness alongside other Warriors of Darkness during the quest One Life for One World One Life for One World in a special instance.

Renda-Rae in role-play mode

In Shadowbringers expansion, Renda-Rae is temporarily playable during the role quest The Hunter's Legacy The Hunter's Legacy for physical DPS jobs. As an Archer, she has access to Heavy Shot and Acidic Bite. Her version of Refulgent Arrow, Radiant Arrow, has no prerequisites and works independent of global cooldown. She has her own version of Second Wind called Hunter's Prudence to heal herself. She comes with her own version of Head Graze called Dulling Arrow, which is used to interrupt Balam-Quitz's Preternatural Roar.

Renda-Rae is fought one last time as Andreia in final physical DPS role quest Courage Born of Fear Courage Born of Fear.