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Final Fantasy VI description

The Rename Card (リネームカード, Rinēmu Kādo?) is a recurring item from the Final Fantasy series. Usually, it allows the player to rename either a character or a summon.


Final Fantasy VI[]

The Rename Card allows the player to rename a character. It is a reward at the Dragon's Neck Coliseum for betting an Elixir and defeating the Cactuar, or for betting the Merit Award and defeating the Covert. The Rename Card can further be bet to obtain the Miracle Shoes if the player can defeat the Fiend Dragon.

In the Game Boy Advance and 2014 releases, another Rename Card can be obtained in the Dragons' Den.

Final Fantasy VIII[]

Moomba gives the party a Rename Card.

The Rename Card allows the player to rename a Guardian Force. They can be modified from a Catoblepas card, one can be acquired from a Moomba in D-District Prison (Moomba in prison tower), and one can be acquired from Zone for giving him The Girl Next Door magazine on the White SeeD Ship.

Pet Nametag allows the player to rename Angelo. One can be found in D-District Prison Floor 2. Another one is given by a man outside the Timber Maniacs building in Timber. The player must return to Timber after leaving it the first time, and encourage the man. Later, he will give the party the Pet Nametag item.

Chocobo's Tag is obtained from the Chocobo World as item rank B or C. It changes Boko's name.

Final Fantasy IX[]

Namingway Card.

The Namingway Card can be shown to a man in Daguerreo who allows the player to rename a character. It features a picture of the Hummingway Namingway from Final Fantasy IV, who could change a character's name.

The card can also be used to play Tetra Master, though the player would run the risk of losing it, as there are only two in the entire game. One is in Kuja's room in the Desert Palace (near the teleporter, only after Eiko has been kidnapped). The other is in Treno, during the card tournament.

When the player is in control of Vivi, they are given the option of "going home", or staying in Treno. Choosing the latter will give Zidane a different opponent in the card tournament's second round, who holds the Namingway card.

Final Fantasy X[]

Renames aeon.


The Rename Card allows the player to rename an aeon. It drops from Espada, can be stolen from Ornitholestes, bribed from Zaurus and won by having a top scorer in the tournament and league modes of blitzball.