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Eliminates opponent from battle


Remove is an indirect magic spell in Final Fantasy VII. It is granted by the Exit Materia at level two. When cast on an enemy, it will remove them from the battle, and no gil will be received from defeating them.


Magic Materia Exit, Master Magic
Effect Remove an enemy from battle and flag as Dead
No rewards will be received from this enemy
Compatible Support Materia Sneak Attack
Final Attack


Remove can be cast by characters with the Exit Materia at level 2. It will remove an enemy from the battle, though no gil rewarded for defeating them. The spell cannot be reflected. It has an extremely high MP cost of 99, and as little reward is provided for defeating them, it should be used sparingly.

Depending on if the enemy has immunity to Remove, the spell either always hits or always misses. It can be useful during Chocobo battles as it removes the legitimate enemies and leaves the Chocobo behind, allowing the player to capture it in one turn. It can also be used effectively with the Support Materia Sneak Attack, causing it to be cast on an enemy before they can do any damage.

In contrast to Death, Remove has a much higher chance of working, but also a much higher MP cost. Death, unlike Remove, provides rewards if successful.