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The Remorazz, also known as the GrPEDE and Remora in the Nintendo Entertainment System and PlayStation ports, is an enemy in the original Final Fantasy. It can be found at the Cavern of Ice and the wilderness surrounding the town of Onrac.

Originally, the Nintendo Entertainment System version (the Great Pede) was green, while its lesser sibling, the Ankheg, was red. The PlayStation version (Remora) was re-colored blue. The Game Boy Advance version switched the colors around, so that the Ankheg is blue and the Remorazz is red (suggesting, possibly, that the Ankheg living in Gurgu Volcano is cold-powered, and the Remorazz in the Cavern of Ice is fire-powered).


Battle Edit

Remorazz resists both Fire and Ice, and has high Magic Defense. It hits hard compared to other local monsters. It usually appears alone, and does not have any special abilities. It is recommended to use physical attacks to dispatch them.

Etymology Edit

The Remorazz resembles a real-life centipede, thus the name "Great Pede".

Remorhaz is a type of gigantic centipede monster from Dungeons & Dragons.

The remora is a small species of fish, often found in association with sharks. It possesses a sucker-like disc, which it uses to attach itself onto other fish, so as to gain protection and easy food. In Latin, remora means "delay."

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