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This world is illusion. You can hold it in your hand and still be holding nothing.

Queen Remedi

Queen Remedi is Prince Mewt's mother and the main antagonist from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. She is the Queen of Ivalice, and determines the laws of the land with her husband, Judgemaster Cid Randell.



Remedi is a tall woman with long brown hair. She wears a floor-long black and blue skirt and a black armor chest piece with a loose cross hanging on her stomach. Remedi wears a large brown belt that also has two smaller belts. A brown pattern adorns her forehead.


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Remedi when she is still alive along with Cid and baby Mewt.

In the real world, Remedi died from an unknown illness, but in Ivalice she is alive, but is not what she seems. This Remedi is bent on sustaining the fantasy world by thwarting Marche Radiuju's efforts to revert it to normal. In fact, Remedi herself is part of the reason the fantasy world continues to exist, along with the five Totema (she herself is effectively a sixth Totema). When Judgemaster Cid leaves after learning that Ivalice is not "real," Remedi creates a dark version of Mewt called Llednar Twem, and sends him to get rid of Marche.

She places a Fortune Law on Llednar, making him invincible, but despite his Hero Medal, he is not immune to Red Cards issued for violating Cid's Advanced Laws, leading to his first defeat. He suffers one more defeat (he fled when Cid showed up) before Cid obtains an Anti-Law to nullify Llednar's invincibility and uses it on him, allowing Marche to destroy him, outside of the royal family's summer retreat in Ambervale.

Following Llednar's defeat, Marche rushes in and discovers that Remedi has Mewt sealed away so that he can only speak to them. Mewt wishes the world of Ivalice to remain, and Remedi casts off her outer robes, draws a large white scythe, and use her powers to summon Dephs of Famfrit and Adrammelech. Once she is defeated, she transforms into her true form: a shiny, blue, pure-magic representation of everyone's wishes for the world to exist. After being defeated the second time, Mewt is released from her power, and the world reverts to normal.

In Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Radio Edition, Li-Grim is defeated after the party summons all of the Totema against her.

In the secret mission "Mission: With Babus" in Ambervale, a ghost of Remedi appears to Marche and Babus Swain while they are searching a crystal cavern for a lost object of Mewt. The Queen taunts Babus for opposing her, but Babus replies that he is forever loyal to Prince Mewt, and that the Remedi before him is only a ghost. After she is defeated, she dissolves and is replaced by a stuffed bear. Babus keeps the bear as a memento of Mewt and joins the clan.


Portrait of Battle Queen Remedi.
Sprite of Battle Queen Remedi.

Queen Remedi is fought for a total of three times, once after completion of the main game.


During the first battle, Remedi will only use the standard physical attack, but she is quite powerful. The player would have already completed their final battle with Llednar, meaning that a game over will send them back to the start. Remedi possesses a unique class, but no equipment. She has ludicrously powerful Attack, but lacks abilities. Units with the reaction abilities Reflex or Strikeback can heavily exploit this. Fragile units, like mages, are in great danger. Remedi is supported by Dephs of Famfrit and Adrammelech. The two minions can range from annoyances to legitimate threats, but are not required to be killed; they will disappear upon Remedi's death.


I am the wish-gatherer. I am the world-maker. Desire is the thread that binds the world together.


After she is defeated in her battle queen form, Remedi reveals her true nature as Li-Grim (リィ・グリモア, Rī Gurimoa?, lit. Le' Grimoire). This is the final battle, during which Li-Grim summons two Dephs of Mateus, and will use a plethora of spells. Again, a game over will force the player to redo the previous battles. Li-Grim sports incredible stats and powerful abilities. Her unique abilities involve a wealth of heavy damage and a few status effects. Li-Grim absorbs holy damage and is immune to the most critical status effects, like Instant Death and Doom, and keeps her distance from the party.

Alpha, Descent, and Magi all deal high non-elemental damage and target an area or everybody, making damage difficult to avoid. The player should be most concerned about massive party-wide damage. Beneficial effects, such as Auto-Life and Regen, can greatly improve the party's survivability. Li-Grim is supported by two Dephs of Mateus, who possess strong magic and their powerful Spellbind. The two Mateuses are not required to be defeated.

Her skills are as follows:


Li-grim command. Wield the primal world-power.

Skill Effect
Lawshift Primal power. Randomly changes the laws to three new laws.
Amber Gleam Neutralizes all enemies status enhancements. (Target All)


Li-grim command. Magic shaped from desires.

Skill Effect
Omega As powerful as Ultima. Deals massive double damage.
Alpha The fatherspell of Omega and Ultima. Deals Devastating ranged Area Damage.
Descent Summons a Random Totema.
Magi Primal chaos deals massive damage to all enemies. (Target All)

Remedi's Ghost[]

The last encounter with Queen Remedi is during the last mission required for recruiting Babus. This time, Remedi is back in her original form, but as a ghost. She is supported by a Floateye and Ahriman monsters. The strategies of the first encounter are applicable to this one, but the player should be wary of the slanted terrain. Babus will join alongside the player's deployed units as a guest, controlled by the AI. Babus is intelligent enough to keep his distance from Remedi and focus on dealing damage with Explode. Completing the mission earns the Stuffed Bear mission item and Babus can join the player's clan if there is enough room.

Musical themes[]

Remedi has two motifs that play during the final battle at Ambervale. The penultimate theme, against the Battle Queen, is "Surpassing the Wall". It has some minor similarities with "Altima, the Nice Body" (its equivalent from Final Fantasy Tactics), including being in the same key.

When Remedi transforms into the Li-Grim, "Surpassing the Wall" is replaced by "Incarnation". This song undergoes a gauntlet of key switches partway through the piece, but remains in minor key. It is somewhat darker and more suspenseful in tone than "Surpassing the Wall", given the mystery of the Li-Grim compared to the preceding battle.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Remedi appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as Ice-elemental Forward cards.


Her name is derived from the word "remedy," which means "something that heals".