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An Agito Cadet in Class Zero at the Akademeia who is sent to partake in the war effort with her classmates. She suffers from an incurable illness, but stands strong to keep others from worrying. Rem and her childhood friend, Machina, are the newest members of the team.


Rem is a playable character in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia who is available at the start of Chapter 1 of the main storyline.



Rem wears the Agito Cadet uniform that consists of a black jacket with gold shoulder pads and white-laced cuffs, a red plaid skirt hemmed with black lace, and the red mantle of Class Zero. She wears black thigh-high socks and Mary Jane shoes.


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Image Name Grade CP Effect
DFFOO Defender's Daggers (0)+ Defender's Daggers (0)+
7★ (EX+) 100
Keeper of Love Extension:
  • Improves EX Ability: Siphon Delta.
DFFOO Defender's Daggers (0) Defender's Daggers (0)
5★ (EX) 70
Keeper of Love:
  • Equips the EX Ability: Siphon Delta.
Original design.
The blade is made of jade while the grips and cross-guards are golden with heart details.
DFFOO Rune Daggers (0) Rune Daggers (0)
5★ 35
Power of Transformation:
  • Raises the BRV gain of Swap Turns and lowers its action delay.
  • Increases the potency of Max BRV Up and extends its duration.
  • Grants SPD Up to Rem and the targeted ally for 5 turns.
Original design.
The blade is navy blue and thin, slightly hooked; while the handle and crossguard are darker, the latter featuring a red jewel.
DFFOO Caerula Daggers (0) Caerula Daggers (0)
5★ 15
Arctic Blade:
  • Turns Rem's BRV Attack to an Ice-elemental magic BRV attack.
Original weapon.
These short swords are stylished after Shiva. The blade resembles ice, it has gold details on both blade and handle and green jewels in its cross-guard.
DFFOO Survival Edges (0) Survival Edges (0)
5★ 15
Channeled Blessing:
  • Increases Cure's potency.
Original design.
The blade has a serrated edge and features golden details, the handle is made of black leather and has an iridescent jewel embedded on the cross-guard.
DFFOO Argentic Daggers (0) Argentic Daggers (0)
4★ 10
MAX BRV+110:
  • Increases MAX BRV by 110.
Original design.
Both the blade and handle are made of a silvery metal. The latter is similar to those that rapiers feature and has winged ornaments on the cross-guard.
Image Name Grade CP Effect
DFFOO Suzaku Amulet (0)+ Suzaku Amulet (0)+
7★ (EX+) 130
  • Increases MAX BRV by 220.
  • Increases DEF by 84.
DFFOO Vermilion Bird's Amulet (0) Suzaku Amulet (0)
5★ 90
  • Increases HP by 680.
  • Increases ATK by 72.
Original armor.
Amulet with a silver chain and a charm based after a phoenix made of gold, red jewels and red bird feathers.
DFFOO Warlock's Headdress (0) Magic Master (0)
5★ 35
  • Increases INT BRV by 110.
  • Increases MAX BRV by 220.
Original design.*(Specially considering that its based on a headdress with the same name from Type-0.)
A pocket watch made of silver. The cover features on the inside the symbol of Rubrum, while the clock's design features a jade carcass and gold handles.
DFFOO Circlet (0) Circlet (0)
4★ 20
ATK +72:
  • Increases ATK by 72.
Original design.
This headband made of black leather with complex silver linings has a orange fiery jewel embedded in a strap made to resemble a wing.


Command abilities
Move Type Image
BRV Attack
BRV, Melee DFFOO Rem BRV Attack
Steals enemy's BRV.
HP Attack
HP, Ranged DFFOO Rem HP Attack
Expends BRV to deal HP damage.
HP Attack+:
Grants allies BRV based on HP damage dealt.
Condition: After using Swap Turns, lasts for 5 turns.
Heal, Recovery, Buff DFFOO Cure
Restores target's HP based on own ATK.
Grants target BRV based on own MAX BRV.
Grants "Devoted Heart" to self for 10 turns.
Swap Turns
Support, Buff DFFOO Swap Turn
Gives own turn to ally.
Grants target and self's BRV based on ATK.
Grants "MAX BRV Up" and "SPD Up" to both self and target for 8 turns.
No action delay.
All Swap BRV
Additional Ability, Buff 200px
Reduces party's BRV damage taken for 5 turns.
Applies a "Stolen BRV Up" effect to the party.
No action delay.
Siphon Delta
EX Ability, HP, Magic DFFOO Aspir Field
Base effects:

2-hit HP+BRV AoE attack.
Deals total HP damage to each target.
Largely restores party's HP based on HP damage dealt.
HP recovered in excess of MAX HP added to BRV.
Grants "Siphon" to self for 5 turns.
High turn rate.

Realization effects:

4-hit HP+BRV AoE attack.
Grants party BRV based on own MAX BRV before BRV attack.
Stolen BRV may exceed MAX BRV up to 150%.

Passive abilities



  • Her HP Attack animation resembles her Dagger Boomerang ability from Final Fantasy Type-0.
  • Rem asks King to keep her illness a secret from the rest of the party, which is the same request she made to Dr. Al-Rashia in her homeworld. King's remark that Rem is a poor liar parallels Machina's reaction as well.
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