An Agito Cadet in Class Zero at the Akademeia who is sent to partake in the war effort with her classmates. She suffers from an incurable illness, but stands strong to keep others from worrying. Rem and her childhood friend, Machina, are the newest members of the team.


Rem is a playable character in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia who is available at the start of Chapter 1 of the main storyline.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Rem wears the Agito Cadet uniform that consists of a black jacket with gold shoulder pads and white-laced cuffs, a red plaid skirt hemmed with black lace, and the red mantle of Class Zero. She wears black thigh-high socks and Mary Jane shoes.

Personality[edit | edit source]

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Story[edit | edit source]

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Chapters 1–2[edit | edit source]

Rem is one of the first three Warriors of Light identified by Mog to defend Materia's world of respite from the existential threat of torsions. After Garland defeats the Warrior of Light in the void, Rem wakes the Warrior up in a meadow on Primus Island. She joins him and Vivi to fight off an attacking band of goblins and they decide to band to stop the torsions that have opened on the island.

After closing their first torsion, Rem and the others encounter Sazh Katzroy, who reports a larger torsion nearby and joins their group to help close it. They later come to Y'shtola's defense before also convincing her to join them in their mission. As the warriors approach the largest torsion in the area, monsters have begun to behave strangely and a malevolent air pervades this region of the island. The cause of the evil is Kuja who retreats through the large torsion as it closes.

Rem and the other warriors leave Primus for Deserta in pursuit of more torsions. She is part of the groups that encounter and recruit Zidane and Yda. Rem remains oblivious to Zidane's flirting during their travels. In the heart of the ruins at Deserta, Rem and the others chase Kuja through a torsion whose ominous atmosphere reminds Rem of a battlefield. The warriors fight off waves of dark manikins that Kuja summons, and after escaping the torsion, Rem ruminates on Kuja's motives with Hope, Vivi, and Zidane; they conclude that Kuja fears his fated death in his homeworld and may be seeking to alter that fate by manipulating torsions.

Chapter 3[edit | edit source]

The Warriors of Light continue in their quest to the lost kingdom of Thronus. As they venture into the forests in the south of the kingdom, Rem and the others defeat (and then recruit) Edge and she helps rescue Yuna from the Disciplinary Committee.

At the heart of Thronus, Rem encounters her fellow Class Zero classmate King and orients him on the ways of the world of respite. King is surprised Rem was called from Orience given her terminal illness. Rem downplays the illness as not to worry the Warrior of Light, who overheard the conversation. Later, in private, Rem swears King to secrecy over her illness. King sighs in resignation, noting to himself that Machina might have known how to handle the situation better than he did.

King and Rem continue deeper into Thronus together. King is the only other Oriencian to arrive in the world of respite and is thus the only other person accustomed to forgetting the dead. Rem confides that she is afraid to remember anyone who dies while fighting away from Orience. However, she ultimately takes comfort in the notion that she herself would be remembered by her new comrades.

Chapters 4–5[edit | edit source]

When Rem and the other warriors defeat a Magitek Armor unit in Crudelis, Terra Branford falls unconscious from the destroyed machine. This surprises everyone except for Rem, who has fought the human-operated units on the battlefield before. Rem identifies the Slave Crown that falls off Terra's head, leading the group to suspect that Terra was acting under another's mind control. Rem helps tend to Terra's wounds after the group carries her to a cave sheltered from the elements. After Terra awakens, she joins Rem and the others as they chase Kefka through a torsion. Rem notes her fatigue in this interdimensional space, a feeling that her companions share.

After clearing the Crudelis area, Rem and the others disembark on Malitia and head to a palace on the far side of the island. As the warriors move through a mountain pass, they defeat a manikin of Yuna. Rem notes how disturbing it is to fight the manikins, prompting a broader discussion with Vivi, Edge, Tifa, and Yuna about whether such beings—puppets of another's will—are truly living beings.

Lost Chapter: A Lion's Heart[edit | edit source]

The warriors of Materia find Squall in cave and Rem, Cloud and Sazh later catch up to him. Squall warns them of progressing further, as the cave is monster-infested. Rem proclaims that she—being a soldier as well—can take care of herself, and that she and the other warriors have their own reasons for traveling in this world. When Rem and the others insist on accompanying Squall, he relents though he clarifies to Rem that he is not joining their band of warriors.

Squall leads the warriors outside the cave. Rem thinks it is nice that Squall's employer can count on him, but Squall doesn't necessarily trust his client. Rem is surprised that Squall might risk his life for someone he doesn't trust. Squall clarifies that he can still rely on his client since they have a vested interest in his success. Later, Cloud expresses his concerns about Squall's standoffish demeanor to Rem and the others, as well as the intentions of Squall's unknown client. Rem defends Squall and declares him as one of their own, thinking that though he may be acting cold as he searches for a purpose in the new world, it is the warriors' responsibility to support him on that path. Rem and Y'shtola later pull Squall aside and encourage him.

Lost Chapter: The Girl from Oerba[edit | edit source]

The warriors of light encounter Vanille while trapped within a forest by an unknown magical entity. After they rush to her defense when she is attacked by monsters, she joins them, and they help her search the forest for whatever it is that she senses is calling out to her. Rem joins Vanille, Yda and Yuffie, but becomes anxious at the prospect that a living malevolent entity might be trapping them in the forest.

Rem and Vivi discover a Starfall Pendant on the ground and opt not to touch it, sensing a dark aura emanating from it. Vanille rushes over cavalierly and wears it, much to Rem's and Vivi's alarm. Mog explains that some items choose their owners in the world of respite, and the pendant appears to have chosen Vanille. After Sazh joins the group, the conversation turns to the risks that one might take for family. Rem senses that this talk saddens Vanille and comforts her, suggesting that Vanille may yet be reunited in the world of respite with her loved ones.

Chapter 6[edit | edit source]

The warriors of light disembark their airship to close a torsion in the wastelands of Domina. As they pass through a forest they encounter Shantotto, who opts to observe them from a distance to study them, rather than to join them in their fight. In their third encounter, Shantotto approaches Rem, Cloud, and Yuna. Rem assures that they would understand if Shantotto's goals in the world of respite precluded her from joining them. They nearly convince her when Shantotto senses "the call of chaos" (a nearby torsion opened by Kuja) and chases after it instead.

Rem helps Bartz track down Galuf after they encounter his manikin. They discover Galuf collapsed in the middle of the pathway and take him for dead until he suddenly wakes up, startling them all. Rem and Sazh express their concerns about his mental well-being.

Act 2, Ch. 1: Drawing Chaos[edit | edit source]

Sazh pilots Mog's airship through inclement weather. After a spell of relative wellness Rem begins coughing again, inviting concern from Garnet. When the ship is attacked by an unknown assailant Mog teleports Rem and the others to safety before falling unconscious; he falls to the ground as the airship breaks up in the sky.

As the warriors wander through the World of Darkness, they find the ruins of a city and are confronted by Caius who challenges Lightning and her compatriots to a fight. Rem helps Lightning defeat Caius and forces him to retreat through a torsion. Caius regrets having brought so much suffering when he merged the world with Valhalla, and intends to impose Orience's crystal blessing within his world to rectify his mistake. Although most of the warriors are repulsed, Rem quietly assents. She nevertheless agrees to follow Serah's lead in their pursuit of Caius.

Rem moves through the city alongside Hope and Lightning when they are approached by the dark manikins of Serah, Lightning, and Hope. The three have aligned with Caius and attempt to convince the warriors to join him as well. When Hope's dark manikin invokes the death of his mother and claims it to be avoidable, Hope becomes upset; he argues that he would never surrender his hope for a better future to change the events of the past, which made him who he is. At Hope's call, Rem and Lightning support him in battling the manikins.

When Rem and the others confront Caius he has summoned a planesgorger into the world of darkness. He asks for the allegiance of those who have changed their minds, but the warriors unite against him behind Lightning. Caius reaches out to Rem, indicating that if he were allowed to rewrite the history of Orience, then Rem might not be consigned to a painful death from a terminal illness. Rem hesitates but grows defiant, arguing that accepting her fate allots her, and not Caius, the freedom to decide her own path. The warriors defeat Caius and his planesgorger, killing the planesgorger in the process.

Lost Chapter: Keeper of Fear[edit | edit source]

Spiritus calls Machina to the world of respite where he meets a contingent of Materia's warriors. Rem, who was lagging behind the group, joyfully reunites with him. She joins Ace and Deuce to bring Machina up to speed and to introduce him to the rest of the warriors. Since Machina was brought to the world by Spiritus, he retains the memories of Class Zero's deaths at the end of Tempus Finis. Machina declines out of remorse. Rem is baffled by his response and encourages him to join them anyway; Machina agrees after he remembers his promise to protect her.

Later, Rem and Machina talk with Vaan, Penelo, Cloud and Tifa about childhood friendships and promises. Machina recounts the story of how he and Rem survived the destruction of their home village, but were separated and did not reunite until they had separately enrolled at Akademeia. Rem reminisces about how Machina promised to become a strong warrior to protect her. After Machina chides Vaan for making an immature comment about commitment, Rem deems him more grown up than the Machina she remembered. Machina becomes withdrawn, keen to avoid spilling the truth of what he knows about Class Zero's future.

Act 2, Ch. 9: Light of the Living[edit | edit source]

Outside Akademeia[edit | edit source]

The warriors traverse a seemingly endless battlefield that resembles the countryside of the Dominion of Rubrum. Ace becomes increasingly distant from the others and begins ignoring even Mog's calls to arms. Rem and the other Class Zero cadets become concerned and Rem suggests reaching out to Materia directly for information on Ace's whereabouts. They spot Rem's dark manikin in the distance and run to her in search of answers.

Rem's dark manikin explains that she had escaped Ace's grief-induced will, pent up in a destroyed replica of Akademeia not far from the party's location. Ace wants to recreate his old life with the dark manikins of the Class Zero cadets, as his memories were returned by a mysterious adversary. To restore Rem's memories, the dark manikin challenges her to a fight to the death. She reassures Rem that the brilliance the manikin contains would only serve to strengthen her.

When Rem regains her brilliance, she is taken aback. She had believed she would have been the first of Class Zero to die; instead, Rem discovers that only she survived Tempus Finis with Machina, and is filled with grief. She realizes that because she remembered her deceased friends, an end must have come to the crystal's blessing over Orience after the war. Rem, Machina, and Lyse realize that the entirety of Class Zero may regain their memories soon and decide to warn them so they can prepare themselves in a way that Ace could not. As Machina leaves, Lyse empathetically comforts Rem and encourages her to lean on her friends.

Inside Akademeia[edit | edit source]

Class Zero and the other warriors enter Akademeia, aware of Machina's account of the end of things, and that both Machina and Rem already regained their memories. When Deuce, Cater, and Cinque defeat their dark manikins and regain their brilliance, Rem hesitantly stands back, wondering what she can do to comfort them. Selphie stands by her and suggests that she give them time to process the story of their deaths. Selphie tells Rem that it is important that she believes in them, and that she trusts that they will each come to terms with themselves in a way that is best for them. Deuce approaches Rem's group happy that so many people have come to support them. At Selphie's beckoning, Rem runs over to talk with her.

After defeating all the dark manikins, the warriors thwart Ace's plans to restore Class Zero at the false Akademeia. As Machina runs into the darkness to save Ace, the two quarrel while the other cadets await at a distance. Rem wonders whether they should intervene. As they talk among themselves, they come to terms with needing to grow together as people now that the pressure of war isn't forcing them to suppress their emotions. King convinces Rem to let Ace and Machina argue until they tire each other out.

After Machina talks Ace down and the warriors defeat the Cloud of Darkness, Rem chats with a few members of Class Zero about the hobbies they had postponed until after the war ended in Orience. King wants to learn to play a musical instrument. Jack volunteers himself and Trey to form a band, and Eiko volunteers to teach them. Rem is pleased to see her classmates at peace and asks Machina if there was anything he'd been wanting to do. Machina admits that his mind has been too consumed with apologizing to Class Zero to think about such things, and Rem cheerfully remarks that they can think about it together. Rem reminds him to tend to Chichiri, his brother's old war chocobo whom he is now jointly raising with Ace, and he heads over to care for her.

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Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Rem's full kit (15cp/35cp/EX+ 3/3) serves the role of a support character that induces BRV and HP recovery for other party members rather than dealing damage or shaving enemy BRV. The most distinctive element in her kit is the Swap Turns ability, which allows her to instantly swap her placement in the turn order with any other party member, also yielding a large BRV boost for the selected character. The first use of Swap Turns grants access to Rem's HP Attack+ that induces a party-wide BRV refund proportional to the HP damage dealt (which, in lieu of any BRV-shaving, equates to her BRV at the time of attack).

Rem's EX ability, Siphon Delta, is her only AOE and only BRV-shaving offensive ability. It has a quick recharge and offers a free ability use upon execution. If balanced with the use of Cure (for both HP recovery and BRV battery use for a single designated party member) and HP Attack+, it is possible to indefinitely maintain access to her Swap Turns mechanism throughout COSMOS and some CHAOS battles.

Rem's kit is variably effective depending on the other party and on the optimal timings and pacings of their abilities. For instance, Rem can be paired with a character that imposes turn delay or deletion (e.g., Aranea, Lightning, Leo or Amidatelion) to profoundly delay enemy actions. If a character has a very high turn-by-turn damage output potential (e.g., Machina, Lightning), this factor can be compounded if Rem repeatedly swaps them into place. If Rem is paired with Noctis after he uses his BURST, she can repeatedly swap with the third party member to greatly increase the damage associated with Noctis's additional burst attack (which follows any attack performed by any party member, but only for the next 3 of Noctis's own turns). Because the value in her kit resides in greater control over timing the other two party members' abilities, they are also liable to exhaust their abilities. Using Rem in co-op battles effectively depends on being familiar with the other players' characters.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Image Name Grade CP Effect
DFFOO Defender's Daggers (0)+.png Defender's Daggers (0)+
7★ (EX+) 100
Keeper of Love Extension:
  • Improves the EX Ability: Siphon Delta.
DFFOO Defender's Daggers (0).png Defender's Daggers (0)
5★ (EX) 70
Keeper of Love:
  • Equips the EX Ability: Siphon Delta.
Original design.
DFFOO Rune Daggers (0).png Rune Daggers (0)
5★ 35
Power of Transformation:
  • When using Swap Turns:
    • Boost to BRV granted based on ATK.
    • "MAX BRV Up" boost, duration+.
    • Self: 5 turns "SPD Up I".
    • Target: 5 turns "SPD Up I".
    • Turn rate+.
Original design.
DFFOO Caerula Daggers (0).png Caerula Daggers (0)
5★ 15
Arctic Blade:
  • Upgrade: BRV Attack to Ice BRV magic attack.
Original weapon.
Stylished after Shiva.
DFFOO Survival Edges (0).png Survival Edges (0)
5★ 15
Channeled Blessing:
  • Recovers more HP with Cure.
Original design.
DFFOO Argentic Daggers (0).png Argentic Daggers (0)
4★ 10
MAX BRV+110:
  • Raises MAX BRV by 110.
Original design.
Image Name Grade CP Effect
DFFOO Suzaku Amulet (0)+.png Suzaku Amulet (0)+
7★ (EX+) 130
  • Raises MAX BRV by 220.
  • Raises DEF by 84.
DFFOO Vermilion Bird's Amulet (0).png Suzaku Amulet (0)
5★ (EX) 90
  • Raises HP by 680.
  • Raises ATK by 72.
Original armor.
DFFOO Warlock's Headdress (0).png Magic Master (0)
5★ 35
  • Raises INT BRV by 110.
  • Raises MAX BRV by 220.
Original design.*(Specially considering that its based on a headdress with the same name from Type-0.)
DFFOO Circlet (0).png Circlet (0)
4★ 20
ATK +72:
  • Raises ATK by 72.
Original design.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Command abilities
Move Type Image
BRV Attack
BRV, Melee DFFOO Rem BRV Attack.png
Steals enemy's BRV.
HP Attack
HP, Ranged DFFOO Rem HP Attack.png
Expends BRV to deal HP damage.
HP Attack+:
Grants allies BRV based on HP damage dealt.
Condition: After using Swap Turns, lasts for 5 turns.
Heal, Recovery, Buff DFFOO Cure.jpg
Restores target's HP based on own ATK.
Grants target BRV based on own MAX BRV.
Grants "Devoted Heart" to self for 10 turns.
Swap Turns
Support, Buff DFFOO Swap Turn.png
Gives own turn to ally.
Grants target and self's BRV based on ATK.
Grants "MAX BRV Up" and "SPD Up" to both self and target for 8 turns.
No action delay.
All Swap BRV
Additional Ability, Buff 200px
Reduces party's BRV damage taken for 5 turns.
Applies a "Stolen BRV Up" effect to the party.
No action delay.
Siphon Delta
EX Ability, HP, Magic DFFOO Aspir Field.png
Base effects:

2-hit HP+BRV AoE attack.
Deals total HP damage to each target.
Largely restores party's HP based on HP damage dealt.
HP recovered in excess of MAX HP added to BRV.
Grants "Siphon" to self for 5 turns.
High turn rate.

Realization effects:

4-hit HP+BRV AoE attack.
Grants party BRV based on own MAX BRV before BRV attack.
Stolen BRV may exceed MAX BRV up to 150%.

Passive abilities

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Allusions[edit | edit source]

  • Her HP Attack animation resembles her Dagger Boomerang ability from Final Fantasy Type-0.
  • Rem asks King to keep her illness a secret from the rest of the party, which is the same request she made to Dr. Al-Rashia in her homeworld. King's remark that Rem is a poor liar parallels Machina's reaction as well.
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