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"Relm's Theme" (リルムのテーマ, Rirumu no Tēma?), also known as simply "Relm", is Relm Arrowny's personal theme in Final Fantasy VI. It was composed by Nobuo Uematsu.

Game appearances[]

Final Fantasy VI[]

"Relm's Theme" first plays during the introduction of the character at Thamasa, and later when she intervenes during the battle with Ultros at the Esper Caves.

It is further used after the battle with Chadarnook at Jidoor, where the party finds Relm at the World of Ruin, and at the Cultists' Tower, when she is reunited with her grandfather. And as with all personal themes, Relm's Theme is included in the "Ending Theme".

"Relm's Theme" is the eighteenth track of the game's soundtrack's first disc.

Arrangement album appearances[]

Final Fantasy VI: Grand Finale[]

An orchestral arrangement of "Relm's Theme", titled "Relm", performed by the Milan Symphony Orchestra is featured as the ninth track.

Final Fantasy: Love Will Grow[]

"Kami no Yurikago", from Final Fantasy: Love Will Grow

The only instrument in this song is human voice. Miss Ohki's solo rings over the 16 mixed SATB singers. Would it be like African spirituals? Miss Ohki herself arranged this song. Mr. Kishimoto, who sings Bass 1, has won first place in a contest in Russia. Has God cradled your cradle yet?

Liner notes to "Kami no Yurikago" on Final Fantasy: Love Will Grow album

"Kami no Yurikago" ("God's Cradle") is a vocal arrangement of "Relm's Theme", featured in the music album Final Fantasy: Love Will Grow. It is sung in Japanese and is the album's ninth track.


Madoromu daichi ni odoru yume wa
Yagate nijiiro ni akeru sora o irodoru
Kataritsugare yuku tooi kotoba
Inochi no matsuri ni ima hitotabi no honoo
Kami no te ga yurikago o yurasu
Kigi no uta ni tsutsumarete
Arasoi wa itsuka ame ni utare
Kanashii kioku o mizu no soko ni shizumeru
Kami no te ga yurikago o yurashi
Kagayaki e to michibiku yo
English translation[]
In the drowsy earth, dancing dreams
Finally paint the dawning sky in rainbow colors.
Distant words passed down through generations
Now are a single flame in the festival of life.
God's hand rocks the cradle,
Wrapped within the song of the trees.
Rain will fall on our troubles,
Sinking sad memories into the watery depths.
God's hand rocks the cradle,
And leads you into the brightness.