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...I left the viera homeland, I broke out laws, because I wanted to why the humes prospered all other races of Ivalice. So did I journey...yet I found the world of the humes engulfed in horrible war. Many times was I betrayed, disappointed, wounded. And when at last I came to Bur-Omisace I found only weak humes, clinging to their gods. ...Only now do I realize. It is because they are weak that the humes support one another. They accept, forgive, aid, and will fight to the death to protect their own... This is their strength. Thus do the humes prosper.


Relj is a viera who comes to live at Mt Bur-Omisace in Final Fantasy XII. She is the only viera at the mountain and is initially unimpressed with humes as the wars are flooding the religious center at the mountain peak with refugees.



Relj dresses like the Salve-Maker viera of her homeland. She has long white hair and white-furred leporine ears with black tips, one of them adorned with gold earrings. Her legs and forearms are covered in guards and she wears a sheer white lingerie.


Relj is world-weary and cynical, having exhausted her exuberance for world exploration upon witnessing cruelty and chaos at the hands of humes, beings whose prosperity she initially cannot fathom as she considers them weak. Relj comes to understand the hume mindset better after witnessing their benevolence and willingness to protect their own from harm.


Relj broke the viera laws by leaving Eruyt Village to find out why humes prosper all over Ivalice. She was unimpressed to witness a world engulfed in wars spurned by hume aggression. When she came to Bur-Omisace, Relj befriended a man of Kiltia faith called Ieeha, who headed off to face Fafnir, a wyrm released into the snowfields around the mountain. When Vaan's party comes looking for Ieeha as answer to summons to slay the beast, they meet Relj who explains the situation to them. She appears uninterested in the outcome, thinking Ieeha ran off, being but a weak hume.

Vaan's party defeats Fafnir though Ieeha has already perished, Vaan only recovering his ring. As they present the ring of Relj she is shocked Ieeha had fought Fafnir even knowing he could not win. Ieeha's sacrifice inspires her to aid the residents of Mt Bur-Omisace to begin anew and rebuild what they have lost, now understanding that the reason humes prosper is that though weak they may be, they band together and protect one another. She decides to stop traveling and make Bur-Omisace her home.