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Relic Weapons in Final Fantasy XI.

Relic Weapons (古の武器, Inishie no Buki?) are a class of high-rank weapons found in both Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV. They are considered to be ideal for their type and level.


Final Fantasy XI[]

Relic Weapons are sixteen weapons obtainable through a series of upgrades. They are lauded as legendary weapons once used by war heroes during the Great Crystal War twenty years prior to present day Vana'diel.

Relic Weapons are the first of four legendary sets of weapons to be introduced. Relic Weapons were added in the Rise of the Zilart expansion pack, with the sole exception of Aegis, which was added in Chains of Promathia.

Not all Relic Weapons are actual weapons, as the set includes a wind instrument and a shield as well. The rest of the weapons each belong to a different weapon type and come with their own unique weapon skills. Each weapon would produce a different special effect for its wielder, known as an aftermath, when the unique weapon skill was used for the weapon. Also, in addition to their stated effects, all Relic weapons come with the hidden effect of occasionally dealing triple damage.

To obtain the weapons, players must venture into Dynamis and obtain the base relic weapons, and subsequently upgrade the weapons through various stages by paying ancient currency, as well as other special items obtained from Dynamis, to the Goblin Switchstix.

The initial level of a Relic Weapon is 75, but various Magian Trials may be undertaken to improve the weapons, capable of being upgraded like the Empyrean Weapons to a final, elevated Level 99 Afterglow version. The afterglow of all Relic Weapons is a radiant gold.

Name Type Image Jobs Weapon Skill Aftermath Relic Weapon
Spharai Hand-to-Hand FFXI Spharai.png MNK Final Heaven Increases "Subtle Blow" First Stage: Relic Knuckles
Attack +
Enhances "Counter" effect
Second Stage: Militant Knuckles
Third Stage: Dynamis Knuckles
Fourth Stage: Caestus
Mandau Dagger FFXI Mandau.png RDM / THF / BRD Mercy Stroke Increases critical hit rate First Stage: Relic Dagger
Attack +
Additional effect: Poison
Second Stage: Malefic Dagger
Third Stage: Dynamis Dagger
Fourth Stage: Batardeau
Excalibur Sword FFXI Excalibur.png RDM / PLD Knights of Round "Regen" effect First Stage: Relic Sword
Attack +
Additional effect: Damage proportionate to current HP
Second Stage: Glyptic Sword
Third Stage: Dynamis Sword
Fourth Stage: Caliburn
Ragnarok Great Sword FFXI Great Sword 6A.png WAR / PLD / DRK Scourge Increases critical hit rate First Stage: Relic Blade
Accuracy +
Increases rate of critical hits
Second Stage: Gilded Blade
Third Stage: Dynamis Blade
Fourth Stage: Valhalla
Guttler Axe FFXI Guttler.png BST Onslaught Increases Attack First Stage: Relic Axe
Attack +
Additional effect: Choke
Second Stage: Leonine Axe
Third Stage: Dynamis Axe
Fourth Stage: Ogre Killer
Bravura Great Axe FFXI Great Axe 4B.png WAR Metatron Torment Reduces damage taken First Stage: Relic Bhuj
Accuracy +
Additional effect: Impairs evasion
Second Stage: Agonal Bhuj
Third Stage: Dynamis Bhuj
Fourth Stage: Abaddon Killer
Apocalypse Scythe FFXI Scythe 3B.png DRK Catastrophe "Haste " effect First Stage: Relic Scythe
Accuracy +
Additional effect: Blindness
Second Stage: Memento Scythe
Third Stage: Dynamis Scythe
Fourth Stage: Bec de Faucon
Gungnir Polearm FFXI Polearm 9A.png DRG Geirskogul "Shock Spikes" effect First Stage: Relic Lance
Accuracy +
Additional effect: Weakens defense
Second Stage: Hotspur Lance
Third Stage: Dynamis Lance
Fourth Stage: Gae Assail
Kikoku Katana FFXI Katana 1C.png NIN Blade: Metsu Increases "Subtle Blow" First Stage: Ihintanto
Attack +
Additional effect: Paralysis
Second Stage: Mimizuku
Third Stage: Rogetsu
Fourth Stage: Yoshimitsu
Amanomurakumo Great Katana FFXI Amanomurakumo.png SAM Tachi: Kaiten Increases "Store TP" First Stage: Ito
Accuracy +
Additional effect: Weakens attacks
Second Stage: Hayatemaru
Third Stage: Oboromaru
Fourth Stage: Totsukanotsurugi
Mjollnir Club FFXI Mjollnir.png WHM Randgrith Increases Accuracy First Stage: Relic Maul
Attack +
Additional effect: Recover MP
Second Stage: Battering Maul
Third Stage: Dynamis Maul
Fourth Stage: Gullintani
Claustrum Staff FFXI Claustrum.png BLM / SMN Gate of Tartarus "Refresh" effect First Stage: Relic Staff
Accuracy +
Additional effect: Dispel
Second Stage: Sage's Staff
Third Stage: Dynamis Staff
Fourth Stage: Thyrus
Yoichinoyumi Archery FFXI Yoichinoyumi.png RNG / SAM Namas Arrow Increases Ranged Accuracy First Stage: Relic Bow
Ranged Accuracy +
Ranged Attack +
Second Stage: Wolver Bow
Third Stage: Dynamis Bow
Fourth Stage: Futatokoroto
Annihilator Marksmanship FFXI Marksmanship G 3A.png RNG Coronach Reduces enmity First Stage: Relic Gun
Ranged Accuracy +
Ranged Attack +
Second Stage: Marksman Gun
Third Stage: Dynamis Gun
Fourth Stage: Ferdinand
Gjallarhorn Wind Instrument FFXI Wind Instrument 2E.png BRD First Stage: Relic Horn
All songs +
Singing skill +
Wind instrument skill +
Second Stage:Pyrrhic Horn
Third Stage: Dynamis Horn
Fourth Stage: Millennium Horn
Aegis Shield FFXI Aegis.png PLD First Stage: Relic Shield
DEF: 40
Augments "Shield Bash"
Magic damage taken -
Second Stage: Bulwark Shield
Third Stage: Dynamis Shield
Fourth Stage: Ancile

Final Fantasy XIV[]

An adventurer obtaining the White Mage Relic weapon, Thyrus, from Gerolt.

Muahahaha.... MUAHAHAHAHAHA! These gods-given hands've worked yet another miracle! Feast yer eyes on Thyrus, jus' as it was in days of yore! 'Tis a sight to move a man to tears.... ye lucky bastard. Ye'd better bloody well take care of it!

Gerolt, after he successfully revived the Thyrus.

Relic weapons are among the best weapons available when completely upgraded, and are the most customizable. Relic weapons for the current patch-cycle or expansion require heavy amounts of grinding to upgrade, but are rewarding once upgraded; relic weapons from expansions prior to current (as of writing, Stormblood) are already obsolete and primarily used as glamours for vanity.

The requirements for "A Relic Reborn" are not too strenuous,[1] although later stages can be time-consuming.

The Relic weapons have six stages of upgrades: base form, Zenith, Atma, Animus, Novus, and Nexus. Starting with the Novus stage, players can customize the secondary stats on their weapon. Upon reaching the Nexus stage, players can transform their relic weapon into a Zodiac weapon starting with patch 2.45.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles[]

The Relic weapons appear in the remastered version of the game as downloadable content. These are:

  • Apocalypse (Clavat weapon)
  • Punishment (Selkie weapon)
  • Executor (Yuke weapon)
  • Catastrophy (Lilty weapon)

Dissidia Final Fantasy[]

The Claustrum appears as Shantotto's ultimate weapon, equippable at level 100. It provides 40 BRV; 67 ATK; a 40% boost to initial Bravery and a strong version of the Gambler's Spirit ability. It can be traded at the shop for 31920 gil, a Laevateinn, Boiling Blood x5, and Quickstrike Orb x5.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

The Claustrum returns as Shantotto's ultimate weapon, equippable at level 100. Its power has been adjusted and it now provides 39 BRV; 67 ATK; a 40% boost to initial Bravery and the Cat Nip ability. It is can be traded at the shop for 182800 gil, a Laevateinn, a Boiling Blood, and Lady's Hope x5.

Another Relic weapon, the Spharai, appear as an exclusive weapon for Prishe and is equipable at Level 90+. It is needed to create her final weapon, the Glanzfaust. It provides 69 BRV; 63 ATK; a 522 HP penalty and boosts the Assist gauge duration by 20%. It is can be traded for 158000 gil, a pair of Koenigs Knuckles, an Electrum, and Horror's Dream x5.


The word relic comes from the Latin reliquiae, meaning "remains" or "something left behind" (the same root as relinquish). In religion, a relic usually consists of the physical remains of a saint or the personal effects of the saint or venerated person preserved for purposes of veneration as a tangible memorial.