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WHM Thyrus

An adventurer obtained the Thyrus, the Relic weapon of White Mages from Gerolt.

Muahahaha.... MUAHAHAHAHAHA! These gods-given hands've worked yet another miracle! Feast yer eyes on Thyrus, jus' as it was in days of yore! 'Tis a sight to move a man to tears.... ye lucky bastard. Ye'd better bloody well take care of it!

Gerolt, after he successfully revived the Thyrus.

Relic Weapon is a group of weapons that require a heavy amount of work in order to upgrade and customize, but yield high rewards. Due to their high potential stats and difficulty in obtaining, Relic Weapons are often considered to be on a level of ultimate weapons, although alternatives exist for players who do not enjoy Relic grinds.

The Relic Weapons have six stages of upgrades: base form, Zenith, Atma, Animus, Novus, and Nexus. Starting with the Novus stage, players can customize the secondary stats on their weapon. Upon reaching the Nexus stage, players can transform their relic weapon into a Zodiac weapon starting with patch 2.45.

Relic Weapons are obtained through the quest A Relic Reborn which is accessible to the player upon completion of the main story quest. The beginning quest is The Weaponsmith of Legend, although on completion, obtaining additional Relic Weapons does not require this quest to be completed again. Gerolt is the main weaponsmith of Relic Weapons.



Base form






Curtana (PLD)

Holy Shield (PLD)

Sphairai (MNK)

Bravura (WAR)

Gae Bolg (DRG)

Artemis Bow (BRD)

Stardust Rod (BLM)

The Veil of Wiyu (SMN)

Omnilex (SCH)

Thyrus (WHM)

Yoshimitsu (NIN)




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