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Relic Draws are gameplay mechanic in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. They are the primary means by which the player acquires items.


A Relic Draw uses a lottery system where the player exchanges Mythril or Gems to receive items, an act typically called "drawing" or "pulling". The player has three options: to draw one item for 5 Mythril or 300 Gems; to draw three items for 15 Mythril or 900 Gems; or to draw eleven items for 50 Mythril or 3000 Gems. Under this math, 5 Mythril = 300 Gems = 1 Relic Draw. The odds of receiving rare items, as well as the quality and quantity of them, is identical between the Mythril and Gem draws. However, Relic banners for Challenge Events allow the player to do a one-time, one item draw for 100 Gems, with the normal odds of receiving a rare item. Subsequent one item draws cost the normal amount of Gems.

While Relic Draws may advertise a handful of particular Relics, there is no guarantee of receiving any of those Relics from a draw, though it is highly likely. In general a player will probably receive items at least related to the Realm the Banner is for. However, statistically speaking it is hypothetically possible to draw any Relic from any banner; it is just very, very unlikely. It is possible to receive multiple rare items from any draw, including the eleven draw, but it is also possible to receive none at all. The exception to this is the eleven item draw, where the player is guaranteed to receive at least one 5-Star or higher item. For this reason, combined with the eleven draw giving the player an 11th item, the eleven item draw is statistically the safest and most economical way to procure rare items.

When Realm Dungeons are updated, a one-time eleven item draw is made available at half-price, typically spotlighting the Realms given new content in the update. With these Relic draws, any Relic from the spotlighted Realms could be drawn from the banner. This makes it unlikely the player will procure any specific Relic they are hoping for, but the halved cost of the Relic draw makes it an enticing offer nonetheless.

Challenge Events come with at least one Relic banner, more likely two, spotlighting Relics from that realm, always Relics with Soul Breaks or Legend Materia attached to them. When a Challenge Event has two banners, generally the first banner will feature Relics for the characters spotlighted in the Challenge Event, and the second will feature Relics for other characters from the same Realm. Crystal Tower events are also accompanied by Relic banners, one featuring two of the Realms featured in the event, and at a later date a second Relic banner featuring the other two Realms.

Beyond these general guidelines, Relic draws can vary radically. Many special events have Relic banners with unique mechanics. For instance, the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Parade featured a one-time 30 item draw that could only be paid for using Gems. Other banner types have included: banners featuring only a specific type of Soul Break, banners that let the player pick a bonus relic from a provided list in addition to the Relic draw itself, banners focusing on weapons and Soul Breaks of a particular element or two, and banners featuring Soul Breaks of a particular theme such as healing.

A defunct mechanic called "Keeper's Choice" made a banner available that spotlighted various Relics deemed in high demand among players by the developers. Keeper's Choice banners only allowed eleven item draws, to be paid with the typical methods, but only five such draws could be purchased across their duration, which was several months. Drawing from these banners also let the player pick their choice of a bonus relic from a provided list.

Aside from Banners associated with events, a free Relic Draw is made available to all players and refreshes once a day. This Relic draw can hypothetically reward the player with almost any item in the game; while it is plausible to draw a rare item, it is extremely unlikely.